Top 10 Favorite Original Supervillains – NonComic Month

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So this is the second week of NonComic Month where I take a look at Superheroes that didn’t originate from the comics. Last week we looked at my top 10 favorite superheroes that did not start out in the comics, but of course where’s a superhero if you don’t have a villain for him to fight?  Where’s Superman without Lex Luthor?  Or Spider-man without Green Goblin?  Or Batman Without Joker?  Or Wonder Woman without…uh…Cheatah??? (Seriously, Wonder Woman needs better villains).  Anyhoo, here are my favorite supervillains that did not originate from the comics!

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  • Must not have originated from a comic book (although if he was brought into a comic book it’s still fair game) and must not be owned by Marvel or DC
  • Due to the difficulties of actually defining what a supervillain is, we’ll say (for the purpose of this post) that they are “Anyone who has been defeated by a superhero while performing evil deeds”
  • Based purely on my favoritism, not based on popularity or how iconic the character is.


#10 – Dr. Animo

Dr. Animo

One of the reasons I love Ben 10 so much (one of the many) is that it’s admittingly a pretty weird show (especially the original series).  Dr. Animo is actually one of Ben’s first villains as he debuted in the second episode “Washington B. C.” where we learn that he was a scientist that was an expert in biology but after he didn’t win a reward he used his intelligence to create a “mutant ray” that mutates anything he shoots (e.g. the frog in the picture above).  While Dr. Animo is basically to Ben 10 what Vulture is to Spider-man (a not very powerful villain simply made for the hero to fight), I guess the main reason I always liked him was that his gimmick is that he mutates animals, and that’s really cool in my opinion.


#9 – Vlad Plasmus

Vlad Plasmius

It’s kinda weird that this character is so low on the list as he’s basically Danny Phantom’s arche-enemy.  For those of you who have never watched the series (or the theme song which basically explains everything), Danny gained his ghost powers after an accident fused his DNA with ectoplasm and made him a half-ghost/half-human hybrid.  However in the season 1 episode “Bitter Reunions” it was revealed that this same accident happened a few decades before and turned Danny’s Dad’s ex-best friend into a half-ghost/half-human hybrid who decided to use his powers for his own personal gain and became a billionaire.  Because he’s had his powers longer, he is more skilled and stronger than Danny and he actually should win most of their fights but he’s too cocky which often leads to his downfall.  I think the reason this is so far down on the list is because while he is interesting he’s not menacing enough to be a menacing supervillain, he’s not goofy enough to be a goofy villain, and because of his cockiness it’s often just annoying when he loses.  Although he’s still a pretty cool character and does have many great moments.


#8 – Skulker


Imagine if Kraven the Hunter was a robotic ghost (wow, that’s the second Spider-man reference, starting to see a pattern?).  Okay, that’s not entirely accurate as the ghost itself is actually a small green blob that is inside the head of the robot suit above but you can still get the point.  Due to the fact that Danny is the only publicly known human/ghost (kinda confusing but all the ghosts knows that Danny Phantom is part human even if they don’t know what his human half looks like while Vlad Plasmius is not known to be half-human), he’s considered a rare specimen and he thus wishes to hunt him down and mount him on his wall (ew).


#7 – Freakshow


Freakshow is a unique villain as he’s the only Danny Phantom villain that isn’t a ghost.  That’s right, he’s 100% human.  He appeared in only two episodes with the first episode being “Control Freaks“, which was a decent episode but it wasn’t until the movie (yes, this show spawned a movie) “Reality Trip“.  In the movie, Freakshow get’s the Reality Gauntlet (a rip-off of the infinity gauntlet, even having 4 “Reality Gems”) that allowed him to literally warp and alter reality.  This also lead to Danny’s secret identity (which is about as well hidden as wearing glasses to hide your identity) to be revealed to the public and the rest of the movie involves them saving their parents from Freakshow and at the end of the movie, Danny uses the gauntlets to return his identity to a secret.  Eh, I’ve heard of worse ways of making secret identities secrets again (*cough*Spider-man makes a deal with the devil*cough*) and the movie was pretty good all things considered.


#6 – Hunter Cain

Hunter Cain

Finally I have a villain on here that’s not from Danny Phantom and Ben 10.  Remember in my Top 5 Favorite Original Superhero Cartoons where I said that Generator Rex was similar to the X-Men?  Well this guy’s debut episode (as well as the last episode he appeared in) probably introduced the prejudice first.  For those of you who haven’t seen this series or read my previous post, in the universe of Generator Rex there are these microscopic machines called nanites that spread throughout the globe and mutates living things into “E.V.O.s”.   These E.V.O.s are usually giant Godzilla-esque monsters that lose all their sanity and goes on a rampage, but on rare occasions these E.V.O.s appear to be normal humans but with superpowers (Rex is former, obviously).  Rex has the E.V.O. ability to control the nanites so he can control machines as well as building giant mechanical weapons out of his limbs.  Due to his ability to control the nanite, he can cure E.V.O.s and thus Providence (the government group made specifically to take care of the E.V.O. epidemic) uses his abilities to cure as many E.V.O.s as possible.

Now that your caught up why don’t I actually start talking about this guys.  Due to the fact that Rex is the only person who can cure E.V.O.s, Hunter Cain feels that they should find another way to fix this and has weapons that kills the E.V.O.s by destroying the nanites inside of them.  Since Rex is an E.V.O., he get’s people on his side by saying that Providence claims they’re here to protect people from E.V.O.s but they have an E.V.O. running around working for them.  Due to this “hypocracy”, everyone starts to turn their backs on Rex and supports Hunter Cain as he attempts to kill all E.V.O.s, including/especially Rex.  I won’t spoiler the ending here but it’s a pretty cool episode.


#5 – Ghostfreak


So as most of you know, Ben (from Ben 10) uses the Omnitrix (his watch) to turn into 10 different aliens (originally). Ghostfreak was one of those aliens, but later it was revealed that while most of Ben’s aliens are just empty shells waiting for Ben to turn into them, Ghostfreak was actually conscious within the Omnitrix.  Once he broke out he shed his outer skin (that protected him from the sun as he’ll die if he’s in it for too long) and turned into…um…that (see picture above).  The storyline that follows is really interesting and was one of the many things that the show did very well.  Ghostfreak was creepy, menacing, and threatening and the fact that he was one of Ben’s aliens just added more depth to him.

Now his Omniverse counterpart was a terrible continuation on his character that turned him from creepy to down right goofy, but I’m not here to rant so let’s move on.


#4 – Van Kleiss

Van Kleiss

Van Kleiss was Rex’s main enemy and he was a great one.  Van Kleiss is an E.V.O. that constantly needs fresh supplies of nanites to live and thus absorbs nanites from other E.V.O.s, killing them.  Of course because of his need for new nanites, he is restricted to living in his own pocket dimension (I think it was a pocket dimension, was a while since I’ve seen the series) that is made of nanites.  Due to this, he wishes to spread his land throughout the world so he can live anywhere and why rule the world while we’re at it?  Thanks to Rex’s ability to control the nanites, Van Kleiss keeps on trying to get Rex on his side.  The fights between these two was just really interesting to watch and he was a pretty menacing villain.


#3 – Dark Danny

Dark Danny

So Danny Phantom is already basically Superman power-wise.  He has super strength, super speed, flight, he can shoot lasers (similar to Superman’s heat vision), has ice powers (to correlate to Superman’s ice powers), and switch Superman’s X-Ray vision for intangibility and invisibility.  Now imagine that his ghost half and Vlad’s ghost half was separated from their human halves and fused into one super-ghost.  That’s what happens in an alternate future where Danny’s parents and friends (and teacher) dies, Vlad takes away his ghost half to take away the pain, Danny’s removed ghost half removes Vlad’s ghost half and combines with him, and the evilness, strength, and knowledge of Vlad is combined with Danny’s determination and it results in what fans dub “Dark Danny”.  Honestly, I would go on but this will spoil my upcoming list of my Top 10 Favorite Danny Phantom episodes so I’ll stop here.


#2 – Kevin 11

Kevin 11

You know, making these Top 10 Lists on a public blog is hard to do.  While I never actually made it an official rule, I don’t like making ties on these lists (and I can’t remember ties on any of my previous lists) and so I have to make a decision on which character goes where and once I post this post that’s my definitive answer.  But I kept on going back and forth between my #1 and my #2 picks.  So count this as a technical tie but just because we need a definitive #1 and a definitive #2 I literally just flipped a coin (literally).

So with that aside, ever superhero seems to have an enemy that shares their powers (because what’s more threatening to a superhuman that someone who has the same superhuman abilities). There’s Flash and Reverse Flash, Spider-man and Venom, Superman and Bizarro, Green Lantern and Sinestro, etc.  Brilliiant memeSo if Ben has the only Omnitrix in the universe, then how can they do a villain like that?  How about by giving someone the power to absorb energy and by absorbing the Omnitrix he turns into a fusion of all 10 aliens?  Please look to the meme to the right.  Do I even need to say anything else?  He’s all of Ben’s original aliens in one body.  He has Heatblast’s left (upper) arm, Four Arm’s limb count, Diamonds right (upper) arm, Grey Matter’s eye, Wildmutt’s (lower arms) arms, Ghostfreak’s eye track, Ripjaws’s jaws, Upgrade’s back, Stinkfly’s wings, and XLR8’s tail.  That’s just, well, refer to earlier meme.


#1 – Vilgax


While trying to get the Omnitix before the show starts, Vilgax’s body gets damaged and the majority of Season one he’s seen being repaired and is kept in mystery until the season 1 finale.  All the hyped paid off as he proved to be Ben’s most powerful foe yet, easily besting even Ben’s strongest aliens.  He made a perfect archenemy and his desire to obtain the Omnitrix lead to many compelling stories and for him to be one of my favorite Ben 10 villains and one of my favorite original villains in general.



  1. I noticed that you put a lot of Phantom and Ben 10 villains which I believe is awesome. They are my two favorite shows that doesn’t have to do with either the DC or Marvel nation. The only bad part is that for Rex I started watching it two years ago and I’m not a big fan of it. I like the whole story it’s just that it was more on the boring side to me.

    1. Thanks, Danny Phantom and Ben 10 were my favorite shows growing up as a kid so I guess have a lot of nostalgia for the show. And while Gen Rex was an awesome show, I do see why some people might not like it.

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