Avengers: Age of Ultron – Review

Avengers Age of UltronHello interweb, Nate here.  I’ve finally seen the films Avengers: Age of Ultron so now I can finally review this thing!  The reason these reviews take so long is that I live in a family of five and so a trip to the theaters is pretty expensive so we usually wait for movies to come out on DVD.  So if you’re waiting for a review on Ant-Man or Fant4stic than you’ll have to wait a little longer.  Now before I officially begin this review I do want to say that this is a spoiler reviews.  Let me say that again, this is a SPOILER REVIEW.  One more time, THIS IS A SPOILER REVIEW! If you haven’t seen this movie yet than I think that’s going to be the biggest “stop reading this” sign you’re going to get.  This is my first film review so hopefully I can get all my thoughts down but if I miss something and you’re curious than just ask and I’ll be more than happy to share my opinion.  So let us begin!

Movie Info

Movie Title: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Produced by: Marvel Comics

Distributed by: Disney

Writer: Joss Whedon

Director: Joss Whedon

Producer: Kevin Feige

Running Time: 2 hr 10 min


I have to admit, Avengers: Age of Ultron did disappoint me but it was still a great movie.  This review will probably be very complaint-heavy but ultimately this movie was awesome and I did enjoy it.  Since you can’t really review a sequel without talking about it’s predecessor, let me make my thoughts on the first film as brief as possible.  Avengers was a fun and enjoyable experiment that, let’s face it, is probably a wee bit overrated.  It was still a great film, but I feel like most of the love for it was that it was the first movie of it’s kind and when it succeeded everybody loved it.  But honestly I wouldn’t consider it the greatest superhero movie out there and movies like The Dark Knight and Guardians of the Galaxy were a lot better.  It was funny, it was action packed, it featured all our favorite Marvel characters, and it was an experiment that succeeded greatly.

Let’s start with the story.  After recovering Loki’s scepter from Hydra, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner manages to develop an A.I. called Ultron and plans on using Ultron to protect people.  There’s only one problem though: Tony has never seen a Sci-Fi film in his life (despite being in one) and thus can’t predict that Ultron want’s to end the human race in order to evolve the world.  I kid, but to be honest the plot is kinda dated and while it does make for a fun story you kinda feel like you’ve seen this story before.  On top of that, if you take the previous film and replace Loki with Ultron than you pretty much have this film with a few differences here and there.  I feel like the film started off strong and ended kinda “meh”.  Ultron was built up as a super powerful villain and it felt like he was easily defeated in the end.  I just kinda wish he was more threatening.

The tone of the film does kinda annoy me as the trailers show us a more serious movie as oppose to the previous movie that basically celebrated its own existence.  However while it was a little more serious, it was still a lot more light-hearted than I would have liked.  I also kinda wished the heroes didn’t make as many jokes while fighting Ultron.  Yes they joked around while fighting Loki but I feel like Ultron should’ve been more threatening than Loki so I wish they took the battle more seriously.  This is part of the reason I like DC better than Marvel.  DC almost always takes their stories seriously which makes their villains more threatening but Marvel liked to keep their stories fun so there’s one liners spread across the board.  I guess it’s up to personal preference whether you like fun stories or serious stories by my preference is towards the serious and more threatening stories.

The action in this film is really good.  The CGI is everywhere and it kinda worried me in the first action scene as it wasn’t all that great, but it does get better and by the end of the film it looks awesome.

Now let’s get to the characters starting with the villain: Ultron.  I kinda have mixed feelings about his portrayal here.  In the comics he was created by Hank Pym (the original Ant-Man) so when I heard he was being created by Tony Stark here I did get kinda annoyed but it makes sense why they went this route.  After all, Tony is smart enough to make all his Iron Man suits, he already has created an A.I. in Jarvis, and is that type of guy who would make a program like Ultron without thinking of the consequences.  The problem here is that because he’s made by Stark he shares some of his personality.  In the comics, Ultron was emotionless, cold, and calculating like you’d imagine from a robot.  It’s due to the lack of emotion and his intelligence that makes Ultron one of the Avenger’s most dangerous enemy.  Here, he has a few one liners and he can show emotion which takes the creepiness away.  Does this make him a bad villain?  Well, no.  He still poses a huge threat and he is enjoyable to watch, he’s just not the type of Ultron I would have liked to see.  How does he compare to Loki?  Well I would say he’s actually a better villain than Loki but Loki was at least ripped right out of the comics with little change.  So give and take I suppose.

Next I guess is the heroes.  Let’s start with Captain America.  His appearance here is spot on to how I like my good ol’ Cap.  His leadership skills are shown quite well here his fighting style is brought to life yet again.  He’s also the big boyscout that I always loved about him.  There’s a running gag through out the film where Tony Stark yells out “Sh*t!” and Captain America automatically replies with “Language!”, causing everybody to take a jab at him whenever someone swears. I also liked how he’s the only Avenger besides Thor that can lift Mjolnir but he chose to pretend that he can’t lift it to avoid bruising Thor’s ego.  Literally the only problem with his character I had was his shield.  In the trailer they showed his shield broken but it’s revealed in the movie as a vision rather than an actual event.  Captain America’s shield is rarely ever broken in the comics and has basically only been destroyed by god-like beings (such as Thanos), so for it to appear like that in the trailers made Ultron appear to be much more powerful than he turned out to be.

I’ve never been a fan of Iron Man in the comics due to his egotistical nature and lack of any redeeming attributes (his suit’s pretty BA though).  So as long as Iron Man’s there and is at least somewhat accurately representing the character than I’m pretty much happy.  Thankfully he is here and he does kick some butt during the action scenes and the Hulkbuster VS Hulk battle was highly entertaining.  When it comes to creating Ultron, like I said earlier it makes sense why he would do it.  However later in the film he also attempts to create another android (Vision) and that’s when the logic kinda took a nose dive and I had to agree on Cap’s stance if I didn’t know the outcome.  Tony should’ve learned from Ultron to not create Vision.  He’s just lucky that this android chose to be good.

Speaking of Thor, Thor here surprisingly doesn’t get much character.  His brute strength is great for the action scenes but he’s mostly here for set up towards Thor 3.  Regardless, he is a fun character and I’ve always liked how out off all the Avengers he’s the one who talk with dramatic phrases.  It makes sense why they wanted to get rid of Thor as Thor wasn’t present in the original Civil War story so to get rid of him now will make things easier.

Hawkeye seems like a good place to continue.  I’ve always liked Hawkeye’s character more than Tony’s but he’s still in the “meh” category for me. Although at least the film makes him more interesting with a backstory and family.  I do kinda prefer him with Black Widow but I guess Whedon’s in a different ship than I am (comment if you got that joke).  He does have quite a few good moments but I don’t really think he stole the show as much as other people seem to think.  I do wish he got his costume though, they’ve adapted the entire Avengers with costumed that look accurate to the comics and yet don’t look goody in real life and yet you still can’t get him in his purple suit.

Alright, let’s talk about Black Widow next.  First off she got a new design for this movie which I personally find kinda stupid.  If she’s a spy than why does she have glowing blue lines all over her uniform?  But beyond that, the romance she has with the Hulk is forced, very pointless, and comes right out of no where.  I do like how we get a bit more backstory on her character but I still don’t really want nor think we need a Black Widow movie (I basically agree with this video on why).  Ms. Marvel (both Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan), Spider-Woman, and She-Hulk deserve their own movies more in my opinion.

I personally love Hulk in this movie.  While the romance between Bruce Banner and Black Widow does come straight out of left field, I do feel Bruce Banner’s struggle with the Hulk far more in this film than in the previous Avengers film.  I’ve always personally loved the type of heroes whose powers are very dangerous and hard to control but they always try to use their dangerous power for good anyways.  Honestly I’m kinda curious at this point if Marvel can try and succeed to finally make a good Hulk movie.  Similarly to Thor, Hulk wasn’t present during the original Civil War story so it makes sense that Hulk would leave now and since he did cause quite a bit destruction to the city his motives for leaving also makes sense.  I just kinda don’t think it should’ve been caused by mind control as Hulk is suppose to be immune to telepathy.

Now to discuss the new characters.  Vision was probably my second most anticipated character and while he was kinda underwhelming I didn’t feel like he was misrepresented.  In the comics, Vision was created by Ultron and left Ultron to join the Avengers once he decided that he wanted to be good.  Here he was created by Ultron, but since his download finished while he was with the Avengers he never really had that chance to switch sides.  Although he is still pretty cool.  His personality kinda reminds me of Martian Manhunter and his powers are kinda similar.  I do wish they showed off a bit more of his powers and while most of his powers where shown (flight, shape shifting, energy beams, and enhanced strength), I don’t think he ever phased through solid matter which I find to be his coolest power.  I also wish he formed some type of relationship with Scarlet Witch but at leas he did save her so that’s either hinting towards a future relationship or is just fanservice.

Neither Scarlet Witch nor Quicksilver was actually referred to by their superhero names (probably due to the copyright issues with FOX), but I’m going to call them those names.  Both of them had Europeans accents that kinda surprised me, although it does make sense and is actually a nice touch.

I love Scarlet Witch in the comics so I was excited for her to appear here and I’d say that her portrayal was decent.  Her powers have always confused me in the comics as she’s described to have “Probability manipulation” but what that means remains unclear.  I can’t tell whether or not that’s the power she has in this or of it’s just some vague psionic powers.

Quicksilver ticked me off the most.  I was so excited about him appearing and they did a great job!  He was fast and they played around with his speed quite a bit, he had a neat personality, and he was just an overall cool character.  So why did they kill him off?  That death was pointless!  It had no ramifications, and five minute later their celebrating their win over Ultron with no mention about their fallen comrade.

And finally, the end credit scene.  I never read the original Infinity Gauntlet storyline so I don’t know whether or not Thanos stats out with the gauntlet, but I kinda wish he received the gauntlet during the first part of the third movie.  Either way, I hope marvel knows what they’re doing because if they pump up this much hype for Thanos and the final two movies turn out even mediocre than everybody’s gonna be upset.

Despite all my complaints, this movie was great and I do like it better than Avengers.  The thing is I could forgive Avenger‘s faults as it was mostly an experiment that was a huge success, but this movie told us it was one thing and than gave us something else.  Overall, I’ll give this film a 4/5, it has it’s problems but it was a pretty fun film.


  1. I understood that reference about the shipping. Your review covered almost everything, but I do have to say you complained a lot. I thought that the movie was really good, and yes there were parts that I did not like so much. For example the Black Widow and Hulk’s romance was way too forced like you said. But just remember the MCU is like a whole other universe and the comics are a base line not exactly how it should appear on screen. Overall good review, but I didn’t see that much to complain about.

    1. Haha, yeah I guess I did complain a bit too much in this review and that is my fault (well duh, it’s my review). I think it’s mostly because I over-hyped this movie in my mind so I was expecting it to be the Avengers x10 but instead it was more like the Avengers x1.5. Honestly most of the changes from the comics I am fine with (Like Tony Stark creating Ultron and Vision never beeing on Ultron’s side), the only change I really disliked was Ultron’s personality. Looking back on my review, I do wish I went over more of the positives of the movie as I did absolutly loved it. This is my first film review so hopefully I’ll get better at balancing these reviews out as I review more films. Thanks for the comment though, you can only get better at something by learning from your mistakes 🙂

  2. Fun review man. I’d say that your complaints were mostly spot on though and I actually do the same thing on a lot of my more positive reviews. (Having more complaints than positives, mainly my DBZ Battle of Gods movie for example) Mainly because a lot of movies that I have loved still had very noticeable negatives that I couldn’t wrap my head around. This movie is a good example of that. Sadly, I did not get the reference 😎

    Okay, the Hulk and Widow romance plot was certainly terrible for me. While Hawkeye was all right, I wouldn’t call him a show stopper either. I did like Widow’s costume though and I agree that Cap could lift Thor’s hammer. The constant one liners actually felt more excessive than the first Avengers film, which I thought was a little dicey. I didn’t mind for the most part though as I like the camp. I did dislike Utron’s portrayal to an extent though. This was yet another case of the MCU making a villain the comedy routine and it just didn’t work. Vision’s all right, but I can’t say that I was ever much of a fan of his and he was given too much hype here. That being said, he used his phase shifting abilities twice during the final climax. It’s a blink and you’ll miss it type scene though, but the effects for it were quite good.

    I’m glad to see Thanos getting involved though since I’ve been waiting quite a while for it. He should have been the villain for this film tbh. I’d give the film a 9, but an 8 is definitely reasonable. The first Avenger film is still the second best…or maybe the best live action film of all time. It keeps shifting between that and Man of Steel, but I admit that the former has more replay value for me. The experiment was a success in my eyes on a grand scale. I’ve seen the original film 5 times so far, but I’ve only seen Age of Ultron twice. it just lacks the same replay value for me.

    The Cap language plot was cool except for him using a swear word at the end. That was forced and not cool in my opinion. The fights were fun and overall, it was definitely an enjoyable experience. More negatives for me than in the first film, but the positives still outweighed the negatives by a longshot!

    1. Thanks! The funny thing is while this movie is an awesome movie the negetive points I fiund deserved more discussion than the positive points so this review makes me seem like I dislike the film more than I actually do.

      The funny thing about Vision is that I like his powers buts thats pretty much it. His personality is just kinda bland and his origin isnt really that interesting. I honestly dont remember any time where he phased through solid matter but maybe I just wasnt watching close enough.

      Thanos will proabably be the highlight of the entire MCU based on how they’re building him up. I just hope that Avengers 3 (Pt 1 and 2) will be as good as they’re hyping it up to be because if the films are also just “ok” than fans are gonna be TICKED

      I agreed with your review when you said that Superman and Captain America are two superheroes that shouldn’t swear.

      And with the whole “ship” joke, to “ship” a couple is a fan term meaning an ideal romantic relationSHIP that someone may like. But “ship” could also be a literal ship ao it’s kinda a play on words.

      1. Ah, I gotcha. I thought it was a specific Whedon joke based on his Firefly series or something. I mainly just know shipping from anime where fans try to ship various characters.

        As for Avengers 3, I feel like it should lead up to the hype, but only if the main cast actually appear in part 1 for more than 10 minutes. If the rumor is true and they only appear for a second at the end, then I will officially be worried!

      2. Supposedly it will be the B team for most of it. Falcon, Ant Man, Dr Strange, basically all of the newer guys. Then at the very end, the real Avengers will show up and things will get rolling. It’s essentially a baseless rumor at the moment though I believe and I like to think that Marvel wouldn’t make that mistake!

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