Convergence: Superman #1 – Review

Warning: This issue is recent and as such will contain spoilers.  I will have a short spoiler-free section where I vaguely say what happened in the issue as well as my opinion.  Past the spoiler-free section will have spoilersAlso, the “Ratings” section at the bottom of the post will be spoiler-free as well.  You have officially been warned.

Convergence Superman #1Hello interweb, Nate here.  So yesterday I explained what is currently going on with DC and their Convergence comics.  Today, I’m reviewing Convergence: Superman #1.  Let’s roll!

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Lee Weeks

Colorist: Sal Cipriano

Spoiler-Free Review

After the dome comes up, non-superpowered Pre-Flashpoint Superman is attempting to continue fighting crime in Gotham City.  Once the dome comes down, Superman regains his powers again and visits his pregnant wife: Lois Lane (you can see Lois’s ring on her finger on the cover above).  Meanwhile, the Flashpoint heroes sees Pre-Flashpoint Superman as a threat.  This comic is really good.  If you’re not reading the Convergence comics, you’ll still be able to understand what’s going on in this issue.  Also: Superman.  Is.  BACK!  This is the Superman we all know and love, not the New 52 Superman BS.  If you’re going to read one comic from the Convergence stories, it’s this one.

Characters Introduced in this Issue

As these characters are coming from alternate universes, I’ll make sure it is clear on where these characters specifically come from.


Superman (Clark Kent/Kal-El): This is the Superman we all know and likely grew up with.  His planet was destroyed, he was sent to Earth, adopted by the Kent family, etc.

-Powers: Due to being Kryptonian, Superman has the following abilities: super strength, super speed, flight, enhanced hearing, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, heat vision, x-ray vision, and freeze breathe.

-Universe: Pre-Flashpoint

Pre-New 52 Lois Lane

Lois Lane: Wife of Superman and Daily Planet reporter.

-Powers: Normal human, and skill in journalism.

-Universe: Pre-Flashpoint

Pre-New 52 Jimmy Olsen
Jimmy Olsen:
Best pal of Superman’s and photographer for the Daily Planet

-Powers: Normal human, skill in photography, and has some access to Superman’s equipment

-Universe: Pre-Flashpoint

Batman Thomas Wayne

Batman (Thomas Wayne): Yes Thomas Wayne, not Bruce Wayne.  In this Batman’s universe it was Bruce Wayne who died, not his parents.  As a result of this Bruce’s father, Thomas Wayne, became Batman instead of Bruce but is more than willing to kill.  Also Bruce’s mother, Martha Wayne, goes insane and becomes this universe’s Joker but she doesn’t appear in this story.

-Powers: Due to being a normal human, Batman has no superhuman abilities.  He does, however, has lot’s of money, gadgets, knowledge, and skill in fighting.  How his skills defer from Bruce’s is not completely known.

-Universe: Flashpoint

Captain Thunder

Captain Thunder (Eugene Choi, Pedro Peña, Mary Batson, Freddy Freeman, Billy Batson, and Dara Dusley): Okay, this character’s a doozy.  So in the previously known universes, Captain Marvel is a 10-year old kid named Billy Batson who is able to turn into an adult (physically, not mentally) superhero by uttering the word: Shazam!  The word “Shazam!” comes from the Greek gods he gains his powers from: “S” for Solomon, who he gains wisdom from; “H” for Hercules, who he gains super strength from; “A” for Atlas, who he gains his stamina from; “Z” for Zues, who gives him the ability to shoot lightning; a second “A” for Achilles, who gives him courage; and “M” for Mercury, who gives him super speed.  In the Flashpoint universe, it was six kids who gains each power individually (I put the kids above in order of which power they have based of the word Shazam) and when they all say “Shazam!” at the same time, the all combine into Captain Thunder (think Captain Planet if the kids transformed into him rather than just simply summoning him).

-Powers: Eugene Choi has the wisdom of Solomon, Pedro Peña has the strength of Hercules, Mary Batson has the stamina of Atlas, Freddy Freeman has the lightning-shooting abilities of Zues, Billy Batson has the courage of Achilles, and Dara Dusley has the speed of Mercury.  By simultaneously saying the word: “Shazam!”, the kids can combine into the adult superhero: Captain Thunder

-Universe: Flashpoint

Flashpoint Cyborg

Cyborg (Victor Stone): The difference between this Cyborg’s origin and the commonly know versions aren’t fully known.  However, in this universe Cyborg is America’s #1 hero who works for the U.S. president.

-Powers: Being a cyborg, Cyborg is half robot and as such has numerous hidden gadgets at his disposal.

-Universe: Flashpoint

Green Lantern (Abin Sur)

Green Lantern (Abin Sur): Not much is known about Abin Sur’s origin.  However, in most universes Abin Sur died in order to give his Green Lantern ring to the most popular and widely known Green Lantern: Hal Jordan.  So all we can really assume is that the fact that he didn’t die results in Hal Jordan never getting the ring and never becoming a Green Lantern.

-Powers: Due to being a Green Lantern, Abin Sur has the ability to turn pure willpower into energy constructs limited only by his imagination and will.

-Universe: Flashpoint

Kal-El Flashpoint

Kal-El: In this universe, Superman was found by the government rather than the Kents.  As a result of this, Kal-El (Superman’s alien name) never became Superman and thus grew up and became super skinny and cowardly.

-Powers: See Superman (Clark Kent/Kal-El) but think of all these abilities being much weaker as he never got the chance to exercise.  While he is still superhumanly strong, he is no where near as strong as the previous incarnations of Superman.

-Universe: Flashpoint


Convergence Superman #1 IIIThe story starts out with a masked figure jumping around the buildings of Gotham looking for crime to stop.  However, it is revealed that this figure isn’t Batman, but a de-powered Superman.  Superman is talking to Lois Lane (although no earpiece is visible on him, maybe it’s under the mask) and Lois reveals to him that they’ve been stuck in Gotham city for over a year now with Superman not having any powers, but he still chooses to fight crime.  He then notices some drugs being sold in an alley and attacks them.  A voice speaks from the dome but Superman is too busy, so Lois records it for him to listen to later.  As Superman is fighting these guys, a man pulls out a flamethrower and shoots it at Superman.  However, the dark clothes burn off of him and he is uninjured by the flames.

Ladies and gentlemen: Superman is BACK!

Ladies and gentlemen: Superman is BACK!

Ladies and gentlemen: Superman is BACK! They then decide to attack him with guns, but all the bullets bounces off of his chest.  Superman uses his heat vision to make most of the guns too hot to hold.  One of the remaining criminals grabs Jimmy Olsen, who was hiding behind a corner of a building, and puts a gun to his head.  Superman than swoops in faster than anyone can see and carries Jimmy Olsen to a safe place and notices the dome that has been up for a year is gone.

Convergence Superman #1 IISuperman returns to the apartment Lois Lane is at.  While there, Lois expresses her excitement for the dome going down as she wants their upcoming baby too be born in Metropolis.  After telling Supes that he’s not allowed to use his x-ray vision to check the gender as she wants a surprise, the two sits on a couch and enjoys the moment together.  Lois then get’s onto her computer and plays the audio mentioned earlier.  The audio days:


At this, Lois sees online that there’s another Gotham City with another Batman.  Superman than decided to check this out for himself.  He puts an earpiece in his ear to keep in contact with Loise as he flies above Gotham and sees a number of locations he has never even seen before.  Lois asks if this means they have to fight in which Superman replies with: “NOT IF I CAN HELP IT”.

We then see a single page where we see someone giving Jimmy Olsen some sort of flying vehicle.

We then cut to the Gotham City in the Flashpoint universe where we see this universe’s Batman, Captain Thunder, Cyborg, Kal-El, and Green Lantern discussing on their plans.  Batman, Captain Thunder, and Cyborg believes they should prepare for war (in the Flashpoint universe, Wonder Woman and the Amazons fought Aquaman and the Atlantians in a violent war that America got in the crossfires of, so it makes sense that they’re on edge).  Kal-El, being kept hidden by the government and thus is quite naive, wants them to take a more peaceful approach.  Batman’s instruments than detects a flier (Superman) nearby and tells everyone to attack first so it doesn’t have time to make the first strike.

In the next scene, Kal-El zooms by Superman saying “OUTTAMYWAYI’VESEENHERSHE’SALIVE!”.  While Superman get’s up from that, Captain Thunder attacks Superman saying that he’s seen what happens when you let the enemy strike first.  Superman fights back enough to try and tell him that he has a counterpart on his world, only for Green Lantern and Cyborg to run in shooting him with lasers.  Instead of fighting back, Superman attempts to resist the lasers and tells them that no one has to die.  They ask him if he’s alone and Superman promises that he is…only for Jimmy Olsen to appear behind him telling Superman he has his back.  Seeing that Superman “lied”, Green Lantern shoots Superman full-blast with his ring.

Batman remembers the events of Flashpoint as the Gotham Superman came from is the same world where Bruce lived.

The comic ends with Kal-El finding Lois Lane and telling her that he won’t let her die and seeming rather obsessive, not listening to her when she says that she does not want to go with him.


The art for this comic is top notch.  Lee Weeks did a great job at making everything look bold when they needed to be bold, gritty when they needed to be gritty, and exciting when it needs to be exciting.

The cover isn’t really that exciting but it does show the sweet moment that Superman and Lois had in the issue.  It also shows right from the get-go that this Superman is not the New 52 Superman, so it has that going for it.

Final Thoughts

This issue really did a good job at kinda explaining what is going on here so you’re not scratching your head wondering if you missed something.  If you’re going to get only one of the Convergence comics, then you should definitely get this one.  It shows great moments with the classic Superman and his relationship with Lois Lane, and it gets the plot rolling for #2.  Also as a side note, I kinda found it funny how Loise basically turned into Superman’s verion of Oracle.

Also, I can’t stress this enough, I am so glad we got the classic Superman back.  The New 52 Superman turned Superman from wanting to be a superhero because it’s the right thing to do, to a high school jerk who wanted to be a superhero because he likes punching stuff.  The scene that stood out the most for me personally is when the Flashpoint characters are attacking Superman as New 52 Superman would’ve just blindly attacked them with brute force.  Here, we see Superman trying to find a peaceful way out of the situation and trying to calm everyone down.


-Superman is BACK!

-Great scenes between Superman and Lois

-Great Superman fight scenes

-Easy to jump in if you have no clue what’s happening


-If I had to make any complaint at all, it would be that I’m kinda nervous about what they’re doing with Thomas Wayne/Batman as he was pondering about Bruce Wayne and I don’t really want Batman to start taking over the 2nd (and last) issue of Convergence: Superman


1=terrible, 2=bad, 3=ok, 4=good, 5=outstanding

Characters – 5: Superman is BACK!  Do I really need to say more?

Story – 5: Easy to understand, Dan Jurgens understands Superman, and it was a great introduction to Convergence

Art- 5: Everything lined up nice and perfectly.

Comic – 5: If you’re only reading 1 Convergence book, it’s this one!

See you guys tomorrow when I review Convergence: Batgirl #1.  Peace XD


  1. Convergence is on a pretty great start! Needless to say, it’ll be impossible for any of the other tie ins to be quite as good as this one. Superman simply can’t be stopped. Still, I’m looking forward to your review of the other issues to see what’s happening! I likely won’t be reading any of these issues first hand for quite a while so this helps me to stay in the loop. Now that Flashpoint has learned to fear the one and true Superman, hopefully Superman can meet up with some of the other real heroes soon.

    1. Superman is so far my favorite Convergence title, but that could possibly be because I’m glad this Superman is back. There where just so many things wrong with the New 52 version that reading this was somewhat overwhelming in a good way, if that makes sense. Glad to hear you liked the review!

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