My Opinion On The End of the Marvel Universe

Secret Wars

Hello interweb, Nate here.  No, this is not a “Gotcha!” post, Marvel Comics has recently announced that they are going all Flashpoint and New 52 on us and totally rebooting the multiverse.  I go more in-depth about this reboot below but I just want to tell you guys that my Ant-man Character Bio will be posted on Friday.  Like I said last week, I have the Bio done and was going to post it today but I really wanted to talk about this.  I’m doing it Friday because I don’t want to hold it back anymore so I should post it some time this week.

Also I realized that I’ve been doing the End Polls without actually telling you guys the results of said polls.  So I should probably start.  So last week I asked you guys which Bio you guys want to read first: X-23, Blue Beetle, and Static and with 2 votes X-23 was the winner with Blue Beetle and Static both gaining 1 vote each.  So you guys can expect her Bio to be posted sometime in late February but after that you guys can expect to see Blue Beetle and Static.  These Bios do take more time then most posts to make since I do spend some time researching their histories but I have decided that I’ll try and get at least one Bio out per month as you guys obviously love these types of posts.  With all that said, let’s get to the major news!

The End of Marvel As We Know It

So last Tuesday, Marvel has announced that in May Marvel will release an 8-issue miniseries called Secret Wars and starting on Secret Wars #1 we will no longer be on the same Marvel Universe as we have been since 1961 and will be on Battleworld which is the Main Marvel Universe, the Ultimate Marvel Universe, and the rest of the Marvel Multiverse (except for the cinematic universe I assume) combined into one universe.  Some things from each universe will be added and others will be dropped.

So what do I think of this?  Well I can see up sides and down sides to a full on reboot.  Ultimately I think-scratch that-I know that people are going to be ticked that Marvel is basically getting rid of decades of history but I always try and see reboots as a new start and always try to be open minded about this stuff.  But we have seen in the past companies like Marvel reboot the series and ruins a character in one way or another (like New 52 Superman -_-) but have also fixed things that were problematic before said reboot.  Here’s are some pros and cons I can immediately see.


Pro #1 – Spider-man Reboot: I have mentioned last week that I like Miles Morales more than the current Spider-man comics.  That’s mostly because I feel that while Spidey has grown up physically, he haven’t mentally.  He still makes the same mistakes he has made sense he was in high school.  I think this is mostly because writers are worried to make the character grow up sense part of his charm was that he was relatable to teenagers.  A reboot can allow them to make him a teenager again and possibly improve on his comics.

Pro #2 – Miles Morales in the Main Marvel U: Miles Morales was introduced to the public back in 2011 and ever sense has developed a big fanbase and is probably the most popular character from the Ultimate Universe.  Due to his popularity, he’s probably not going to die with the Ultimate Universe and so I would actually be pretty surprised if he doesn’t show up.  But that does leave one problem: his backstory and Spider-man title.  Okay, that’s two problems, but you get what I mean.  First off, the reason he became Spider-man in the first place is because Peter Parker died 11 months after Miles gained his powers and so Mile felt that he could’ve saved him but didn’t.  So they’ll have to alter his backstory somehow so that it would make sense for him to become Spider-man without ticking everyone off.  Although, if they’re going to bring back Peter Parker as Spider-man (does anyone think they won’t bring Peter back?) then what’s going to happen?  Are they going to have two Spider-men swinging around?  Or are they going to call him “Spider-boy” or something?  I don’t know what Marvel has planned for him and I can’t think of anything that would make any canonical sense.

Pro #3 – Magneto, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver: Okay, so I honestly don’t know nor do I have any sort of evidence for this, but with a reboot they have a chance of making them a biological family again.  Due to the fact that Marvel/Disney shares rights with Fox for Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (Magneto’s twin children who abandoned him to join the Avengers due to the fact that they disagreed with his beliefs) due to the fact that they are mutant and are associated with the X-Men but is more commonly known as Avengers members, but Marvel/Disney aren’t allowed to use the word “mutant” nor mention Magneto.  So Marvel basically did the worst reboot I can think of (okay, maybe One More Day is worse but still…) and made it so Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver is no longer related to Magneto.  I really hated this reboot as the whole dynamic of this “family” was always a really interesting relationship.  But nope!  We can’t have the comics and movies contradict each other!  Even though they do that often without having anyone too upset, but still!  This is more of me hoping than anything but it’s still a possibility.

Pro #4 – Newcomers: With this reboot, Marvel will release a bunch of issue-1s and so it’s bound to get quite a few new people reading comics.  And that’s always a good thing.

Pro #5 – New Universe, New Beginning, and New Stories: With a new reboot, they’re basically starting completely over.  This basically means that there is new options for interesting stories that could never be told in the current universes due to continuity.


Con #1 – Possibility of Ruining Good Characters: As with all reboots, it is very possible that Marvel can mess with a character too much and ruin them.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to get upset if they change a character if the change is necessary or interesting.  But if you do something like changing a character’s iconic look and altering their personality to the point where they’re no longer the same character as before then I get annoyed.  For example: I was perfectly fine with DC moving Cyborg from the Teen Titans to the Justice League as it allows the character to not only be read more and introduce more people to the character but also makes him a more interesting character.  But changing Superman’s iconic look and turning him from a lovable boyscout to a high-school jerk.  While his personality has gotten better, it still ticks me off a bit that they went with that angle for Superman.  But I rant on this too long so let’s continue.

Con #2 – The End of The Marvel Universe As We Know It: Simple as that.  I love the Marvel Universe, but it’s ending.  What else can I say?  Goodbye decades of history of the fictional universe containing some of fiction’s most well-known characters and is beloved my billions!

Con #3 – Ticked off Fans: Fans are going to be upset.  Can you really say that that’s not true?


End Poll

Honestly, I feel that a reboot was bound to happen sense DC’s New 52.  As long as they do well with this reboot, I’m fine.  So what do you guys think?  Are you upset that Marvel is starting over or happy?  Or are you not sure?


  1. Also with Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch they are Wolfgang Von Struckers kids that he experimented on to give them their powers which I think is the turn Marvel is going with in the movie. Because We see Wolfgang with the twins.

    1. Heres the way I see it. Im fine with Marvel bringing in Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch without mentioning them being mutants and mentioning Magneto due to the fact that they legally can’t. But why reboot their origin in such a stupid way just so the comics and the movies line up? Think about it, Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy has Hulk level strength in the comics but not in the films and I’m fine with that because the story wouldnt have worked otherwise, also in the comics Ant-man and Wasp were founding members of the Avengers while Black Widow and Hawkeye wasnt but i was fine because they became Avengers later and these characters were already established in previous films. So the movies do alter things here and there when necessary, so why do we need QS and SW to be unrelated to Magneto?

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