7 Things That Batman V Superman Needs To Do

Batman V Superman Dawn of JusticeHello interweb, Nate here.  Okay, I think I’m done with the “NonComic Month”  Because of how busy I was last week I didn’t get last weeks post and now I honestly don’t really want to finish it but it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if you guys want me to finish it.  So below I have a poll asking you guys what you think.

Anyhoo, so information about the upcoming DC movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been coming out ever since Man of Steel and as far as I can tell it’s a Justice League prequel that’s going to use Lex Luthor as the villain to get the Justice League together (why exactly can’t they just call this the first Justice League movie?). Basically everybody who likes DC right now is crossing their fingers that this movie will actually be good but many out there doubting it’ll be all that good and/or will be overshadowed by Captain America: Civil War which is taking place the same year and is basically Captain America V Iron Man in a sense.  So I already talked about how I’m, hoping the DCCU won’t just be good, but better than the MCU (even though I think I’m just getting my hopes up and I might be disappointed).  So here are 7 things that needs to happen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

To see my other Top 10s (or 5s) click here.  (Also I’d like to note that yes this is my first list that isn’t a top 5 or a top 10 but I wanted to talk about all of these factors and I couldn’t think of anything else)


  • Must be listing things that has to happen in order for Batman V Superman to be a good film (in my opinion)
  • No specific order


#7 – Establish a Shared Universe


Okay, we know that the DCCU (DC Cinematic Universe) is going to all be in the same universe just like (and also because of) the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).  But they need to make sure that people realize this and know that this is is the same universe that Man of Steel took place in and the future movies like Suicide Squad and Justice League are going to be in this universe as well.  This also means they need a logical and not-forced way of telling us where the rest of the League was during Man of Steel.  Why was Superman treated like he was the first superhuman the Earth have seen when people like Green Lantern and Wonder Woman was around then?


#6 – Establish the Characters (To an Extent)


Now this seems pretty obvious for me to say except for the “To an extent” part as that’s the job of every movie that’s not a squeal.  After all, you don’t want to be watching a movie full of characters that you know nothing about.  But while the film needs to establish the members of the Justice League, they don’t need to tell us everything about them.  People already know Superman from Man of Steel. Batman will be the easiest to establish as people already knows him and he’s not really that complicated of a character.  All anyone really needs to know about Wonder Woman is she’s almost as strong as Superman, she’s an Amazon, and she loves to fight.  All anyone really needs to know about Flash is that he’s a speedster and he’s a wise-cracker if they chose Wally West or that he’s just an overall nice guy if they chose Barry Allen.  All anyone needs to know about Aquaman is that he’s an Atlantean and he’s more BA then people realize.  Really the only thing you need to know about Green Lantern for a Justice League movie is that (assuming their using Hal Jordan) he’s cocky, he’s just a normal human, and his alien ring allows him to create energy constructs limited only by his imagination and will.  Cyborg…see #5.

Really for a Justice League prequel or movie that’s all you need to know.  Take what I said about Green Lantern for example, all you need to know about him is what I said above for a Justice League movie and that’s it.  Al the stuff about the Green Lantern Corps and who they are are only a necessity to know for a solo Green Lantern movie and as such they don’t have to worry about that for the movie.


#5 – Establish Cyborg


Why Cyborg specifically?  Well outside of the 200s Teen Titans cartoon (and Teen Titans Go! technically 😡 ) the general public doesn’t know much about this character nor who he is.  On top of that, these movies are just as much for adults as they are for kids and it’s very likely that most adults don’t know anything about Cyborg.  Now I don’t know whether their going to give Cyborg’s origin in this movie like they did for the Justice League: Origins graphic novel or the Justice League: War animated film but if they don’t and they’re saving it for his solo movie then they need to try a different way to get people to see how cool this character is.  Now obviously the film’s going to focus on Superman and Batman since the title is Batman V Superman but it’s also a Justice League prequel and as such they need to get audiences hooked on Cyborg before the movie’s over.


#4 – Superman Needs to Develop


In the last post I talked a bit about my opinions on Man of Steel (which, for the most part, hasn’t changed all that much) and a follower of mine commented and told me how the Superman of Man of Steel was still a fairly new Superman and as such is still learning(thanks for writing in BTW 🙂 ) .  And that’s fair enough, but that does mean that Superman has to show he’s developing in this movie.  He needs to show that he is really becoming the Superman that we know and love, or at least as close to that Superman as we can get.


#3 – Establish a Tone


One of the reasons I like DC over Marvel is I tend to like the tone of DC’s comics more than Marvel’s and hopefully that will be my opinion on the cinematic universe too.  The MCU has a very special tone established for itself: it’s light-hearted, doesn’t take itself to seriously, and is just fun to watch.  So DC needs to make their tone more unique, even if that means that they want it realistic (or as realistic as a film about an alien superhero can get) and gritty.


#2 – Make Lex Luther a Compelling Villain


Let me tell you just how awesome Lex Luthor is as a villain: he’s a normal human whose arch-enemy is the strongest member of the Justice League.  One thing DC has a talent for is making compelling villains and how even a normal human get be threatening in the DC universe, even to a team full of 7 really powerful superheroes.  So DC can indeed have Lex Luthor (a normal human) be a threat to a team consisting of Alien god (Superman), ultra-prepared brooding loner (Batman), Amazon princess (Wonder Woman), king trident (Aquaman), human Sonic the Hedgehog (Flash), “I can create anything out of nothing” man (Green Lantern), and a cyborg (Uh…Cyborg), they just need it to be compelling and cool.


#1 – Don’t Force Anything


Don’t force anything, let everything play out naturally.  Make sure a plausible and natural explanation for the team to form, what the rest of the league has been up to up to now, and for these characters to be established.  If they force anything than the film is just going to become a complete mess.  Just let it all flow and make sure it make sense.


End Poll


  1. As much as I agree with you, to me I just don’t like the fact that they are pretty much putting the Justice League in it. As much as I love the Justice League I believe that they should hold back from showing them until the actual first movie comes out which I’m totally excited for. Other than that I can’t wait for the Batman V Superman movie I believe that it will be great.

      1. To me if they want to make it a Justice League movie prequel than they shouldn’t call the movie Batman V Superman. It makes people think that it’s only Batman and Superman to the battle of the death. By bringing in the justice league are the trying to make it like the game Injustice God’s Among Us cause if they are it totally makes sense that way.

      2. Ah, I see your point. The thing that bothers me most about the title is that “Batman V Superman” is not the name of a movie, its the name of a scene in a movie (unless your talking about movies like Godzilla Vs Mecha-Godzilla but thats a whole different genre). It’s kinda like Iron Man and Thor’s fight in the Avengers, the fight lasted about 2 minutes and we got to see them both use what they’ve got against the other person. If they decided to call it “Batman/Superman” than that would be different.

  2. That totally clears some things up, but if they are not calling the movie that then what are they calling the movie? Also why would this title be up especially when the movie is going to come out soon ( a yearish = soon).

    1. Sorry, I think you misunderstood. When i said that “Batman V Superman” wasn’t the title of a movie but a scene in a movie, I didn’t mean that’s what they actually are doing, i ment that a title like that shouldn’t be a title of a movie. Batman V Superman is going to be the official title of the movie, my point was that it shouldn’t be.

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