10 Movies That I Want to See Be Made + Aquaman’s Batman V Superman Design

Hello interweb, Nate here.  Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but as I promised on my Facebook page (which you should really follow as I do post updates and share recent news every once in while up there) I am posting this today.  So anyways, Marvel and DC has a bunch of movies that have been announced so a while ago I posted the ten that I’m most excited for.  Now, here’s 10 movies that I would like them to try and make.  Just for clarity, I personally believe there are two reasons for making live-action superhero movies: 1. to bring these characters that we’ve only seen in drawings and possibly cartoons come to life, and 2. to introduce new people to the characters and possibly get them curious enough to pick up one of their comic books.  So these suggestions are going to be towards both or one of those categories.

Also, I said in a recent post that I would try and get at least one Character Bio out every month but the X-23 Character Bio I’m working on still needs some fine tuning.  I’m almost done with it, but it’s just so incredibly long that I doubt anybody would want to read the whole thing so I’m trying to shorten it down some without losing any important information.

To see my other Top 10s (or 5s) click here.



  • DC and Marvel only
  • These are films that they have either not done, have not done well, or have not announced


#10 – Avengers Vs X-Men


Okay, this is more of a cool idea than a suggestion as I know it would never work on the big screen as X-Men is owned by Fox and Avengers is owned by Marvel/Disney.  But I think this would be a cool way to introduce the X-Men into the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) if Marvel/Disney ever get’s the rights to them (like that’ll happen).  The way I’m picturing it’ll play put is that Hope is introduced and they explain the Phoenix Force and all that.  Then the Avengers learn of the Phoenix Force and finds out that Hope is its target.  Then the Avengers meets the X-Men for the first time in the MCU and the X-Men wants to keep Hope to create more mutants and the Avengers wants Hope to save the Earth.  While this may be somewhat difficult considering the MCU’s current position, I find the idea cool.


#9 – The Runaways


Imagine that one day you’re a high school-aged kid who discovered that you inherited the superpowers of your supervillain parents.  That’s what happened with the Runaways.  I admit, I actually have yet to read this comic, but this idea just sounds so interesting that I would like to see Marvel make a movie out of this.


#8 – Legion of Superheroes

Legion of Superheroes

Who else thinks Legion of Superheroes could be DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy?  The Legion of Superheroes is a team of superheroes that takes place in the 30th century (yes, the future).  Due to taking place in the future, they have advanced technology and a bunch of odd members that could really be DC’s answer to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.


#7 – Moon Knight

Moon Knight.  Source

Moon Knight is similar to Batman only instead of wearing black he wears white…and he doesn’t dress like a bat…and he has multiple personalities.  One major thing that separates Moon Knight from Batman is that Batman does what he does because of his dead parents while Moon Knight does it as his way of forgiving himself of his past life as a mercenary.  Very similar characters but at the same time very different.  This could be Marvel’s Batman.


#6 – Nightwing


So this was a wierd placement for me because it would make more sense to place this as #5 instead of #6 but I do want to see #5 be made more than #6 so maybe read #5 first then come back to this?  Or not, you want to be a rebel?  Fine with me.  So like I’m going to say (only in more detail) Robin is just as important to Batman as Watson is to Sherlock Holmes.  So they really should introduce Robin into the DCCU (DC Cinematic Universe) and if they chose Dick Grayson then have him grow up and become Nightwing.  I just think it would be really awesome of they could bring Nightwing to the bigscreen.  He’s like Batman but more acrobatic and not quite as much detective work (oh he does detective work, just not to the degree as Batman).


#5 – Batman and Robin for DCCU

Batman and Robin

Let me get one thing straight: I love Batman Begins, I loved The Dark Knight even more, and I…actually found Dark Knight Rises to be quite boring.  But either way, there’s one thing that these movies don’t understand about Batman: having a Batman movie without Robin is like having a Sherlock Holmes novel without Watson.  It’s just kinda weird.  Was there a time where Batman was a solo hero?  Yes, for the very first year of is 75 year existence.  Batman debuted in May of 1939 and Robin debuted in April of 1940.  And, if my knowledge is correct, they only attempted to bring Robin into a movie in the movie Batman and Robin and saying that movie was terrible would be an understatement (I’ve never even seen the movie and just by seeing reviews and various other YouTube videos I can tell it’s an insult to the Batman franchise).  So DC, if your going to reboot the Batman movie franchise for the second time then can you at least introduce Robin.  And make that Robin Dick Grayson so we can get our Nightwing movie!


#4 – Teen Titans

New Teen Titans

Ah yes, the Teen Titans.  Due to the fact that the Teen Titans cartoon was around between 2003 and 2006, I grew up watching the teen titans and later on I would eventually start reading the comics.  Due to the fact that I’m not the only one who grew up with this show, the cartoon developed a huge fanbase.  So between bringing these characters to life and introducing new people to the franchise I think this would do more of just bringing these characters to life.  So why not do it?  Now I don’t think that the team from the original cartoons would work as well for the DCCU as Cyborg has been confirmed to be part of the Justice League and while introducing Dick Grayson in a Batman movie and then later on bringing him into a Teen Titans film could work, I don’t think bringing a Justice League member onto the team would work either.

But the team from the cartoon was based of the 80s New Teen Titans and has the team minus Kid Flash and Wondergirl.  So why don’t they replace Cyborg with Kid Flash?  And then they could bring the Trigon Arc to life and it would be really cool.  Or they could instead bring on an entirely different team as many people who watched the cartoon but don’t read the comics don’t even know that the Teen Titans are not limited to the five members from the show.  I’m just saying, I see more then one opportunity for making a Teen Titans film.


#3 – Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle (Jaime Retes)

I have had this sort of obsession with the Jaime Reyes (pronounced Hi-mee or Hi-may and Ree-us or Ray-us) incarnation of the Blue Beetle as of lately, and can you blame me?  He’s so cool.  Blue Beetle: Shellshocked was the very first comic I ever read (I got that and Static Shock: Rebirth of Cool at my library at the same time so I can’t remember which I read first) and as of recently I bought the first 4 issues of the New 52 Blue Beetle comics at my local comic book shop.

For those of you who basically read that and just read gibberish, Blue Beetle has been the name of three superheroes over the years but my favorite, and the one I’m talking about, is a teenager named Jaime Reyes.  Jaime Reyes is a Hispanic teenager who became the host of this extraterrestrial robotic beetle called the Blue Scarab (well Jahji-Da is it’s name which is it’s serial number but people call it the Blue Scarab) who attaches onto his back and can form armor around Jaime’s body.  This armor can then morph and shape shift, allowing him to have various of weapons such as plasma cannons, sonic guns, blades, shields, and basically anything else you can think of.  The scarab is actually part of an extraterrestrial race called the Reach who sends these robotic scarabs to different planets, use the scarab to take control of the people, and then attack and invade the planet from the inside out.

I honestly can’t think of a way for this to be a trilogy but a stand alone movie might work.  I would picture it involving the scarab to fall from outer space into Mexico where it attaches to Jaime.  Jaime would then attempt to keep the scarab a secret but of course things won’t go his way.  Then the Reach finds Jaime and they try to activate the scarab.  From there, Jaime fights off the reach and in the end saves Earth from them.  I would imagine that a Green Lantern would show up somewhere in the movie due to the fact that the Green Lanterns has had a history with the Reach but I’ll let the writers deal with that when they get started on the movie.  You guys are going to make this movie, right?


#2 – Static Shock


I’ve already talked about this character to death in both my Top 10 Favorite DC Superheroes (which is not accurate by the way, I really need to re-do that list and my Marvel list) and my Top 10 Favorite Black Superheroes so I won’t go into too much detail here.  Basically for the movie, I would imagine it taking place in Dakota and Virgil getting wrapped up in a gang war before the Big Bang would occur and turn everyone, including Virgil,  into Bang Babies and Virgil becoming Static.  I could honestly see Static as DC’s Spider-man as he kinda has that type of jokey vibe to him, but unlike Spider-man he can also have his serious moments and even tackle darker things that Spider-man movies wouldn’t touch.  Again, I would really like DC to bring this character to life and to introduce more people to such an interesting character.


#1 – Batman Beyond

Batman Beyonf

OMG, yes!  Having a futuristic Batman on the big screen would be the coolest thing yet.  Remember how I mentioned in several earlier posts that Harley Quinn started out in the DCAU but got so popular she made her way to the comics?  Well a similar thing happened to Terry McGinnis, aka Batman.  Batman Beyond was originally a cartoon series that started in 2000 where Bruce Wayne has became to old to be Batman anymore and thus gives the Batman mantle to the teenager Terry McGinnis.  And Terry doesn’t even have all of Batman’s old villains for his rogues gallery.  He has a Rogues gallery all to his own.  I really love Terry McGinnis, I love the DCAU, and I would love it if DC was bold enough to bring this character to the big screen.


My Opinion on Batman V Superman Aquaman Design

"Unite the seven" is an obviously reference to the Justice League

“Unite the seven” is an obviously reference to the Justice League

Why couldn't he look more like Aquaman?

Why couldn’t Aquaman look more like Aquaman?

So recently this image of Aquaman for the Batman V Superman movie recently surfaced and everyone has mixed feelings about it.  I have to admit, my first reaction to seeing this image was: “Oh cool, he actually looks really cool” but then that was soon followed up by: “But…where’s the orange?  And the green?  And the blonde hair?  This isn’t Aquaman!”.  So as you can tell, I have very mixed feelings about this design.  One thing is I really like Aquaman and I’m tired of people making fun of him as he’s well known to be one of the most underrated superheroes out there.  So the fact that there trying to make him look cool enough to get people to stop making fun of this character is nice of them, but Aquaman has and orange shirt, green gloves, green pants, and blonde hair.  This is about as bad as when they took Superman’s trunks away, but considering that they’re intentions was to take this character into a better light kinda makes this less me wanting to rant about it and more of me being very annoyed.


Last Poll Results

So last poll I asked you guys if you liked Wolverine and these were the results:


He’s ok: 100.00% (1 vote)


However three people did comment me saying they disliked Wolverine just as much as I do so while they didn’t vote I’m glad that some people agrees with me.


End Poll

So what do you guys think about Aquaman’s new design?  Love it?  Hate it?  Or do you have mixed feelings about it?


  1. I agree with you on Nightwing and Batman movie with Robin. Although if sequel movie to Superman v Batman I really think the next Robin should be Tim Drake or at least a character inspired by him.

    I loved Batman Beyond as a child the only thing I didn’t like was that Terry was Bruce’s son but that’s just me.

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