My Top 10 Favorite X-Men

X-MenHello interweb, Nate here.  Sorry that this did not go up Monday but I guess I needed more time to finish this list than expected and thus I started making this later than I should’ve.  Now I am officially out of school for the summer and since this is my first post for summer of 2015 I figured I should start out with a bang!  So, how about I do my favorite X-Men?  If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you would know that I absolutely love the X-Men.  I love the X-Men more then the Justice League, Avengers, or even the Teen Titans.  Now if you’ve read my Top 10 Favorite Superheroes list than you already know the top 4 already, however what about the other 6? Plus if you haven’t read that post yet than you probably don’t know my top 4.  Either way, here they are!

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Quick introduction to the X-Men

I believe most of my followers knows who the X-Men are pretty well but just in case let me give a quick explanation on who they are.  Within the marvel universe, it is possible to posses a special gene called the X-Gene that causes one to develop mutant powers.  These mutant powers often appear around puberty, at times of great distress, or at birth.  Some mutations even changes the mutant’s biology so they don’t even look human.  Within the Marvel universe, these mutants are often hated and feared by society and thus suffers from the prejudice that society places on them.  That’s where the X-Men comes in.  The X-Men are a team of mutants that chooses to use their powers to protect people rather than hiding or using them for personal gain.



  • Keep in mind that these are my personal favorites, meaning not the most iconic nor popular.
    • Also, keep in mind that due to the sheer number of characters that has been an X-Men at one point or another, it is very likely that your favorite member won’t be on the list
  • Needs to have been a member of the X-Men or a branch of the X-Men at one point or another
    • With that said, the member must also have a confirmed X-Gene in their DNA
    • I am, however, banning Magneto as while he was an X-Men at one point in the comics I personally like him best as the X-Men’s enemy.
    • It should also be noted that while they may be mutants (they’re still mutants in my book), Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch has never been X-Men and thus don’t count either


#10 – Beast


Most mutants gain  their powers at around puberty, but Beast’s mutation was easily noticeable since he was born.  At first, Beast possessed enlarged feet and hands, but after an attempt to cure his mutation failed he became the blue, furry self that most people recognize with his name.  The cool thing about Beast is while he may be one of the more physically powerful X-Men (being able to lift several tons), he’s actually more pacifistic and prefer to use his enhanced intelligence to come up with strategies for his fellow X-Men than fight himself.  He’s a fan of Shakespeare, the leading intelligence of mutations, looks cool, and is super strong.


#9 – Jubilee


Jubilee is just a fun character within the X-Men.  She has the ability to shoot fireworks from her hands and this matches her as a mutant’s powers are often connected to their personality and Jubilee is a cheerful character.  This even shows as at one point Jubilee lost her powers and started becoming less cheerful.  I remember that she was turned into a vampire at one point but I’m not sure if she’s back to normal or not.


#8 –  Colossus


Piotr (pronounced Peter) Rasputin is the Russian mutant with the ability to turn his skin into metal.  I’ve always found this pretty cool, and since the metal disappears and doesn’t just retract into his skin he can actually put up a decent fight against Magneto (unlike someone else who shall not be named).  I actually believe he is one of the most underrated X-Men as he doesn’t seem to get the credit he deserves and even when he has fans it seems like a lot of people like him simply because he has cool powers; but he’s more than just a bunch of cool powers.  In his origin story, he revealed he was a mutant by saving his younger sister from getting hit by a runaway tractor by coating himself in metal and jumping in front of the machine.  Since then, he has been a very selfless character and constantly uses his strength to protect people.


#7 – Gambit


Remy LeBeau is a mutant with the ability to change the potential energy of an object to kinetic energy thus causing the object to explode.  He most commonly uses his powers on his iconic playing cards that he uses similarly to grenades, but he has also used his powers by channeling the energy through his bo staff to strengthen it’s blows.


#6 – Magik

Found this fan art and really wanted to use it.  I did not make this!  Source.

Found this fan art and really wanted to use it. Source

Illyana Rasputin, aka Magik, is the younger sister of the Russian X-Man Colossus and is a very cool character that has been through quite a lot.  She has the mutant ability to teleport via “stepping disks”, but on top of this she is a powerful sorcerer.  She learned this as she was kidnapped by Belasco (basically Marvel’s version of Satan, heck one of his aliases is “Lucifer”) at the age of 7 and brought to Limbo (a different Limbo).  Throughout her career she became a powerful sorcerer who has yet to reach her full potential, became the ruler of Limbo, and has fought the corruption from Limbo has her powers are linked to the dimension.


#5 – Rogue


Rogue’s power is a more tragic than most on this list. Her power basically means that skin-to-skin contact with a person will result in her absorbing that person’s life force and thus can absorb the person’s powers, abilities, memories, and sometimes personality at the cost of possibly putting them in a coma if contact lasts too long with the worst case scenario being death.  This had made relationships complicated for her as she can’t even hold someone’s hand without harming them.  And the mutant prejudice doesn’t really help either.


#4 – Cyclops


While everybody was saying that Wolverine should be the leader of the X-Men, I was always looking at Cyclops and thinking that he should always be the leader.  Cyclops’s power is just as cool of not cooler than Wolverine’s, he’s 1000x more interesting, he’s a much better leader, and he’s not a total jerk.  He has a tragic back story where his parents died in a plane crash and got separated from his brother.  On top of that, when his powers developed he hit his head and thus can no longer control the rays he shoots out of his eyes.  Just think about that: he’s the leader of the X-Men and is responsible for teaching new mutants how to control their powers, and yet he has 0 control over his own.


#3 – Shadowcat


As most of you guys know by now, I was introduced to the X-Men through the X-Men: Evolution cartoon and now they are my favorite superhero team (basically more than Justice League, Avengers, and Teen Titans combined).  In the cartoon, Kitty Pryde was an annoying, valley-girl teenybopper that quickly became my least favorite character on the show.  However, this was before I started reading comics and a friend at my school (who have read comics before I started) told me that the Kitty Pryde in the comics was very different.  So when I started reading comics, I quickly started to love the character more and more.  She debuted in 1980 and since then she’s been through many great X-Men stories (in fact, she was suppose to be the one sent back in time during the Days of Future Past storyline) and has became a genius in science (not to Reed Richard levels but she is skilled in computers), trained to  be a ninja, and has a pet dragon.


#2 – Nightcrawler

Similarly to Shadowcat, I first became a fan of Nightcrawler from the X-Men: Evolution cartoon but unlike Shadowcat I loved Nightcrawler from the very start.  In the cartoon, he was the goofball of the group, he had a very cool and interesting appearance, and he had a cool ability to teleport.  As much as I like him in the cartoon, I personally liked him best in the comics.  In the comics he has a strong belief in Catholicism and due to his demonic appearance that has been hard for him as many religious people claim that he’s a demon.  Despite this, he has always been a catholic and I’ve always thought this was cool being a Christian myself.

But his demonic appearance did not only cause his religious belief to be hard but also the mutant prejudice in the Marvel universe.  As he’s one of those mutants with a very noticeable physical mutation and as such has even been treated as a circus animal early in his life.


#1 – X-23

Who did the art for this comic?  It looks really good!

Who did the art for this comic? It looks really good!

X-23 is my favorite superheroine, and my favorite X-Men of all time. X-23 has Wolverine’s cool factor but none of his obnoxiousness making quite an awesome character from the get-go.  X-23 was created in a lab called Weapon X from a damaged sample of Wolverine’s DNA that lacked the “Y” chromosome, resulting in a female clone with the exact same powers.  Since her creation, she spent a large chunk of her early years being trained and treated as a weapon and thus had trouble fitting into society when she escaped Weapon X.  She has a tragic back story, a pretty BA superpower, and she’s part of my favorite team: the X-Men!  If you want to get into this character, I would suggest checking out the 6-issue miniseries: X-23: Innocence Lost that goes over her comic book origin story.  The same person who wrote that book also wrote X-23: Target X so while I haven’t read it I have a feeling it’s pretty good too.


End Poll

Been thinking of some Top 10s to do and I was wondering what you guys would want to see the most?

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