Valentine’s Day Special – Top 10 Favorite Couples

Hello interweb, Nate here.  Okay, to put it short and simple, I’m a 15-year old guy who enjoys the superhero genre not for the romance but for the action and adventure.  With that said, there has been a few couples that I have liked over the years and since this is the season of love I figured I should make a list about them.  So whether or not the mention of romance makes you go “Aww!” or “Ew!” this is My Top 10 Favorite Couples.

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  • Marvel and DC only
  • Not strictly restricted to the comics, meaning television and movies are open as well
  • Based solely on favoritism, meaning these pics might not be popular, iconic, nor well-known


#10 – Kid Flash & Artemis (DC’s Young Justice)

Kid Flash and Artemis

Impulse #28Young Justice was an awesome cartoon that only got 2 seasons before it cancelled with a 3rd season planned before cancellation.  Either way, this show created a huge fanbase and as such created quite a few popular couples with Spitfire being what fans called the most popular one.  I kinda find this couple funny as it reminds me of the Young Justice comics where Arrowette, the character Artemis is based off of, developed a relationship with Impulse, who appears in season 2.  Of course in this cartoon Artemis is a lot older so they had to pair her up with a different speedster: Kid Flash.  Although I do see this relationship as kinda cliched as they both start out hating each other and slowly get used to each other before the New Years kiss at the end of season 1.


#9 – Superman & Wonder Woman

Superman and Wonder Woman

Okay, so I see two likely responses to this one: “Um Nate, don’t you mean Superman and Lois Lane” or “Wait, Superman and Wonder Woman’s a thing”? and my answers are no and yes.  When the New 52 started, Superman and Wonder Woman was almost immediately drawn to each other.  At first I didn’t like this as Superman has always been with Lois Lane, but then I realized something.  Throughout Superman’s history, Clark Kent/Superman has always had an interest in Lois Lane but Lois Lane always wanted Superman, not Clark.  She never cared for Clark until after Superman (whose she was dating at the time) revealed that he and Clark was the same person.  In the New 52, Wonder Woman and Superman knows each others second identities, So Wonder Woman liked him for him and not for all the muscle and powers.


#8 – Spider-man & Gwen Stacy

Spider-man and Gwen Stacy

Alright, so a couples list just wouldn’t be complete without Spider-man on the list.  While Spidey has had numerous relationships throughout the years, the three most popular are Black Cat, Mary Jane, and Gwen Stacy.  But honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of any of them.  Gwen Stacy was around during the silver age of comics and back then love interests (other than other superheroes) where used mostly as plot devices (damsels in distress, etc.) and thus didn’t have much of a character to them and the only thing that was really interesting about Gwen was her death.  Black Cat was mostly used as a sex object.  And MJ just didn’t have any actual chemistry with him.  Let me elaborate, Mary Jane is a more interesting than both Gwen and Cat, but I never really bought into her relationship with Peter.  For example, before they got married in the comics Stan Lee wrote a newspaper comic strip of a theoretical marriage between the two.  Marvel felt threatened by this and hastily brought back MJ and married the two characters.  After they got married, writers had trouble writing Spider-man stories and thus they retconned it with the fan-hated story line One More Day in which Mephisto (Marvel’s version of Satan) made a deal with Peter in which he would save Aunt May (who was recently shot due to Peter revealing he was Spider-man in Civil War) and make Spider-man’s secret ID a secret, but he would erase his marriage with MJ and while she never remembers the marriage, Peter still has all of the memories.  So Peter tries to find MJ and rekindle the relationship…right?  Nope, a few issues later he’s lip-locking with a totally different lady.  Our hero -_-

So while Gwen was never that interesting of the character, at least their relationship was believable back then.  Plus I would take Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Spider-man and Gwen Stacy over Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst as Spider-man and Mary Jane any day.


#7 – Cyclops & Jean Grey

Cyclops and Jean Grey

Alright, we all know I absolutely love the X-Men,  we all know I detest Wolverine, but what you may not know is while everyone loves Wolverine I always loved Cyclops.  He’s just 1000x more interesting and cooler than Wolverine.  And where would Cyclops be without Jean Grey?  Well maybe Emma Frost, but that’s not the point.  Back in the early days of X-Men when Jean Grey was the only girl of the group, it seemed like all the guys had a thing for her and that includes Professor X (wait, wasn’t she a teenager back then).  But as we all know it was Cyclops that eventually got with Jean and their relationship is probably the most iconic X-Men couple of all.  With the Phoenix saga and the numerous times Jean Grey has died in the past, this relationship is just to iconic for any X-Man fan to not put them on their list.


#6 – Shadowcat & Nightcrawler (Marvel’s X-Men: Evolution


X-Men: Evolution is the show that introduced me to the X-Men and to two of some of my favorite X-Men: Shadowcat and Nightcrawler (them and X-23 are probably my 3 favorites, don’t what order though).  And while I do dislike how they changed Shadowcat from the bad@$$ genius to the teenybopper valley-girl (that was like totally uncool), she and Nightcrawler was just a cute couple (they made me use the word “cute”, I rarely use that word on here).  There’s just one tiny problem with this… … …it’s not technically canon.

In Shadowcat’s debuted episode “X-Impulse”, we are introduced to Kitty Pryde and Lance (aka Avalanche).  In the episode, we saw that Lance was a jerk, and Kitty was the annoying teenybopper valley-girl.  Then in the next episode “Rogue Recruit”, Kitty and Kurt (aka Nightcrawler) were introduced to each other and, similarly to the comics, Kitty at first disliked him because of his appearance.  But by the end of the same episode, Kitty warms up to him they become great friends.  Just by the interactions between the two I was expecting them to eventually become a thing and they never did.  By the end of the series, Kitty got with Lance and Kurt got with a girl named Amanda Sefton.  While I know Amanda was Nightcrawler’s love interest in the comics, did they really have to introduce her just to have an excuse for Kitty to get with Jerkalanche instead of Nightcrawler?


#5 – Beast Boy & Raven


As with most people my age, I was introduced to the Teen Titans by the cartoon series that was around between 2003-2006 that was based off of the 80s run of the Teen Titans called the New Teen Titans and while they never became official in the cartoon, they did in the comics.  In the cartoon, I actually like Beast Boy and Raven’s relationship more then Robin and Starfire’s for two reasons.  One, I relate with both if these characters more as I see some of myself in these characters as I can be quite introverted like Raven, but I can also be like Beast Boy as I tend to make a lot of jokes with my close friends.  And second, I just like how these two are the definition of opposites attract as Raven’s an introvert who spends most of her time by herself often reading books while BB is quite extroverted, constantly making jokes, and being very friendly.  Although the cartoon uses more archetype characters and not the actual characters themselves, so how about the comics?  It’s even more interesting there as Raven is half demon and Beast Boy has green skin and so they both has featured some type of prejudice towards them making them more relatable to each other.  To put it plain and simply, this is probably my favorite Teen Titan couple.


#4 – Razor & Aya (DC’s Green Lantern: TAS)

Razor and Aya

Green Lantern: The Animated Series was a great cartoon series that, while only having one season, has two stories.  The first half of the season focuses on the Red Lantern Corps (to put it as simply as possible, imagine the Green Lanterns only instead of will they use rage) as they wish to take revenge from the Green Lanterns for reasons that I’m not going to go into (spoilers).  In the first season, one of the Red Lanterns is an alien named Razor who gained the rage to wield the Red Lantern power ring due to the destruction of his planet that killed his entire planet, including the love of his life.  Soon after joining Hal Jordan and Kilowag, the AI of their spaceship named Aya (pronounced I-yah as that’s what Hal though you pronounced AI) created a robotic body and started developing feelings for Razor who attempted to push her away despite him developing feelings for her as he doesn’t wish to form a relationship with a “machine”.

At the end of the first half of the season, Razor tells Aya that she should remove all emotions and focus at the task at hand at the moment.  Since she’s a robot, she erased all of her emotions and took control of the Manhunters.  She then decided that emotions causes pain and suffering and decides to rewrite history so emotions where never created.  During this period, Razor felt upset that he cause this and once the season (and series) was over, Aya died trying to prevent what she has set in motion and Razor went out to find her believing her to still be alive somewhere.  While the series never gave these two time to become and official couple, I still like them as the emotional conflict between the two is just so engaging and I would argue is one of the best part of the series.


#3 – Batman & Catwoman

Batman and Catwoman

Of course my absolute favorite Superhero of all time’s going to be on this list.  Batman is a really interesting character for several reasons and one of those reasons is his rogues gallery.  He and Spider-man are famous for having two of the most well-known rogues galleries of their respective universes and the rogues tend to follow a trend with the hero.  For example, Superman is nothing more than a power house so he has simple yet powerful villains, Spider-man is pretty flamboyant and as such his rogues gallery is pretty out there, and Batman is a normal human but due to traumatic experiences in his past that causes him to go into what many would describe as a form of insanity (maybe not Joker levels of insanity but if someone went around dressed as a bat and kicked the snot out of psychopaths in their free time would you describe them as “sane”?) and he becomes a hero while many of his villains go through traumatic experiences that causes them go into insanity and ultimately becomes villains.  Then there’s Catwoman.  Catwoman was originally a Batman villain but developed something of a crush towards him and started robbing people and committing crimes just to see him.  But as time passed and she went through retcons, reboots, and character development, she eventually becomes something of an anti-hero similar to Batman.  Does she still break the law quite a lot?  Well, yeah, but she has became similar to Batman as she has no superpowers, she’s not quite as “sane” as a normal person, and she does protect people and do what she feels is the right thing to do.  Unlike Batman however, she has a more loose moral code as she’s willing to break the law and even harm others as long as she believes it’s the right thing to do.

Due to these similarities, Catwoman and Batman tend to relate to each other and it’s often difficult for Batman to arrest her even when she breaks the law.  The only annoyance to this couple is they have never really been an official couple as Batman is too busy brooding to really settle down with someone and as such this on-again off-again relationship probably will never result in anything beyond the two flirting and…um…other things.  But it’s comics and if Spider-man can’t get married without writers creating a poorly thought out retcon to erase the marriage, than do you really think these two will be anything beyond what they have already been?  So while I’m not planning to see DC marry these two any time soon, the relationship between them is pretty unique and fun to read.  It’s just a fun and insane romance that is doomed to forever be not official.


#2 – Rogue & Gambit

Rogue and Gambit

Rogue and Gambit is probably the most interesting relationship the X-Men has to offer.  The X-Men franchise has had quite a few couples, heck I could have probably make a Top 10 X-Men Couples list if I wanted to.  Between Rogue and Gambit, Shadowcat and Colossus, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler, Jean Grey and Cyclops, Cyclops and Emma Frost, X-23 and Hellion, Surge and Prodigy, etc. That list would probably be pretty easy to make.  But Rogue and Gambit is probably the most interesting of the bunch.  Gambit is a Cajun Mutant with the ability to turn potential energy of an object into kinetic energy to allow whatever he touches to detonate (which is science talk for “he can turn anything he touch into a bomb”).  Rogue is southern belle with the mutant ability to absorb the energy anyone she makes skin-to-skin contact with and gain their powers and memories.  The only downside to her powers is that it’s uncontrollable and if she touches you for too long you can end up in a coma or even die.  In fact, this happened with her first boyfriend as when her mutant powers developed without her knowledge she kissed him and sent him into a permanent coma.

So what would you do in Rogues place if someone started flirting and attempt to form a relationship with you?  You’d probably try to push them away of course (well not literally “pushing” them as that’ll send them into a coma but you get what I mean).  This is what happened when Gambit attempted to get close to Rogue.  Rogue already sent her previous lover in a permanent coma due to her lack of control, and thus doesn’t want to repeat previous mistakes.  Heck, she can’t even so much as hold somebody’s hand without harming them.  But the more she pushed, the more he pushed back and she eventually opened up to him.  While the X-Men has had quite a few couples over the years, none has quite been as interesting as Rogue and Gambit’s.


#1 – Joker & Harley Quinn

Joker and Harley Quinn

When I was brainstorming ideas for this list I admit I was hesitant to put them on my lit even though they where the first couple I thought of.  Heck, putting this couple at number 1 is kinda awkward but this is the honest to goodness truth.  I mean a relationship with the Joker is what you would think it would be: abusive. Placing this couple on the list feels kinda strange as I’m basically saying “My favorite couple is the abusive one”.  But this couple is just so unique, interesting and fun to watch or read that you can’t help but like this couple for totally different reasons than most relationships.  Was this the first villainous couple?  Course not.  But has there been a villainous couple that is so psychotic and fleshed out as these two?  Not really.

Joker and Harley Quinn III already talked about Harley Quinn in my Character Bio of hers so I won’t explain too much here.  Harley Quinn was created for Batman: TAS as joker’s henchwoman and she probably wasn’t suppose to be as big of a hit as she ended up being.  Throughout this character’s history she has ranged from Jokers cute and bubbly girlfriend, to being practically as insane and psychotic as the Joker himself.  While Batman: TAS has Harley and Deadshothad their dark episodes they were never as dark as the comics so she couldn’t be as flashed out in the show as she has been in the comics.  For example, the darkest think they did with Harley on the show was Joker pushing her out of a multi-story building and having her end up back in Arkham with injuries.  In the comics, she once took Joker’s discarded face (Joker’s actual face, like with the skin and flesh all surgically removed and everything) and placed it over Deadshot’s face as a mask and started talking to him as if he was the Joker.

So it’s obvious that both characters are quite psychotic and insane (I don’t think I need to tell you guys how insane the Joker is).  But their relationship mostly involves the Joker manipulating Harley and Harley always going back to the Joker despite what he’s done to her in the past.  Maybe this helped with her popularity as people has been through abusive relationships in the past (hopefully not to these extremes) making Harley Quinn a bit more relatable, but I’ve never been in that type of relationship before.  However I think I know why I love this couple so much.  I actually think there’s a few reasons.  First off, I’m a 15-year old boy so you’d probably expect me to enjoy something a lot more bizarre and weird than something cute and adorable.  But on top of that, this insane romance is just…well…insane.  In comic books, your allowed to make your characters over the top evil, psychopathic, and insane because it’s not real and won’t happen in real life (or at least I hope this will never happen).  And those are perfect descriptions for this couple: bizarre, psychopathic, and not real.  Look at Shadowcat and Nightcrawler for instance, is it possible for a girl who can walk through walls and a demon-looking boy who can teleport happen in real life?  No, but it is possible for a pretty girl and a handicapped or disabled person to develop a relationship and that can be kinda a parallel.  But is it at all likely that two psychopathic clowns to form a relationship and commit crimes?  Not really and that impossibility is why I love comics so much.  You can read stories about the bizarre and the impossible.  Which may mean that this couple is not the cutest or most adorable, but their bizarreness and impossibility makes them fun to read.


See you Guys Monday, Peace XD


  1. I agree with most of the except Superman and Wonder Women Couple sorry I just couldn’t find it as compelling and it only worked in Kingdom Come.

    1. Yeah, honestly my opinion on that has changed. While I do still like the couple more than other people, it still doesn’t deserve a top 10 mention. I feel like if I wrote this today I’d do a different couple.

      1. Also the shipper in me loves Wonder Woman/Steve Trevor and Superman/Lois Lane are my OTP.

        Main reason being that larger than life characters need more love interests who are normal to keep them steady.

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