New 52 Blue Beetle #3 Metamorphosis Part 3 (of 3) – Review

New 52 Blue Beetle #3Hello interweb, Nate here.  So this is my part 3 of my 3-part New 52 Blue Beetle: Metamorphosis review where I review the first story arc of the New 52 Blue Beetle title.  I explain everything in Part 1, click here for Part 2, now let’s get this review going!

Writer: Tony Bedard

Artist: Ig Guara (Penciler), J.P. Mayer (Inker)
Colorist: Pete Pantazis

Characters Introduced in this Issue


Silverback: Part of the Brotherhood of Evil

-Powers: Enhanced Strength and Durability

-Side: Bad (Brotherhood of Evil)

Recurring Characters

Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Blue Beetle Scarab (Khaji-Da), Bianca Reyes, Alberto Reyes, Paco, Brenda Del Vecchio, La Dama (Amparo Cardenas), Bone-Crusher, Brutale, Coyote, Phobia, Plasmus, Warp, Khaji-Kai, Lu-Kreeza


The three panels of the first page basically tries to sum up the last two issues.  The first two panels shows Jaime’s parents telling Paco on the phone that they know Jaime’s with him and asks him what happened.  Paco tells her that he doesn’t know and that they got in the middle of a “super-gang war” where he got separated from Jaime.  In the last panel, is shows the Brotherhood of Evil as they are talking to someone off panel about how a teenager got away with the beetle but someone wearing a blue armor showed up and stopped them (remember, no one knows that Jaime is the guy in the blue armor).

New 52 Blue Beetle #3 IIWe then see Blue Beetle flying through the air with the most ridiculous expression as his face as he lands by his house.  Jaime tells the scarab that it needs to get off of him but the scarab tells him that it can’t do that as he’s permanently bonded to Jaime’s spine.

Back at the party, everyone is leaving early and Brenda’s aunt is apologizing to her about what happened before storming off to see her now injured gang of villains.  She tells Brutale, who I guess was second in charge of the three group, that he let her down in which Brutale defends himself saying that a “blue guy” showed up and stopped them.  La Dama then says that she thinks she knows where the relic she’s looking for went but she needs to find it before others do first.

Back at the Reach ship, Khaji-Kai picks up some information about Earth and how there seems to be a large population of meta-humans that are known on Earth as “Superheroes”.  It then proceeds to attempt to contact the Scarab but to 0 success, prompting him to decide to go to Earth himself to retrieve the Scarab in person.

Back on Earth, Jaime is in his backyard as he tries to retract the Blue Beetle Armor.  Inside the house, Jaime’s mother is yelling at La Dama through a phone and says to her: “…I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE–EVERYBODY KNOWS!– –THAT’S RIGHT, LA DAMA DE LA MAFIA…”.  This prompts Jaime’s father to rip the phone out of her hands as she yells at her to give Jaime back.

On the other end, La Dama hangs up and hits a security guard with her phone in anger.  She then walks over to Coyote and asks him if he’d help to track down the beetle’s location.  The coyote agrees, resulting in her cutting open its throat and casting a spell on his blood to see watch Jaime.

New 52 Blue Beetle #3 IBack at Jaime’s house, Jaime struggles with the Blue Beetle armor as he manages to painfully retract the armor through his flesh.  The pain causes him to scream out loud, prompting his parents to go out and greet him with must joy as we see the scarab glowing on his back near his spine.  The last page shows a new villain named Silverback whose ready to hunt Jaime down.


If you read my review on #1 and 2 than you know my opinion on the art already.  The cover itself seems more interesting then the last two as it features Blue Beetle fighting the Brotherhood of Evil.  Although this fight and the weapon on his arm was never seen in the actual issue.

Final Thoughts

This issue wrapped up the story arc rather nicely and gave us a nice origin story to the Blue Beetle.  Now that Jaime has the Scarab and seems to be learning how to control it, I can’t wait to see when he actually announces himself as the Blue Beetle.


1=terrible, 2=bad, 3=ok, 4=good, 5=awesome

Characters: 5 – Characters are becoming more fleshed out and we’re getting goals and motivations from all of the villains.

Story: 5 – A nice ending to the story arc that leaves some room for future stories

Art: 4 – Same as last issue

Overall: 5 – Nice wrap up to story arc that leaves plenty to go on from here.

End Poll

So that was the first story arc of the New 52 Blue Beetle title!  So how do you guys feel about me reviewing the rest of the series?  I already own #4 so if you want a review of that I can have one done by Monday or next Friday.  And I make no promises, but if you guys like the series as far as #4 then I could try and continue buying/reviewing the New 52 Blue Beetle title.  So what do you guys think?


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