My Opinion On Spider-man Coming Home, Superman’s New Suit and Powers, and the Fantastic Four Teaser Trailers

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So there has been quite a bit of superhero news going on lately and sense I have some extra time I figured I can spend it talking about the recent announcements.  So I have three things I want to talk about.  The first thing is about Spider-man and how Sony and Marvel/Disney has recently came up with an agreement on the rights (I’ve already somewhat talked about this in a previous post so click here to see what I said before on the matter).  The second thing is about Superman and how in New 52 Superman #38 Superman has a brand new power (because he doesn’t have enough already, lol) and a brand new suit.  The last thing is just a quick little review to the Fantastic Four teaser trailer.  So let’s get started!

Spider-man, Sony and Marvel/Disney

So for a while now, Marvel/Disney have been trying to get the rights to Spider-man from Sony as they are working on Civil War and they have finally made an agreement.  So Marvel/Disney and Sony are now sharing the rights to Spider-man, which basically means that Marvel/Disney is going to be able to feature Spider-man in their future films and he has been confirmed to appear in Captain America: Civil War.  This does mean that The Amazing Spider-man 3 and other future Spider-man films that Sony had planned will not be happening and Andrew Garfield is no longer going to be Spider-man.

Best Live-Action Spider-man

Best Live-Action Spider-man

Best Live-Action Peter Parker

Best Live-Action Peter Parker

I see ups and downs but mostly ups.  For one, It’s somewhat disappointing that Garfield is leaving the franchise but that’s pretty much the only thing I’m disappointment in and I’m not even terribly upset at that.  Yeah, Garfield was a great Spidey, but I feel like Andrew Garfield is (so far) the best live-action Spider-man and Toby Maguire is (so far) the best live-action Peter Parker.  As MovieBob once said, “Spider-man is only cool because Peter Parker is not” and while I may have replaced “only” with “partially” or something like that, I agree.  Peter Parker is a nerdy, geeky dork, and Toby Maguire acts like a nerdy, geeky dork.  Spider-man is a hilarious, somewhat cocky, one-liner spewing superhero that Andrew Garfield plays to a T.  But reverse these two and you have Toby Maguire playing a not quite hilarious enough Spider-man and Andrew Garfield playing a not quite dorky enough Peter Parker.  If they can find an actor that can play both roles perfectly then this can very well be the greatest Spider-man movie we’ll ever see.  On top of that, we get to see live-action Spider-man along side live-action [insert superhero Marvel/Disney still owns that rights to here].  And while Marvel/Disney haven’t confirmed any relaunching of the Spider-man movies, I have a feeling that a new trilogy is going to be announced fairly soon and as such maybe we will get to see a proper Venom movie and a whole bunch of other awesome Spider-man villains showing up and done properly.  Like how about Kravin?  Or maybe bring on a lesser-known villain like Morbius.  Either way, I see a beautiful future for the web-head.


New 52 Superman #38, New Superpower, and New Suit

New 52 Superman

So I haven’t really been keeping up with New 52 Superman Action Comics nor New 52 Superman comics (those are two different titles, right?) due to the fact that I’m a 15-year old kid with no job and thus can’t afford to buy ever comic DC or Marvel is making that I would like to read.  I have read the first story arc to New 52 Superman Action Comics via trade paperback so I know the story behind is new suit and all that but I don’t quite know everything that has lead up to this recent announcement.  So for those of you who don’t know, when the New 52 first came out back in 2011, Superman’s suit was explained as Superman’s red cape being the blanket that was in the same space ship he was in when Krypton exploded and his suit was gained after saving a bunch of people from Brainiac (don’t ask).  The suit itself was described as being Kryptonian armor that basically formed around him whenever he needed it.

Superman Super Flare

Superman’s Super Flare (they forgot to mention microscopic vision and telescopic vision)


So as most people know, Superman’s power comes from the Earth’s yellow sun (Krypton has a red sun and thus it gives off a different radiation) and Superman can channel the solar radiation that he absorbs from the sun through his eyes as his famous heat vision.  Now he has basically upgraded his heat vision so he can release all his solar energy at once in what they call a “Super Flare”.  The catch?  This move is so powerful that it Superman needs to spend some time recharging his solar energy afterwords, meaning he’s basically human for a day.  I find this power really cool actually.  Back in the Silver Age of comics, Superman would come up with new powers literally on the spot.  So him having a new power all of the sudden is not really that bad.  Plus considering the fact that they’re giving such a powerful move such a powerful weakness really balances this out.  As long as they don’t use this power too often and it’s used as like a once-in-a-while deus ex machina than I’m fine with it.

Superman's new suit

Superman’s new suit

During Superman’s first time using this move however, it totally incinerated his costume (with the exception of his cape as it’s indestructible) and so Superman get’s a new costume.  It still doesn’t have the red trunks, and I don’t like the fingerless gloves, but everything else looks good.  I like the fabric texture better than the armor.  Personally, I feel like Superman needs the following: Blue suit, “S” shield logo on chest, red trunks, and red cape.  Those are the things Superman has had sense his debut in the 30s, and while his design has changed over the years, his iconic look has never really changed past the things mentioned earlier (*cough* except for the lack of red trunks in the New 52 *cough*).  Honestly, Superhero needs to have their outfit updated from time to time in order to stay current.  Have you seen the original Flash and Green Lantern?  Very few superheroes can last long without an outfit update (the only hero I can think of is Spider-man).  But if you change an iconic look too much, I get really annoyed.


Fantastic Four Trailer Review

Okay, I’m going to be 100% honest with you guys, I don’t know much about the Fantastic Four nor am I really interested in them.  I mean they’re ok, but as far as comics go I rather throw my money at Justice League, Avengers, or X-Men.  But either way, Fox is making one of these so let’s just jump right into it.

So just by the trailer alone, I’m guessing that this movie is going to be a bit more grittier than previous Fantastic 4 films.  It seems like their taking a bit more from Ultimate Fantastic Four than the regular Fantastic Four.  The cast seems pretty interesting even though I haven’t seen most of their movies.  Miles Teller, whose Reed Richards in this, was in a movie called Whiplash and by what I could gather online he was great in it so I don’t have too many worries their.  Kate Mara is Sue Storm, I honestly don’t know much about her so she’s pretty much a wild card for me.  Ben Grimm is being played by this thing named Jaime Bell (see what I did there?).  Again, don’t know much about him but playing the Thing has got to be fun.  Michael B Jordan is Johnny Storm, I find it kinda funny that they got a Black guy to play him but hey if Nick Fury can pull it off why not Human Torch?

If you pause at around 1:09 you can see the Thing.  He looks pretty cool right now.  If you want to get a back view you can pause at 1:34.  He looks like a giant rock monster, so as far as I’m concerned he looks great.  1:13 you can see Human Torch for the first time and he looks awesome.  The last thing I really want to point out is 1:14, if you’ve been watching The Flash then this dome here might remind you of the accelerator explosion.

So frankly I feel like this film is going to be pretty good by Fantastic Four standards, but if there’s one superhero movie I’m fine with skipping it’s this one.  Since it’s not part of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) as the Fantastic Four is owned by Fox I might not even watch it and I won’t be too disappointment if I miss it.  That may change between now and the film’s release, but I have other movies I’m looking forward to.


A Few Ending Announcements

So sense this post isn’t suppose to be a huge post or anything I don’t have any end polls for now.  But if you want, you can comment below with your opinions on the news.  My Valentine’s Day special (Top 10 Favorite Comic Book Couples) are going to be posted Saturday so keep watch for that.  Peace XD


  1. I think Peter Parker can be smart geeky and a lil cool in the same breath. With Andrew garfield I think that’s what they tried to do. He was great at spider man. I would like to see him play another hero in the near future.

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