1st Anniversary Special – Top 10 Favorite Superheroes

Hello interweb, Nate here.  Wow, 1st anniversary.  1 year ago Tuesday, I sat down at my computer and decided to start blogging about superheroes.  Now look where I am now.  I have 62 followers, my most viewed post has 450 views, and I see no signs of stopping or any reason to.  So how should I celebrate my first year of this blog?  How about by listing my personal Top 10 Favorite Superheroes.  Now you guys might be pointing out that I’ve already did this for DC and Marvel separately, and that is true but inaccurate.  When I made those lists, I tried to get 2 Top 10 lists out on the exact same day.  One of these top 10 lists usually take me about 1-2 hours to make.  So trying to get two lists out on the same day, I made several mistakes in those posts (e.g. forgetting some characters and wrongfully putting certain characters above others that I like better) and as such I decided to make 1 list combining both DC and Marvel superheroes.  So let’s begin!

To see my other Top 10s (or 5s) click here.



  • DC and Marvel only
  • Only superheroes allowed, anti-heroes like Deadpool and Punisher are not welcome (sorry)


#10 – Cyclops


While everybody was saying that Wolverine should be the leader of the X-Men, I was always looking at Cyclops and thinking that he should always be the leader.  Cyclops’s power is just as cool of not cooler than Wolverine’s, he’s 1000x more interesting, he’s a much better leader, and he’s not a total jerk.  He has a tragic back story where his parents died in a plane crash and got separated from his brother.  On top of that, when his powers developed he hit his head and thus can no longer control the rays he shoots out of his eyes.  Just think about that: he’s the leader of the X-Men and is responsible for teaching new mutants how to control their powers, and yet he has 0 control over his own.

I’m actually kinda behind on the current X-Men titles as I’ve read Avengers Vs X-Men and the first two trades of All New X-Men (along with Spider-man and the X-Men but I don’t think that title is really effecting anything that much) but I haven’t red the current run of Uncanny X-Men nor have I read Battle of the Atom so I don’t know much about what’s going on with Cyclops at the moment, but what I’ve heard about him it seems that people are really liking what’s going on with him lately.


#9 – Shadowcat

Kitty Pryde

As most of you guys know by now, I was introduced to the X-Men through the X-Men: Evolution cartoon and now they are my favorite superhero team (basically more than Justice League, Avengers, and Teen Titans combined).  In the cartoon, Kitty Pryde was an annoying, valley-girl teenybopper that quickly became my least favorite character on the show.  However, this was before I started reading comics and a friend at my school (who have read comics before I started) told me that the Kitty Pryde in the comics was very different.  So when I started reading comics, I quickly started to love the character more and more.  She debuted in 1980 and since then she’s been through many great X-Men stories (in fact, she was suppose to be the one sent back in time during the Days of Future Past storyline) and has became a genius in science (not to Reed Richard levels but she is skilled in computers), trained to  be a ninja, and has a pet dragon.


#8 – Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler.  Source

Nightcrawler's CatholocismSimilarly to Shadowcat, I first became a fan of Nightcrawler from the X-Men: Evolution cartoon but unlike Shadowcat I loved Nightcrawler from the very start.  In the cartoon, he was the goofball of the group, he had a very cool and interesting appearance, and he had a cool ability to teleport.  As much as I like him in the cartoon, I personally liked him best in the comics.  In the comics he has a strong belief in Catholicism and due to his demonic appearance that has been hard for him as many religious people claim that he’s a demon.  Despite this, he has always been a catholic and I’ve always thought this was cool being a Christian myself.

Nightcrawler is humanBut his demonic appearance did not only cause his religious belief to be hard but also the mutant prejudice in the Marvel universe.  As he’s one of those mutants with a very noticeable physical mutation and as such has even been treated as a circus animal early in his life.


#7 – Green Lantern/Hal Jordan

Green Lanturn (Hal Jordan)

Green Lantern is probably one of the most original superheroes out there and Hal Jordan is my favorite of them all.  I feel like I should know a fictional character that I can compare his personality with, but I can’t think of any.  Basically he’s a devil-may-care type of guy whose fearless, clever, and funny but also somewhat cocky.  He’s a Green Lantern whose also fun to read, what more can you want?  And speaking of the Green Lanterns, he (along with any other GL) has one of the coolest powers ever: energy constructs.  Basically, he can make literally anything out of nothing but the green energy that comes out of his ring.  And it’s his ring that gives him the power!  Other than #1, he’s the only person on this list whose just a normal human, but he’s a human that basically got the gift of having such a powerful ability.


#6 – Flash/Wally West

flash (wally west)

I think the first thing that I really liked about Flash is his power: super speed.  Superspeed and electricity manipulation is probably my two favorite superpowers and of course Flash has the former.  On top of such an awesome superpower, I really like Wally West.  Out of all the Justice League, Flash is the jokester of the group and is really likable.  He’s the guy that you would want to be friends with as he’s really friendly and really funny.  And lastly, his villains.  I like to say that Flash has the DC’s version of Spider-man’s rogues gallery as his rogues gallery are about as flamboyant as Spidey’s and he has quite a number of rogues such as: Gorilla Grodd, Reverse Flash, Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, Girder, Pied Piper, Trickster, Heat Wave, Golden Glider, and Mirror Master.  Awesome superpower, fun personality, and great rogues gallery, what’s not to love?


#5 – X-23

X-23.  Source

X-23 is my favorite superheroine, and my favorite X-Men of all time.  I’ve actually been trying to get her Character Bio done for a while but haven’t finished yet.  Anyhoo, X-23 has Wolverine’s cool factor but none of his obnoxiousness making quite an awesome character from the get-go.  X-23 was created in a lab called Weapon X from a damaged sample of Wolverine’s DNA that lacked the “Y” chromosome, resulting in a female clone with the exact same powers.  Since her creation, she spent a large chunk of her early years being trained and treated as a weapon and thus had trouble fitting into society when she escaped Weapon X.  She has a tragic back story, a pretty BA superpower, and she’s part of my favorite team: the X-Men!  If you want to get into this character, I would suggest checking out the 6-issue miniseries: X-23: Innocence Lost that goes over her comic book origin story.  The same person who wrote that book also wrote X-23: Target X so while I haven’t read it I have a feeling it’s pretty good too.


#4 – Superman


Superman is probably one of the hardest characters to write, but also the hardest to understand.  A lot of people don’t like or just don’t care about him because “he’s too powerful” and is “too much of a boyscout”.  Both of those arguments kinda fail as the whole “he’s too powerful” argument fails when you look at his rogues gallery like Brainiac, Metallo, Parasite, heck Darkseid anybody?  And because of the whole “boyscout” thing we ended up with the New 52 (so I guess we can blame the people who don’t understand Superman for that).  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: the whole point to Superman is that he’s a god among men who uses his immense power to protect people purely because it’s the right thing to do.  Does that make him a boyscout?  In some respects, yeah, but that’s who Superman is.  You don’t hurt Superman by hurting Superman, you hurt Superman by hurting the people around Superman, because he cares more about the people of Earth than he does his own life.  If your still not convinced, I suggest you check out Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman.  It was an awesome read and I really enjoyed it.


#3 – Static


 I’ve talked about this character in several previous posts.  Static was created by Milestone Comics which is a now discontinued comic book company that was created by several African-American comic book writers who felt that minorities where being misrepresented by mainstream American comics.  Static was created by Dwayne McDuffie and was the most successful character made by the company, but that term is used loosely.  The company ended and the Milestone universe merged with the DC universe bringing Static along with them.  Static probably would’ve fallen into comic book obscurity if it wasn’t for the Static Shock TV show that aired in the early 2000s.  If it wasn’t for this show, few people would probably have heard of the character and I’d probably would ever have been introduced to him.

While he’s had trouble selling comics, I still really love the character.  His character has often taken risks in his comics and has been successful, talking about controversial subjects and being a great role model.  But on top of that, he has really unique powers as electromagnetism manipulation can be a really cool power when given to the right writer and if DC decided to re-release a new Static Shock title (as well as maybe a Blue Beetle title) I will definitely be one of the first people to not only buy it but possibly review it.  You hear that DC!?  Get Static Shock back!  And this time give him an appropriate writer.


#2 – Spider-man

Spider-man (comics)

Honestly, this character almost made it lower on the list.  That’s mostly because Spider-man comics nowadays just aren’t that good, although I did enjoy Superior Spider-man…even though that wasn’t technically Peter Parker/Spider-man (Google it).  Many people have said that his comics started going downhill after the terrible One More Day storyline but that was back in 2007 so I don’t really know how true that is.  Anyways this is a top 10 favorites list so I should probably talk about what I do like about the character.  Where should I start?  One thing is there’s nothing I can say about the web-head that nobody else has said before me.  He’s funny, relatable, has cool powers, and has Marvel’s greatest rogues gallery with villains like the Lizard, Sandman, Electro, Rhino, Carnage, Venom, Dock Ock, etc.  While One More Day may have been a terrible story that he still haven’t recovered from (although maybe Secret Wars will fix that) he’s still a great superhero and he has had a bunch of great stories.


#1 – Batman


Now for some of you, this is no surprise. I love Batman and it’s for the obvious reasons (e.g. the reasons everybody loves him) as well as things that I don’t see people talk about much.  One thing is there’s not one thing I love about this character, but multiple things.  The main reason is that he’s a mortal man who’s spent years of his life training so that he can go toe-to-toe with some of DC’s most powerful characters.  He didn’t gain some type of supernatural power and decide to use this power to protect people because of some strong urge of “responsibility” or something like that, he chose to spend years of his life to train his body and mind to the peak of human perfection in order to protect innocent people from suffering the same fate his parents did.  It’s because of this training that allows him to face his immense rogues gallery and allows him to be a part of the Justice League.  Superman may be a god among men, but Batman’s a man among gods.


Result of Last few Polls

So because I didn’t do the results for a poll a few posts back with my Blue Beetle #1, 2, & 3 reviews, I have three polls to put down.

Do You Like The New 52?


No, it ruined to many characters: 55.56% (5 votes)

Kinda, it has elements that I like and dislike: 33.33% (3 votes)

Yes, it was an awesome reboot: 11.11% (1 vote)


So it seems like most people either did not like the reboot or had mixed feelings about it.


Which Characters did the New 52 Ruin? (multi choice)


Lobo: 6 votes

Wally West: 6 votes

Superman: 4 votes

Harley Quinn: 3 votes

Beast Boy: 3 votes

Teen Titans: 3 votes

Starfire: 3 votes

Static: 2 votes

Artemis: 2 votes

Raven: 2 votes

Black Canary: 1 vote


Should I review New 52 Blue Beetle #4?


Yes, I want to see what happens next: 100% (1 vote)

No, I’m interested enough to read the series myself: 0% (0 votes)


Well one person wants me to review #4, I’ll probably get that done sometimes next week as I wanted to do it anyways.


End Poll

So as you guys can see above, most people seemed to dislike the New 52 (which I was half expecting).  So here’s my next question for you guys: are you excited about Convergence (the current DC reboot)?


  1. Happy Anniversary man! It’s definitely been a solid year and I look forward to seeing your blog run for quite a long time! I’m looking forward to Convergence, but it can go really wrong really fast as well, which is why I chose the option that puts me in the middle. I liked the New 52 for what it was, but nothing will ever beat the classic days of the DC universe.

    As for my top 10 heroes, that’s always a tough one. Off the top of my head, I’d say,

    1. Superman
    2. Batman
    3. Cyclops
    4. Barry Allen (Flash)
    5. Hal Jordan (When portrayed properly)
    6. Spiderman
    7. Thor
    8. Wonder Woman
    9. Dick Grayson
    10. Adam Warlock

    The top 3 are easy, but then the rest are all rather tricky.

    1. Thanks man! Honestly I have mixed feelings about Convergence and will probably talk more in-depth about my opinion in one of the next few posts. Your list looks pretty solid and we seem to share a few favorites. Although what do you mean by Hal Jordan “when portrayed properly”?

      1. Well, this goes back to the New 52 (of course right?) but Hal Jordan is portrayed as being extremely weak and all talk lately. It’s one of the reasons why I can’t recommend the last few films from DC. If you ever watch Justice League War, you’ll see how embarassing he is. He has trouble taking down a single Parademon and he is treated like a joke the whole time. I like Hal Jordan mainly from his time as a Green Lantern, but an experienced one. He was a great leader and that’s something that we don’t see quite as often nowadays. The writers have tried to make him into a Captain Kirk esque character instead of someone who’s more like Cyclops or Captain America. Still, the Hal that I grew up with has always been a superb character and one of the heroes that I like the most.

      2. Ah, yeah I see where you’re getting at. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Justice League War movie (although it was a lot better than Throne of Atlantis) but Hal specifically wasn’t really done well. I liked him in Green Lantern First Flight though.

      3. Definitely, First Flight handled him properly. I even liked his role in Emerald Knights. He didn’t fight all that much, but through his mentor role you could tell that he was very wise. I forgot that you saw JL War. I certainly agree that it beat Throne of Atlantis as well.

      4. While he was portrayed well in Emerald Knight, I frankly didn’t like the movie all that much (especially compared to First Flight). And while I haven’t seen ever DC animated Movie, I’ve seen a lot of them and War was just meh compared to the others.

      5. I didn’t care for Emerald Knight’s style of short stories myself. Hopefully GL will get another film soon. Unfortunately, DC’s been going downhill fast with their recent animated films for me. I’m not looking forward to Batman vs Robin that much, but I have a hold on it from the library so I should hopefully be checking it out soon. What I want is a new Superman/Batman film to continue from Apocalypse. That series has a lot of good stories that they still need to adapt.

      6. Superman/Batman Apocalypse was a pretty good film but I don’t like how the name implies that it focuses on Superman and Batman but instead focuses on Supergirl. I like Supergirl just fine, but of it was about Supergirl shouldn’t be called Supergirl Apocalypse (Feat Superman and Batman…and Wonder Woman)

      7. Oh, that’s really because it’s based on the Superman/Batman comic series. They were actually direct adaptions of the story arcs there and they adapted the first two of them. (Public Enemies and Apocalypse) They could have added Supergirl in, but that’s why they couldn’t take Superman and Batman out of the title. The next arc dealt with Brainac I believe, then powerless, and then the epic faux Avengers arc. I really wish they had kept on going with that.

      8. I haven’t read them in their entirety yet (Flipped through them back in the day at Barnes & Nobles) but I believe so. Public Enemies is almost completely unaltered from the comic so it should be really good. The fight with Shazam and Hawkman is longer in the comic. Apocalypse was a bit of a looser adaption. I believe that Wonder Woman ended up helping out against Darkseid in that version and Supergirl’s fight with Superman was longer, but I can’t say that I’m totally positive as it’s been a while.

      9. Public Enemies I actually have yet to see but I’ve been meaning too. Personally my favorite DC animated movie would probably have to be Batman Beyond Return of the Joker followed closely by Batman: Under the Red Hood (although is it much of a surprise that my favorites are Batman related XD)

      10. Those were definitely great films! My favorite is Crisis on Two Earths, with my favorite Batman film definitely being Return of the Joker as well. It’s why I miss the DCAU for sure! How do you feel about the later Batman films like Son of Batman?

      11. Son of Batman was meh to me. I wasn’t a fan of Damian in that movie specifically but that’s just imo. Crisis on Two Earths was a great movie though. One movie nobody talks about that I like is Batman Vs Dracula (a lot better than the title would imply) but I think it’s because it was a part of The Batman and that was a rather underrated cartoon.

      12. The Batman was underrated. I didn’t care for it that much the first time that I saw it, but I’ve grown to enjoy it. I’ve only seen Batman vs Dracula once so I really need to give it a rewatch. At the time I was disappointed because I was hoping for an established Batman villain to be the main antagonist, but there’s nothing wrong with making an original character for the film. I’ll need to rent it at some point.

      13. Yeah, I suppose watching it online could work as well. I typically have only done that for anime in the past, but it would likely save me a lot of time.

        That’s true and maybe it’s more apt to say that I was a little dismayed when I found out that it was Batman vs Dracula. The Batman had a lot of enemies to choose from and they still went with an original character. The concept of Batman vs Dracula is good though, but it’s too bad that the TV show had around 5 seasons and yet only one film. I’d rather it be Dracula than Joker at this point though.

  2. The argument that Superman too powerful or too much of a goody-two falls flat for me. Since Superman is powered by a yellow sun and a blue star yes he is pretty powerful. However they don’t into account that since he grew on Earth-like environment and if take him to an environment closer to Kyrpton or an environment not similar to Earth. He would be pretty normal. Also Superman is supposed to a be act like Saint because he inspire people to want to be better. He’s see’s the potential good in everyone and doesn’t look down on you. An excellent example of Superman inspiring someone to be better is in Linkara’s review of Superman For the Animals which he said himself was a well written PSA comic.

    1. Yeah I saw that review and I agreed with Linkara on his views on Superman. I also like how he pointed out that Superman is argueably the most human superhero since I find Superman much more relatable than Batman but most people don’t see it (cause a billionaire playboy who beats the crap out of supervillains is so much more relatable than a middle class man with a job that just so happens to have superpowers)

      1. I’ll be honest I can’t play favorite with Superheroes when comes to DC since I grew up with and loved all them equally for different reasons.

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