Top 10 Favorite Original Superheroes – NonComic Month

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So today’s the first Monday of March, you know what that means!… (pause for effect) …  NonComic Month!  This is where I take all of March to focus on Superheroes that are outside the comic books.  Sure a few of these guys did get a comic book series after their debut, but they all debuted outside the comic.  Now when I first talked about NonComic Month, I gave a schedule for this month (that did say wasn’t set in stone yet) but I decided to change it slightly so the new schedule is below.  I’ll try my very best to not change this new schedule  But now on to the list!

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Schedule For March

March 2: Top 10 Favorite Original Superheroes

March 9: Top 10 Favorite Original Supervillains

March 16: Top 10 Favorite Danny Phantom Episodes

March 23: Top 10 Favorite Ben 10 Aliens

March 30: Top 10 Favorite Ben 10 Episodes



  • Must be a superhero that debuted outside the comics
  • Must not be owned by Marvel or DC comics
  • These are just my personal favorites


#10 – El Tigre “”


Like I mentioned in an earlier countdown, El Tigre is a cartoon targeted towards younger audiences and as such isn’t exactly the type of show I would suggest to most of you guys (I assume most of my audience is over the age of 7).  However, the character is not only kinda interesting but I just have some nostalgia for the show.  The funny thing is that El Tigre can actually also technically go on the Top 10 Supervillains list next week (FYI, he’s not on it) as the character’s father is a superhero and his grandfather (or grandpapi) is a supervillain and as such he has struggled to decide which road he wants to take.  Honestly if they decided to aim the show at an older audience then the synopsis for the show would sound pretty interesting.  Unfortunately the target audience was 7-year olds and so I wouldn’t bother.


#9 – Freakazoid “”


What is the best way to describe Freakazoid?   Ok, imagine if Bruce Tim and Paul Dini, the creators if the DCAU, decided to work with Warner Bros to create a superhero cartoon series in the style of Animaniacs.  And now stop imagining because that’s exactly what Freakazoid is.  That description alone made me curious enough to watch the series (free on YouTube) and I though it was funny.  The plot of the story involves teenager computer-geek Dexter Douglas as he gets zapped by the internet and by saying the phrase “Freak out!” he can turn into Freakazoid: the personification of the internet.  But instead of being an all-knowing being, Freakazoid is what you would imagine if a child with ADHD ate a truckload of sugar, a million caffeine packets, and an adrenaline rush.  Unlike El Tigre, I’m glad this cartoon went for a more comedic approach than Bruce Tim’s original idea of it being just another superhero cartoon and this is a pretty memorable character.


#8 – XJ-9 “My Life as a Teenaged Robot”


My Life as a Teenaged Robot (let’s just call it MLaaTR for the purpose of this post) was a show about the life…of a teenager…who happens to be a robot… … …doesn’t exactly leave much for me to explain here.  The only thing the title doesn’t tell you is that XJ-9, aka Jenny Wakeman, was specifically created to protect the earth and as a result is has various gadgets (that for the most part seems to just be made up as they go) and has superhuman strength and speed.  Jenny herself acts like the stereotypical teenaged girl (maybe a bit too stereotypical at times) but her powers a can be pretty cool at times. While MLaaTR wasn’t a very popular show, as far as I can tell anyways, I always enjoyed watching it on nicktoons and it was really fun to watch.


#7 – Mr Incredible “The Incredibles”


Unlike the other entries on this list, Mr Incredible is from the Disney Pixar’s movie: The Incredibles.  I don’t think I really need to go into detail about the movie as most of you have probably seen it by now.  Mr Incredible is probably my favorite of the family as after being a superhero became illegal he started to miss being a superhero which caused him to be tricked to go to Syndromes island.  He just get’s more character development and becomes the most interesting character of the whole movie.  While his power may be pretty generic, his character as a whole just made this movie and earns a spot on this list.


#6 – American Dragon “American Dragon: Jake Long”


The American Dragon was a 2-season cartoon series that I go into more detail in my Top 5 Favorite Original Superhero Cartoons list so I won’t go into as much detail here.  Jake Long is a Chinese-American teenager who is secretly a magical dragon responsible for protecting the magical community of New York.  I talked about this a lot in the above post so if you want to learn more just check it out there.


#5 – Gwen Tennyson “Ben 10 Franchise”

If this month is going to say anything about me it’s this: I love Ben 10.  I grew up with the franchise and I’ve seen every single episode multiple times.  Back in the early episodes, Gwen was kinda annoying and her only real use to the gang was to use her computer and her studious knowledge to help Ben chose the right alien for the right situation.  In other words: Gwen was the brain, Ben was the brawn.  But as time pass I guess the creators realized they needed Gwen to do something other than just telling Ben what to do and thus introduced the idea of her using magic in the show in the season 1 episode “Lucky Girl” where she obtains this magical artifact that gave her luck powers but she lost it at the end of the episode.  Later on in the season 3 episode “A Change of Face” where she obtains a spell book and for the rest of the original series she uses these magical powers to aid Ben.

This would continue until Ben 10: Alien Force where it was revealed that she has inherited her mana (the potential for magical powers) from her alien grandmother and thus she eventually gains more skill with this power and thus can manipulate her pink mana.  Think Green Lantern but without the ring.  While she would still be the brains of the group, she did begin to become a lot less annoying then in the original series.  Either way, she was a great addition to the team and the show wouldn’t be the same without her.


#4 – Kevin Levin “Ben 10 Franchise”


Kevin E Levin (his middle name is Ethan), or Kevin 11 as he’s called in the original series, started out in the series as my favorite Ben 10 Supervillain but later became a hero.  In the original series, he was shown to be an 11 year old kid living on the streets with the unexplainable ability to absorb energy.  He then absorbed the energy of the omnitrix (the watch that Ben wears) and turned into a fusion of all his original 10 aliens and had all their powers plus his own (hence the “11”).  In Ben 10: Alien Force, he came back as a human again and it was revealed that he was part Osmosian which gave him his powers.  His transition from Ben’s coolest villain to his best friend was pretty interesting to watch and made him one of the more interesting characters of the show.


#3 – Generator Rex “”


This is another character I talked about in my Top 5 Favorite Original Superhero Cartoons list.  In his universe, scientists create these microscopic machines called nanites that turns any living thing into mutant Godzilla-esque monsters called E.V.O.s.  While an E.V.O. usually are Godzilla-esque monsters, Rex is one of the few who kept his sanity and just simply gains superpowers: the ability to manipulate machines (via physical touch) and to turn certain body parts into mechanical weapons.  If you haven’t seen the show than I suggest you check it out (all three seasons are on Netflix).  Rex himself is a really cool and relatable character and even becomes god-like in the last episode (to avoid spoilers, that’s all I’m going to say about that).


#2 – Danny Phantom “”


What happens when you get the relatability of Peter Parker, the creative powers of Superman, and colorful rogues gallery of the X-Men and combine them into one cartoon?  You get Danny Phantom, the half teen half ghost boy who protects his fictional town of Amity Park from the ghosts who escape through the Ghost Zone.  I think one of my favorite things about him is both his powers and his rogues gallery as his powers are all ghost based, which we have never seen before, and his rogues are all ghosts and so you can get pretty creative with them.  But now, on to number 1…


#1 – Ben 10 “Ben 10 Franchise”


Yes, Ben 10.  For some of you reading this I don’t think this is much of a surprise but I absolutely love this character.  The idea that you can have different superpowers just by turning into 1 of 10 (and even more later in the series) creatively designed aliens.  On top of that, Ben himself is a really cool character as he uses the Omnitrix to protect others from his colorful rogues gallery by using his colorful “heroes gallery” as I jokingly call it.  Yeah he originally wanted to be a hero simply for the fact that being a hero is cool and not for any moralistic or some strong sense of responsibility, but he’s 10 years old.  And ultimately, I think that’s what is really cool about him.  He’s relatable.  Can he get selfish at times?  Can he use his powers for his own use rather than strictly using them to protect others?  Does he begin to be a superhero just because it’s really cool?  Well yeah, but again that’s because he’s 10 years old.  He’s just a kid, so why wouldn’t he act any different?  Heck, even as teenagers or adults I bet most of us would want to be a superhero not because of the responsibility but because you have these superpowers that you can use just to make life easier.

For example, in the season 1 episode “Permanent Retirement” he uses his omnitrix to turn into Ghostfreak (a ghost-like alien that can turn invisible and phase through walls) just to get out of a boring situation.  While most superheroes probably wouldn’t abuse their powers like that because it’s “irresponsible”, the show let’s Ben use his powers for things that everybody would want to use superpowers for.  I think that just makes Ben more relatable and just one of my favorite superheroes.


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  1. Haven’t seen any of them I’m afraid! My Western animation experience is sorely lacking when it comes to any shows outside of Marvel and DC. I really need to get into them at some point.

    1. If you want to get into some of these series then you can find most on YouTube or Netflix. But u would suspect that most people haven’t seen most of these shows as the superhero cartoons that gains the most popularity are usually DC of Marvel cartoons as those characters has been around for decades.

      1. As far as Western goes, the top 3 shows on the list would likely be Star Wars The Clone Wars, Ben 10, and Generator Rex. (It helps that I own the Rex game for the PS3 and that the show is pretty short) I certainly do plan to watch them at some point and watchcartoonsonline has a lot of them as well. Between those 3 sites, I’m sure that I’ll be able to find them all pretty easily.

      2. If you want to check out my future Top 10 Favorite Episodes list than you can probably see some cool episodes if other cartoons. Shameless self advertising aside XP, thanks to modern technology it really isn’t that hard to find free episodes of cartoons nowadays. The annoyance comes when said episodes are taken down due to copyright problems.

      3. I’ll definitely be checking it out! I only avoid spoilers when I’m already in the middle of a series or just about to start it. Since that won’t be just yet, it’s still cool. Plus, it’ll be fun to see which ones rank as your favorite, since I’m guessing that it’ll span the various Ben 10 series/seasons. I heard that the latest one isn’t very good compared to the darker one that aired a while back. Yeah, I had that copyright thing happen to a manga site that I had been following and they literally got rid of over 100 series! That was definitely tough.

      4. Due to the fact that a lot of people haven’t seen neither Danny Phantom or Ben 10, I’m going to try to make those spoiler free. so it should be safe to read. and I’m still debating on whether or not the Ben 10 list will include all 4 series. it probably will, but not 100% sure yet.

      5. Definitely good to hear that the first is the best. I always like to see a show start out strong. Omniverse for the worst eh? I guess something definitely had to give. I wonder what show will come next assuming that the series continues to go. Hopefully another solid title.

      6. It hasn’t been tooooo long since the last one so I’d say that the chances are still pretty good. If we don’t hear anything within the next 3-5 months then I would start getting a little worried. I’ll definitely keep my fingers crossed!

  2. Its been a long time since I have seen any of those shows and movies but recently I have been watching them on YouTube and Netflix and I totally agree with your list. I think its a shame that American Dragon didn’t last long, it was a really good show. My favorite out of your list would have to be Danny Phantom.

    1. Am Drag was a really neat show and while I feel like a third season would be cool 2 seasons where enough to wrap the show up nicely.
      And Danny Phantom was an awesome show! My Top 10 Favorite Danny Phantom Episodes list has been delayed due to my busy schedule lately but it will be up tomorrow if your interested XD

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