New 52 Blue Beetle #2 Metamorphosis Part 2 (of 3) – Review

New 52 Blue Beetle #2Hello interweb, Nate here.  So this is part 2 of my 3-part New 52 Blue Beetle: Metamorphosis review where I review the first story arc of the New 52 Blue Beetle title.  I explain everything in Part 1, click here for Part 3, now let’s get this review rollin’!

Writer: Tony Bedard

Artist: Ig Guara (Penciler), Ruy José (Inker)

Colorist: Pete Pantazis

Recurring Characters

Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Blue Beetle Scarab (Khaji-Da), Paco, Brenda Del Vecchio, La Dama (Amparo Cardenas), Bone-Crusher, Brutale, Coyote, Phobia, Plasmus, Warp, Khaji-Kai, Lu-Kreeza


The issue starts as we see from Blue Beetle eyes as we see what everything looks like for the Blue Beetle (unfortunately I could not find a good picture online to show you guys and I have no way to scan my comic book).  Everything looks blue except for the people (who are orange), there are some alien text floating around the place and some circles highlighting the villain’s heart and brain.  Jaime seems confused when a voice seemingly comes from nowhere says: “TARGET SELECTED.– –CALCULATING LETHAL OPTIONS.”.  Jaime then argues with the mysterious voice that he does not wish to kill the villains and when he asks why he can’t see where the voice is New 52 Blue Beetle #2 Icoming from it replies with: “BECAUSE YOU ARE WEARING ME.”.  The villains are confused with who Jaime’s talking to.  Once Jaime remembers that Paco is in danger, he extends claws from his finger tips and stabs both of them in the gut.  The voice tells Jaime to finish them in which Jaime replies to the voice by telling it he won’t kill them (although wouldn’t a stab to the gut be lethal to normal humans?).  Jaime then runs after Paco as the voice tells him he must comply.  To get there faster, the blue armor sprouts bug-like wings allowing Jaime to fly over to Paco. This, however, only results in Plasmus grabbing Jaime by the head.  After Jaime breaks free from Plasmus’s grip, Phobia tries to attack him with her powers only for Jaime to land a punch.  He then swoops down to grab Paco and flies off.

Back at Brenda’s party, Brenda says hi to her Aunt Amparo.  Amparo tells Brenda that she’s been busy ordering a new souvenir to add to her odd collection.  As the two are talking, a security man New 52 Blue Beetle #2 IItells Amparo that they have a “situation” prompting her to follow the security man to the front.  There, she sees Jaime in the Blue Beetle armor carrying Paco.  One of the security men makes a warning shot and tells him to stay away.  Once Jaime puts Paco down (still not knowing that Jaime is the one one the suit), Jaime tries to explain what happened but the voice keeps telling him to stay silent and that he’ll compromise the “mission”.  The armor than forces Jaime to vomit all over Amparo’s shoes to keep him silent causing Amparo to have her security men open fire on Jaime.  The suit seemed to protect Jaime from the bullets.  Jaime then tells the armor to stop them but to make it nonlethal.  The armor than releases a number of tiny, blue, robotic bugs that attacked the security men.  Brenda than yells at Jaime (not knowing it is Jaime) and tells him to go, prompting Jaime to fly away.

We then see a giant, blue, bug-shaped space ship as it detects the Blue Beetle Scarab on Earth.  Khaji-Kai seemed surprised at this as scarabs aren’t suppose to fall of the grid like that and concludes that something must have gone wrong.  Lu-Kreeza begins to tell Khaji-Kai to file a report only for Khaji-Kai to ask if he could go in personally as the scarab must have been damaged in a way they’ve never seen before.  They then decide to head to Space Sector-2814 (Earth); ending Part 2.


If you’ve seen my review on #1 than you’ll know my opinion on this issue.  The cover does seem rather interesting as it shows Jaime as the armor painfully wraps around him.

Final Thoughts

This issue seems to be a lot quicker paced as everything is set into motion.  We got to see a bit more about the Blue Beetle Armor and what it can do and it’s really interesting to see.  There also seems to be a dark side to the armor as it seems pretty open to killing and Jaime’s obviously not a fan of that.  There seems to be a lot of mystery around the armor that will be exciting to learn as the series develops. On top of that La Dama (Brenda’s Aunt) is revealed more as we see a glimps of her odd collection.  This may show why she wants the Blue Beetle Scarab so much and could lead to some interesting development on her part.

Pros and Cons


-New and interesting things about the Blue Beetle Armor is revealed

-Villains motivations are starting to sink in becoming interesting


1=terrible, 2=bad, 3=ok, 4=good, 5=awesome

Characters: 5 – Main character learns about the Blue Beetle Armor and isbeing placed into an interesting dilemma. On top of that, villains are beginning to gain more depth to their character as motivations are sinking in.

Story: 5 – Great continuation on #1

Art: 4 – Same as last issue

Overall: 5 – Story starting to get more gripping as we learn more about what’s happening.

See you in Part 3, Peace XD



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