Halloween Special – Top 10 Gothic Superhero Costumes

Happy Halloween interweb, Nate here.  So during my review of Fant4stic I had a poll up for my Halloween Special and between the Top 10 Gothic Superhero Costumes or a Comixplanation on Death in Comics and I think it’s pretty obvious on which one won.  This list is pretty simply: it’s my personal favorite Gothic superhero costumes.  So basically if it’s mostly black with maybe some white, purple, or blue, than it qualifies.  Let’s get the the list!

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  • Marvel and DC only (sorry Spawn)
  • Must be a superhero costume (no villains allowed)
    • I am counting anti-heroes though
  • Main color of costume should be black but other colors like white, red, blue, or purple can be in the color palette so long as those colors don’t obstruct the dark and Gothicness (yes, I realize that’s not a word) of the costume.
  • One costume per character
    • By “character” I mean the people under the masks.  I can have technically have multiple Spider-men on here so long as Peter Parker only appears once


Honorable Mentions

The Honorable Mentions for this list comprises mainly on characters that only fit the rules by technicalities so I decided to just throw them into the honorable mentions so I can still list them without getting people upset that I broke my own rules.  So with that said…

Spider-man Noir

#14 – Spider-man Noir: Spider-man noir is a technicality as he is technically Peter Parker but this is the Peter Parker from Earth-90214 and not the Peter Parker from Earth-616 (who appears later in this list) so I didn’t know whether or not you guys would consider him the same character.  Anyways, Spider-man Noir kinda reminds me of what you’d get if you combined Spider-man’s powers with Batman’s dark and gritty tone.  I just really like how dark the costume is and since it’s made of house-hold clothing it adds to that cool aspect.  I just always find it cool when a costume looks like it’s made of regular clothing like Spider-Gwen’s hoodie.


#13 – Jinx: Now if you’ve seen the Teen Titans animated series on Cartoon Network (or I guess Teen Titans Go!) than you’re probably thinking that Jinx breaks my rules as she is a villain, and you’d be right.  However if you remember the last season of the show, Kid Flash managed to convince Jinx to turn over a new leaf so she technically ended up a hero in the end.  Like I said, technicalities.  When I was a kid and knew nothing about the comics, I always thought Jinx was the coolest member of the H.I.V.E. as she had the coolest design and her bad luck powers where really fun to watch.  Now that I know more about comics I find her character even cooler since her comic book counterpart looks completely different and in my opinions is not as interesting so I like the improvements the cartoon did with her.  The pink hair shaped as devil horns is a nice touch and her cat-like eye designs just adds to her luck powers.  Also, I’m not an expert on the actual goth culture but I’m just curious, does her pink hair make her a “pastel goth”?  Do I have any goths reading this at all?

Blue Beetle (Jaime Retes)

#12 – Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle: Most of you guys know by now that I’m a huge fan of the Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle character and the lore behind the scarab and the reach is really fun to read.  However this list is about the costumes and not the lore so let’s focus on that for now.  The design of the suit I had trouble debating on whether it qualified for the list as on one hand the suit is half black and half blue, but on the other hand the blue half stands out more and his name is the Blue Beetle, yet again beetles are bugs which you could argue adds to the creepiness of the suit, but yet again the suit just doesn’t look that creepy to me in the first place.  Ultimately I guess it’s up to debate but I do like the character and the design so I’m going with it as an honorable mention.

Green Lantern (Simon Baz)

#11 – Simon Baz/Green Lantern: The Green Lantern Corps is less of a superhero organization and more of a intergalactic space police with members joining all the time.  There are over 36,000 Green Lanterns in the galaxy and there are only 6 human lanterns including: Allan Scott, Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Simon Baz who is the newest Green Lantern as he was made for the New 52.  The Green Lantern costumes are often designed to fit the user’s personality and when I saw Simon Baz’s costume for the first time it quickly became my favorite Green Lantern suit.  I just really like how most of the costume is black with some green on his chest and his face that makes him stand out from the other GLs.  Also as a nice touch I appreciate how his mask actually covers his face because a minor pet peeve I have with superheroes is how a lot of them wear domino masks which would realistically would do a crappy job at hiding someone’s face.


#10 – Miles Morales/Spider-man

Miles Morales

Miles Morales is the Spider-man that originated from the Ultimate Marvel Universe and has recently been pulled into the main universe thanks to the recent Secret Wars reboot.  Miles Morales’s costume actually kinda looks cooler than Spider-man’s classic red and blue costume.  It’s completely black with red webbing around the head and chest and the red fingers which just makes it look cool.  So why is it so low on the list?  Well, when I thing dark and gothic I think creepy and intimidating and Miles doesn’t really come of as either.  I’m pretty sure he’s only like 14 and his personality, even in costume, doesn’t exactly strike fear in the hearts of criminals.  His costume looks pretty BA, but he doesn’t have the attitude to back it up.


#9 – Pre-New 52 Nightwing


Dick Grayson was the first Robin and eventually moved on to become the hero known as Nightwing.  His original costume was kinda dumb as it looked kinda disco dancer-ish styled and his New 52 decided to go with a red and black color palette instead of blue and black but personally I like his blue and black costume the best.  First off, his costume is pretty form fitting so it compliments his more acrobatic style of fighting.  The dark colors helps him sneak around at night and his overall design just looks awesome.


#8 – Punisher


Frank Castle is the Punisher, the vigilante and anti-hero of the Marvel universe.  Basically his shtick is that if you’re a murderer, thief, or basically any other type of criminal than he’ll kill you.  Literally.  His costume is pretty simple but iconic.  Black clothes with white gloves and a white skull on his front.  Not much to say about it other than it’s simple but BA.


#7 – Thomas Wayne/Batman’s Flashpoint Batsuit

Batman (Thomas Wayne) Flashpoint

During the Flashpoint storyline, Barry Allen/Flash changed the past in order to save his mother.  While he was successful, changing the past caused ripples throughout the time stream to change several key events in DC history.  One of those changes was that Bruce Wayne died instead of his parents, causing his mother to become that universe’s Joker and his father to become Batman.  Although Thoma Wayne takes a few cues from Punisher as this Batman is more than willing to kill.  Thomas Wayne’s costume looks a lot like the classic Batman costume but does have a few noticeable changes.  The red eyes, the red utility belt, and the red circle around the bat on his chest makes a nice contrast to his black uniform  The red eyes especially looks pretty cool as I can just imagine what it would look like to be in a dark alley and see a bat-shaped shadow show up with those red eyes staring at you.


#6 – Shadowland Daredevil

Shadowland Daredevil

While brainstorming for this list, I cam across this Daredevil costume and had to add it.  Apparently Shadowland is a storyline that involved several of Marvel’s street-level heroes like Daredevil, Spider-man, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage.  I never read it so I don’t know the exact reason he wore this costume, but it does look pretty awesome.  It looks just like his normal red suit but inverted so the “DD” on his chest is red and everything else is black.  Just a cool looking suit that I really liked.


#5 – Jim Lee’s New 52 Bruce Wayne/Batman Batsuit

Jim Lee's New 52 Batman

Of course the hero of Gotham city would be on this list!  Batman has had several costumes over the years and really any one of his black and grey suits would fit perfectly on this list but my personal favorite batsuit is the one from the New 52 especially when the artist behind it is Jim Lee.  The grey suit with the black cape, black cowl, and the black bat symbol on his chest just looks really cool and I could easily see him blending in in dark places.


#4 – Batman Beyond Batsuit

Batman Beyond

As much as I like Bruce Wayne’s costume I do have to admit that I thing Terry McGinnis’s Batsuit fits this list a bit better.  Batman Beyond is the Batman of the future and the Batsuit made for this futuristic Batman is made out of high tech material.  The suit is completely black with red retractable wings to glide and a large bat as the symbol.  I especially like how this mask covers his whole face although I find it kinda weird that the mask forms around his mouth.  I can accept it with Blue Beetle as that’s alien technology but the mask of this Batsuit is just kinda made in that shape so I’d think the mouth would be a little odd.


#3 – Pre-New 52 Raven

Pre-New 52 Raven

As with most fans my age I was introduced to Raven through the Teen Titans cartoon and she’s probably the best character from the show.  Raven is half demon so thanks to her demonic half she has magical-based abilities and a black cloak to match.  It’s just a cloak so it is a fairly simple design but it does seem more like it was intentionally gothic rather than the other suits on this list which are just made to be black and dark.


#2 – Moon Knight

Moon Knight

The funny thing about this costume is that Moon Knight’s costume is purely white but the way he’s drawn makes it look dark and gritty.  I always seen his costume as Marvel’s Batman and his insanity is even more pronounced than Batman’s.  The fact that his name is based off the moon, which is associated with the night, and his cloak casts shadows on his face and parts of his body makes his design look intimidating.


#1 – Spider-man’s Black Suit

Black Spider-man

During the original Secret Wars of the 80’s, Spider-man found a black blob that attached to his classic suit and transformed it into the black Spider-man suit.  Later this suit was revealed to be the symbiote that would transform Eddie Brock into Venom.  While he got rid of the symbiote, Black Cat later made another black costume made of fabric as she said it was “sexier” (her words, not mine) than his red and blue costume.  Around the 80’s and 90’s he would wear it interchangeably with his classic red and blue costume (basically whenever the writers wanted him to wear it) until Venom kidnapped MJ and MJ forced Peter Parker to get rid of the suit all together.  Either way, this costume is just super iconic to the Spider-man franchise and it leads up to my favorite Spider-man villain: Venom.  The black costume with the white spider just looks cool and certain artists can make it look super BA in certain renditions of the costume.

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