Green Arrow Vs Hawkeye – Character Compare

Green Arrow Vs Hawkeye

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So my most popular post with 337 views is my Quicksilver Vs Flash – Character Compare and I haven’t really went back on this series for some reason.  So I’m going to try and do a few more of these only I’m changing the rules very very slightly so if you haven’t read QS Vs Flash then go check it out and you can see what the original rules were but the rules for this Character Compare are below.


There is a 50/50 chance that your favorite character is the better character. Just because won loses, doesn’t mean I dislike that one (I actually like both of these guys), just flawed by my own observations. The characters are chosen by me and in the future maybe my readers as well. These characters are usually going to share certain traits and may or may not come from different universes.



  • The winner is going to be the winner of three out of five categories: origins and motivations, appearance, second identity, powers, abilities and equipment, and the overall fame of the character
  • This is my personal opinion, if you disagree with my decision, comment below.
  • I am going to focus on the comic book version of the character but if there’s something from a show or movie that stands out I may consider it as well


Round 1: Origins and Motivations

Green Arrow Year OneGreen Arrow first debuted in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941 but as with most comic book characters his origin was first revealed years later in Adventure Comics #256 and later retold in his 2007 limited series Green Arrow: Year One and most recently in New 52 Green Arrow #0.  They’re all very similar with Oliver Queen inheriting money from his deceased parents and using his billions of dollars to live his life the way he wanted and made several enemies and rivals along the way.  At one point while Oliver was on a boat, an employer pushes him overboard and he washes up on an island where he created a makeshift bow in order to hunt for food as he had a talent for archery.  At some point a plane showed up and Oliver started signalling it only for the passengers to open fire on him.  He used his bow and arrow to defeat the people on the plane and was saved by a US battleship.  Once he returned to Star City he decides to protect the city as a vigilante and calls himself Green Arrow using his bow and arrow and often used trick arrows.  He has also had a thing for helping out those who are unfortunate and no one really pays attention to.

Tales of Suspense #57Hawkeye first appeared in 1964 in Tales of Suspense #57.   Clint Barton was an orphan who traveled with a carnival as an expert archer.  At one point, a ride at the carnival broke and Iron Man swooped in to rescue everyone there.  Jealous at the fact that he was a master archer and yet Iron Man stole everyone’s attention from him, Clint created a flashy costume as well as some trick arrows and went out one night as Hawkeye.  While out that night, he saw a man robbing a bank and Hawkeye was able to shoot an arrow and pined him to a pole.  He then went over to the bag of money when a few cops arrived and mistook Hawkeye for the thief.  Hawkeye was saved by Black Widow and Hawkeye agreed to help her take down Iron Man.  While he had several chances to kill Iron Man, he didn’t as he realized that he unintentionally became a villain.  He then decided to become an Avenger and became part of the new Avengers team that consisted of Captain America, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye.  He has sense became a recurring member of the Avengers and Marvel’s greatest Archer.

Now I admit, I was going to give this round to Green Arrow simply because Hawkeye is basically a Green Arrow rip-off.  But that’s not really fair as Green Arrow is kind of ripping-off Batman.  I mean their both non-superpowered superheroes, they both inherited billions from their dead parents, both have a themed vehicle and cave (Arrowcar and Batmobile and the Arrow Cave and Bat Cave), and both have sidekicks (Speedy and Robin).  So neither of these guys are exactly “original ideas”.  But I still feel like Green Arrow should win this as Green Arrow has always wanted to help those who people pay no attention to while Hawkeye basically became a superhero simply out of jealousy of Iron Man.

Round 1: Green Arrow


Round 2: Appearance

Notice the lack of facial hair

Notice the lack of facial hair

Typical Green Arrow Attire

Typical Green Arrow Attire

Green Arrow has always warn Green clothes inspired by Robin  Hood with a green cap to boot, although sometimes he wears a green hoodie instead of the hat.  But one design that has changed over the years is his facial hair as he’s commonly known to have a blonde goatee and beard but he originally was clean shaven.  When the New 52 started, he was clean shaven again but I’m pretty sure he has the beard again (not quite sure).  Personally, I like the goatee as it’s just too iconic and taking away his goatee would be like taking away Superman’s red trunks.  Oh wait 😡

HawkeyeDespite Hawkeye’s costume choice for the live-action Avengers movie back in 2012, Hawkeye has almost always worn a purple and blue suit with a winged cowl design with a purple quiver (the thing that archers store their arrows in) and bow.

Ultimately, I’d have to go with Green Arrow again as his look just looks more iconic and appealing.  Sorry Hawkeye, but the goatee just looks better than a purple suit.

Round 2: Green Arrow


Round 3: Second Identity

Both Green Arrow and Hawkeye likes to keep their true identities hush hush.  Oliver Queen is publicly shown as a billionaire playboy much like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark.  But this is where Oliver’s biggest strength in the last round becomes his greatest weakness as realistically the goatee would be a dead giveaway to who Green Arrow really is, especially with how public Oliver Queen is.  So while I may like his design better, there’s no arguing that Hawkeye’s costume at least hides his identity well.

Round 3: Hawkeye


Round 4: Powers, Abilities, and Equipment

Neither Hawkeye nor Green Arrow has any actual superpowers but they both are at peak human condition and uses a variety of trick arrows such as explosives, smoke bombs, stun grenades, and grappling hooks.  It looks like this’ll just have to come down to hand-to-hand skill.

Green Arrow has received martial arts and assassin training from martial arts masters.  Green Arrow has even shown to have the ability to shoot arrows with only one hand.

Hawkeye on the other hand has had training from Captain America and while he may specialize in the bow an arrow, he has been able to use other weapons as he is very skilled with a sword.  And even with his bow, he once used his own finger nails has projectiles.  Do to Hawkeye’s diversity in skills…

Round 4: Hawkeye


Round 5: Fame of the Character

2 to 2, this final round will determine the winner of this Character Compare.  Both Green Arrow and Hawkeye are the greatest archers of their respective universes, but which is the greatest fictional archer of our universe?  Well, Green Arrow has appeared outside of the comics long before Hawkeye in the Justice League: Unlimited cartoons (loved that show) and appeared in live action on his own series known as Arrow.  While he has appeared in those shows, he has yet to be featured in full length movie like Hawkeye who has appeared in the 2012 Avengers movie.  Hawkeye has also became a main character in the Avengers: Earth’s mightiest Heroes cartoon.

It’s a close call but I think I give this to Green Arrow as he’s just a much more iconic archer and has been around a lot longer.

Round 5: Green Arrow



Hawkeye: 2

Green Arrow: 3

Green Arrow is the winner and the best archer of comics!


Last Week’s End Poll Results

Which is your favorite Spider-man film?

Spider-man 3: 100.00% (1 vote)


End Poll

Who do you think should’ve been the winner?  Do you agree with me and Green Arrow beats Hawkeye?  Or is there something I missed and you feel Hawkeye is the better archer?

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