Spider-Gwen #1 – Review

Spider-Gwen #1Hello interweb, Nate here.  So since this is the last Friday before Non-Comic Month, I figured I should review the recently released: Spider-Gwen #1.  Now because this takes place right after Spider-Verse, I decided to also review Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman’s debut comic: Edge of Spider-Verse #2.  If you haven’t yet, I would highly suggest reading that review before this review.  Also both of these are spoiler reviews so of you haven’t read the comic and is planning to then I would suggest that you stop reading.  But if you have read the comic or your not planning on reading it then sit back and enjoy the review.

What You Need to Know

This comic takes place on Earth-65 right after the Spider-Verse event.  Due to the fact that I haven’t read Spider-Verse outside of Edge of Spider-Verse #2 I do not know what happened to this character during the event.  By what I can gather, Gwen has been gone for some time and has quit being part of her band: The Mary Janes.  Spider-Woman is also now considered a runaway supervillain.

Writer: Jason Latour

Artist: Robbi Rodriguez

Colorist: Rico Renzi


Characters Introduced in this Issue

Spider-Gwen #1Ben Grimm

Officer Ben Grimm: Officer Ben Grimm is a police officer who works with Captain George Stacy.

-Powers and Abilities: Ben Grimm is only human so he only have human abilities.  Due to being a cop, he is knowledgeable of the law and have police training.  He also seems to be rather fit.

Spider-Gwen #1 vulture

Vulture (Adrian Toomes): Adrian Toomes was once a business man but eventually went to a life of crime as a vulture themed villain.

-Powers and Abilities: Vulture is only human but he is intelligent enough to design a robotic suit that allows him to fly.  He also have talon feet and razor sharp “feathers” on his wings.


Foggy Nelson: Foggy Nelson seems to be a close friend with Captain George Stacy.

-Powers and Abilities: None that are superhuman.


Captain Frank Castle: A cop who seems to be a lot rougher than Captain Stacy.

-Powers and Abilities: Being a cop he’s had cop trainingand high knowledge of the law.


Recurring Characters

Spider-woman (Gwen Stacy), Captain Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, The Mary Janes, Aleksei Sytsevich



The issue starts with three kids vandalizing a sign before they spot Officer Ben Grimm climbing a ladder after them.  They are at first worried about him, but their attention quickly switched to and old man in a green, bird-like costume talking to himself about Spider-Woman.  Once Officer Grimm gets onto the roof the kids run right past him and the old man grabs Officer Grimm and asks why everyone is afraid of Spider-Woman who has recently been labeled as a supervillain.  He then flies of with Officer Grimm and announces that he is the Vulture.

In the next scene we see Spider-Woman “fighting” a C-list villain named Bodega Bandit, who seemed to be stealing a cash register, while watching the news on her smart phone about how everybody is wondering where she went.  As she throws the Bodega Bandit into a nearby trash bin (without taking her eyes off her phone) she wonders if she failed being Spider-Woman as she’s been home for three days and is already considered a supervillain and can’t find any big villains to fight.  We see that her dad is calling her but she simply ignores the call.

We then go the the next scene where a worried Captain Stacy is talking to a man named Foggy Nelson as Officer Grimm is lying in the hospital room covered neck to toe on bandages.  As the two are talking, they reveal that the Vulture’s real name is Adrian Toomes.  But as they talk about it, Foggy tells Captain Stacy that he has been taken off the job of tracking down Spider-Woman as he has apparently been showing signs of being on her side.  We then see Aleksei being interrigated harshly by Captain Stacy’s replacement: Captain Frank Castle.  Aleksei finally gave in and told Captain Castle that Kingpin hired him.

We then cut back to Gwen Stacy, now in civilian uniform, as she’s returning the cash register that was stolen and claiming that Spider-Woman gave it to her.  While talking to the man, the store’s TV talks about the Mary Janes and how “the super villain Spider-Woman” ruined their concert.  But on top of that, the band might split up as the drummer (Gwen Stacy) might’ve quit for good.

Gwen than dresses up as Spider-Woman and spies on the Mary Janes as they’re arguing over a new drummer.  As they’re arguing, a friend of there’s named Randy shows up and tells them that they need to ask Gwen back.  Of course, everyone is upset by this and don’t want to ask for her back.  Then another member of the band quits before Gwen’s dad calls her.

She swings out of there as she listens to the voice mail he left telling her about the Vulture and how Mayor Jameson him connecting it to Spider-Woman.  She then decides to use this to her advantage as if she could take down Vulture publicly then people would start seeing her as a hero.  She then goes around the city and spray paints different things to draw Vulture out.  Luckily for her, Vulture takes the bait and shows up hovering above her.  Vulture then dive-bombed her but she was able to dodge and blind him with webbing.  Vulture then rips the webbing off and attacks her again, only for her to dodge and shoot his foot with some webbing.  Once they fly high enough, Vulture uses his talons to cut her webbing and she falls.  The comic then ends as she’s too high to shoot webbing at a building and there seems to be no way of saving her.



If you read my last review then you know what I think of this art.  Great art, great character designs, and great color choices.


Final Thoughts

This seems to be a great start to a new title and I can’t wait to keep reading it.  The ending was pretty suspenseful (although, does honestly anyone think she’s going to die?) and the story they set up after her origin comic has a lot of options open for a really interesting story.



1=terrible, 2=bad, 3=decent,4=good, and 5=awesome

Characters: 5 – All the characters from Edge of Spider-Verse #2 returns and then we have new characters like Vulture and Captain Castle who both seems like they could be interesting characters.  Since this is on Earth-65 and not Earth-616 Vulture really has no history and so they could do pretty much whatever they want with him.

Story: 4.5 – Definitely a more interesting story then Edge of Spider-Verse #2 as  they’re continuing this “What if” story and mixing a little bit of Peter Parker into the mix with Vulture.

Art: 5 – Same as Edge of Spider-Verse #2, it’s just awesome to look at.

Comic: 5 – Definitely a must buy for any Spidey fan.


  1. I’m hoping that they put these in a trade soon since that’s how I’ve typically been reading my Spider-Man comics. (I’m on the computer so much that reading the whole comic online sounds a little too taxing for me) I’m actually a little hesitant on the art, but I know that it typically looks better when actually reading the full version. It is good to see Gwen appearing again. It’s great that Marvel has respected her death along with Uncle Ben’s by not messing with it like most of the other superheroes, but it has been sad that we don’t get to see them very often. This spinoff looks like it was a pretty fun adventure and we’ll see where they go from here. Solid review man!

    1. I personally prefer to get mine as single issues as i just cant wait 5-6+ months for them to release all the issues of the first trade and then combine them. And I do like how Uncle Ben and Gwen stayed dead for all these years. It really has an impact on the Spider-man mythos.

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