Batman V Superman Trailer Review and Explained

Warning:  All of what I’m about to say may very well be me speculating and theorizing.  So if I say something that contradicts something that is revealed later than that is why.  Also just to be on the safe side I’m just going to say there are possible spoilers below but I highly doubt there’s anything that will ruin the movie if I mention it.

Hello interweb, Nate here.  As you can see above, DC/Warner Bros has recently released their teaser trailer for the 2016 film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (see clip above for full trailer).  Of course this is only a teaser trailer, so I bet this won’t be the last trailer for the movie.  So what do I think?  Let’s see.

So this trailer focused entirely on Superman and Batman (of course, they’re going to be the main characters), so confirmed characters that will appear in the movie such as Wonder Woman and Aquaman has yet to be seen.  When I first watched the teaser I was constantly thinking in my head: “Yes!”.

Let’s start with Superman.  As you can see at about the 0:32 mark, Superman has gotten a lot more muscular since Man of Steel so I have a feeling that he’s been becoming more of a hero between the two movies.  I’m not sure what the time gap is between the two films, but I feel like the voices near the beginning of the trailer indicates that he’s been there long enough for people to start having mixed feelings about him; and the fact that he practically 9/11-ed Metropolis in the last movie doesn’t help much.  For example, there are a few moments where he seemed to be worshiped almost like a god such as at 0:22, and than a voice says 0:17-0:21: “We, as a population on this planet, has been looking for a savior”.  Which does make sense that that’s where DC has headed for this as there was a bit of Jesus symbolism in Man of Steel.  On top of that, DC has always kinda made Superman seem like a god.  I’ve said in previous posts that Superman is a metaphorical god among men, and that’s the way he’s suppose to be.  He has a lot of strength and he uses these strengths to protect people.

However, that same power seems to be making people dislike Superman.  At point 0:31-0:35, you can here a voice saying: “Human beings have a horrible track record of following people with great power”, and then after that a woman’s voice cuts in between 0:35-0:38 saying: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  This seems to indicate how people are starting to dislike someone with Superman’s power living on Earth, and understandably so.  They don’t know Superman and as such Superman may not be trustworthy.  A few other lines that stand out to me near the beginning are: “This is our planet!” (0:28), “He’s out of control!” (0:43), “Maybe he’s just a guy trying to do the right thing” (0:39-0:41) and “Devils don’t come from hell beneath us, no they come from the sky” (0:44-0:47).  I have a feeling that this will introduce Lex Luthor (who is confirmed to be the main villain of the film) as in the comics the reason Lex is such a threat is because: he hates Superman with a passion (that’s putting it nicely), he’s rich (like, stupid rich), and I’m pretty sure he’s suppose to be the smartest person in the DC universe (don’t quote me on that), and if not the smartest than he’s definitely one of the smartest.  It’ll definitely be interesting to watch as a lot of people will probably be in support of Lex Luthor considering how dangerous Superman is.

Then of course at 0:52, we can hear a crowd yelling “Go home!” over and over with spotlights revealing a Superman statue with graffiti on his chest saying “FALSE GOD”.  So I think it’s safe to say that some people are going to support him saying that he’s going to protect us, but others are afraid of him because of what he can do.  On top of that, the whole “false god” thing really shows how people hopes in Superman is probably going to be crushed.

Now’s a perfect time to talk about Batman.  At 0:58-1:14 you can here Alfred (yes, that’s Alfred) saying: “That’s how it starts.  The fever, the rage, the feeding of powerlessness.  It turns good men, cruel.” as we see Bruce Wayne (being played by Ben Affleck) looking at his Batsuit (that can be seen at around 1:11).  Now first off, I like this Batsuit.  Call it nostalgia, but I do like the Dark Knight batsuit better; but this one still looks really awesome.  One thing that people are talking about is how the Batjet (I think it’s called something else but I can’t think of the name right now) is shooting a couple of guys at around 1:23.  “But…Batman doesn’t kill!?!?”  The thing is, at 1:25 we can see the Batmobile after an explosion caused by the jet so I think it’s safe to say that that wasn’t Batman in the jet.

It seems like for Superman we’re mostly learning about what he’s going to be like in the film while Batman is mostly about what he looks like.  I think this is mostly because we already know what Superman looks like, but this is the first time we’re seeing Batman in this franchise.  I hope the next few trailers are going to explain some more about Batman’s role in the movie.  On top of that, I would like to see a few clips with the rest of the League.  Speaking of the Justice League, I’m wondering exactly how much time their planning on spending on the others.  This is suppose to be Justice League prequal, so the other guys have to show up eventually.

And now, for the ending of the trailer.  At 1:35, we can see Batman in the Dark Knight Returns inspired Batarmor.  For those of you who aren’t as comic book savvy, let me catch you up to speed.  Batman: The Dark Knight Return is possibly one of, if not the, most popular Batman story out there.  It was made in the 80s and this movie is borrowing elements from that story, but this is far from an adaptation.  In the story, Batman fights Superman and it’s suppose to symbolize a mortal besting a god (there’s that whole comparing DC heroes to gods thing again).  This armor is being taken from that story here as we see our two competitors glaring down at each other with Batman saying: “Do you bleed?  You will!” and I’ve got to admit, I get the chills.  I especially like how they decided to go with something of a electronic voice changer for Batman as it sounds really cool and it’s probably not going to be made fun of as much as the Christian Bale voice.

Overall the teaser is amazing and I am officially excited to see this.  I’ve recently gone back to watch the Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser trailer just to compare the two.  I won’t say this one is better, but I will say that I’m definitely intrigued. This is the first time we’ve seen Batman and Superman in the same movie that’s not animated.  We’ve waited 75-ish years for some of fiction’s greatest heroes to make it to the big screen, and it’s finally arrived…in 2016.  So I have one thing to say before I leave you guys: Marvel, do you bleed?  You will!


Results of Last Week’s End Poll

The last poll I made I asked you guys about your feelings on Convergence and these where the results:


IDK, I’ll have to wait and see: 100% (2 votes)


End Poll

Alright, originally I was going to ask you guys which teaser trailer was better: Age of Ultron or Batman V Superman, but instead I’ll just leave you guys with this:



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