Comixplanation – Convergence Xplained

ConvergenceHello in interweb, Nate here.  So as most of you, DC has rebooted their comics again with an 9-issue miniseries called Convergence.  While I have not read any of the Convergence comics from the miniseries (I’m just going to wait until it’s collected into a trade), I have read a few of the titles that came out during this event.  The comics I bought wasConvergence: Superman #1, Convergence: Batgirl #1, and Convergence: Harley Quinn #1.  I also wanted to buy Convergence: Speed Force #1 but unfortunately my local comic shop ran out of that specific title.  So I decided that I would review the three convergence title throughout this week but today I’ll explain what exactly is going on with convergence so it’s easier for you guys to follow along.


This Week’s Schedule

Today: Convergence Xplained

Tuesday: Convergence: Superman #1 – Review

Wednesday: Convergence: Batgirl #1 – Review

Thursday: Convergence: Harley Quinn #1 – Review


The Story

So to put it simply: Brainiac…  Wow, the first word and already I honestly can’t really “put this simply”, can I?  Alright, to put it as simply as I can: Brainiac, a powerful villain (mostly known for being one of Superman’s A-listers) who literally shrinks cities throughout the universe into little domes (trust me, there a bit more to him than that but that’s the jest of it), takes a number of locations from several different alternate universes, placed them all onto one planet, and is watching the fun.  At first, the cities are all under these domes (kinda reminds me of Under the Dome) that takes away the superpowers of superhumans until the domes are taken away, giving their powers back.  Meanwhile, a new villain named Telos is taking these cities, picking a champion from each location, and is forcing them to fight to for…um…something.

I think what DC’s planning to do is throwing these character (many just alternate versions of the same character) together and deciding which versions of the characters and locations they want to keep and which of these they’re ditching.  At least, that’s the only explanation I see for why they’re doing this.  I mean, if this is permanent than that is going to be really confusing really fast.  Each of the Convergence #1s said that they where “#1 of 2” so I don’t think these titles are going to stay for long before this event is over.  Once May is over, we’ll probably be in the post-Convergence universe (whatever that will look like) so I personally can’t wait to see what this looks like once all this blows over.

One thing is in recent posts, I talked about how I really hated the idea of a reboot 5 years after the last reboot.  However, there are several things that I noticed that quickly changed my mind.  First off, the universes (according to the front of all the issues I bought) that they have chosen to place on this planet are: Pre-Flashpoint, Flashpoint, El Inferno, New York City, Angor; and Follywood, California; the later three I have never even heard of.  So why is this good news?  Well there is one universe missing from this equation: The New 52!  Which means…Superman is BACK!  Yes, Convergence: Superman #1 featured the Pre-New 52 Superman.  On top of that: Classic Harley is back, Stephanie Brown (who was strangely absent from the New 52) is back, and Wally West is back as Flash!

Of course, all of this could be altered or changed by the time this is over, but I sure hope not.  Many fans have been wanting the Pre-Flashpoint universe to come back for a while (including me) and it seems that DC is doing just that…kind of.  Anyways, See you guys tomorrow when I review Convergence: Superman #1.  Peace XD


  1. 1 possibility when the Convergence run is over is a host of pre-Flashpoint heroes – and heroes from other eras – on a new Earth, depending on which survive their death-matches. Looks like the surviving heroes from the destroyed Earth 2 are likely to be there, too. Cass Black Bat, Steph Batgirl, Babs Oracle, please, please, survive!

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