Top 5 Favorite Spider-man Films

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So this post was admittingly hard to make not because I was feeling uninspired or because I had trouble thinking of the order of this list but because there are other posts I really wanted to make today.  So it was between my Top 5 Favorite Spider-man Film (the one your reading now), Top 5 Characters Who Will Benefit From All-New Marvel!, and Top 10 Future Marvel/DC Movie That Should Be Made.  While I’ll probably get to the other lists eventually I figured I should do this list because ever sense The Amazing Spider-man 2 it seems that people are constantly comparing the new Spider-man movies with the Raimi trilogy and sense Spider-man came out when I was 3 I basically grew up with the Web-head.  So while there’s still only 5 of these things, here are  my Top 5 Favorite Spider-man Films.

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  • Must be a live-action Spider-man film
  • Spoiler warnings ahead, consider yourself warned
  • This is a favorites list, meaning not basing this on popularity or iconicness


#5 – The Amazing Spider-man 2

The Amazing Spider-man 2 Posters

Ironically while this was the only Spider-man film that I actually watched in theaters and not at home on DVD, it is by far my least favorite.  When I walked out of the movie theater I though it was ok, but the more I though about it the more I realized that I didn’t like the film.  First off, the villains designs were stupid.  Green Goblin looked less like Green Goblin and more like some kid who didn’t brush his teeth and used too much hair gel.  Rhino doesn’t look like a humanoid rhinoceros with a human face under its horn (like the comics) but instead a robotic rhinoceros.  And Electro…okay, Electro looks pretty cool, but that is still 2 out of 3 villains with terrible designs.  And the uses of these characters were poorly executed as Green Goblin, despite being featured in most of the film, was just there to set up the sequels that hopefully won’t happen and Rhino was advertised even more than Green Goblin but got only 10 5 minutes of screen time at the very end.  Gwen Stacy shouldn’t have died in this movie (I warned you there were spoilers, and if you didn’t see my warning than that’s what you get for skipping the Rulez) as while her death is inevitable as her comic book death was probably the most interesting part of her comic book career.  Finally, why is Peter Parker now predestined to become Spider-man?!?!  I honestly didn’t care for the whole mystery about his parents in the first place but now he’s predestined to become Spider-man?!

Okay, so it seems like there’s no light in sight with this movie.  So, is there anything I did like?  Well Electro looked pretty awesome and his powers looked pretty cool.  Joke all you want about how he looks like Dr. Manhattan, he still looks cooler than his comic book counter-part.  And Andrew Garfield is still my favorite Spider-man over Toby Maguire.  But this is still the worst Spider-man movie made thus far (in my opinion).


#4 – Spider-man 3

Spider-man 3 Poster

Um I have a confession… … …I like Spider-man 3!  Is it my least favorite of the Raimi trilogy?  Well, yes.  Is it a flawed movie?  Yes.  And does it have cringe-worthy moment that are hard to watch?  Well, yeah.  But I don’t hate this movie nor do I dislike it. Now I was 8-years old when this came out so the only thing I actually wanted from this movie was to see Spider-man fighting some random villain that I never heard of before and looked cool while doing it.  But if I was older when this movie came out and knew about Venom I probably would have wanted the symbiote to attach to Peter Parker, cause him to become more violent, angry, and aggressive, have Peter get rid of the symbiote via church bell and have the symbiote turn Eddie Brock into Venom and have an awesome fight sequence near the end of the movie.  And if they would have gone with that route, I would see a reason to use Sandman or just not use Sandman all together and stick with Harry becoming Green Goblin as you would need a villain for Spider-man to fight in his symbiote suit as to show his increase aggression which would be out of character.  Instead, we got what fans have dubbed “emo Peter” who goes around and do dorky dance moves and straight up make it uncomfortable to watch.  Now honestly, I never was able to defend that scene until I discovered a YouTuber who goes by the title “MovieBob” with a web series called “Escape to the Movies” and in his video titled YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT SPIDER-MAN 3 (ESCAPE TO THE MOVIES) where he basically says that one of the reasons Spider-man is so cool is because Peter Parker is not.  Peter Parker is ultimately a nerdy dork and his “emo Peter” is what a dork would think is “cool”.  That actually make sense, doesn’t it?  While that frankly doesn’t really fix the movie nor does it change the fact that I prefer the symbiote as making Spider-man more aggressive better, but it at least make me feel less guilty about liking the movie as much as I do.


#3 – Spider-man

Spider-man (2002)

I was 3 when this came out so I honestly don’t remember my first time watching it.  I didn’t know who Spider-man was, I didn’t know his stories, and I honestly couldn’t care less about the film.  But I rewatched hundreds of times and so I know this film pretty well and it was a pretty decent film.  I always love origin movies as I always love seeing the hero discover his powers and chose to become  hero.  And Raimi did a great job with that and turning Peter Parker into Spider-man.  Honestly there’s not that much to say.  It was a great movie, it was a great take on Spider-man’s beginnings. and I have no complaints.


#2 – Spider-man 2

Spider-man 2 Poster

Spider-man 2 is by far my favorite of the Raimi films.  I loved Dock Ock more then Green Goblin.  He just seemed more menacing and more creepy like when he was talking to his robot arms.  Again, not much to say.  Great film, great villain, great story… … …let’s move on.


#1 – The Amazing Spider-man

The Amazing Spider-man Poster

The Amazing Spider-man honestly felt like step in the right direction of the Spider-man film we’ve always wanted.  Andrew Garfield is a much better Spider-man then Toby Maguire, Gwen Stacy us a better love interest then Mary Jane, and I personally like Lizard better than Green Goblin even if the CGI for the Lizard wasn’t the best CGI we’ve ever seen.  The point is, this film seems closer to the perfect live-action Spider-man movie then the Raimi films ever did.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Raimi films, but Andrew Garfield is just a much more funny and energetic Spider-man then Toby Maguire.  I’ve loved the Lizard ever sense I was introduced to him and when I heard he was the main villain of this film I was excited.  Is the whole mystery about his parents necessary?  No, but honestly they don’t even focus on them that much until TASM2 and I already talked about that so we can just move on.  Really, it seems I had a lot to say about TASM2 and Spider-man 3 than the films that made it to the top 3 spots on this list.  Sorry about that, guess I just had more to say about those two.  For these three I’m basically just saying “This is great, that’s great, the movies great!”.  Either way, here’s my list!


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