My Top 10 Favorite Spider-man Suits


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So not too long ago, the YouTube channel VariantComics (who you guys definitely need to check out if your a comic book lover) created their (or his?) Top 10 Best Spider-man Costumes! and we all know I like doing things other people have done but putting my twist on it.  I also felt the need to do this list as the more I though about it the more I realized that there are a lot of awesome Spider-man suits made that didn’t make his list that I absolutely love.  So if you want to see his list, click the link above.  But here’s my favorite costumed owned by a Spidey character!

To see my other Top 10s (or 5s) click here.


  • Must be a costume owned by a Spider-man character
    • This does not necessarily have to be from a Peter Parker or from a Spider-man
  • These are my personal favorites, not necessarily most iconic nor popular
  • Banning the classic red and blue costume


Honorable Mentions

Mangaverse Spider-man

#13 – Mangaverse: Before anyone asks, no I do not read a lot of manga and I don’t watch a lot of anime (the only anime I have seen is Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon and the only manga I own is the first Pokémon Adventures manga) so I don’t really know what manga inspirations was given to this suit.  What I do know is that the Mangaverse takes place on Earth-2301 where this Peter Parker was trained in a Spider-clan and is some sort of Spider-ninja or something like that.  I just really like the design of this suit with those big shoes and those gloves.

Spider-man 2099

#12 – Spider-man 2099: Spider-man 2099 is Marvel’s answer to DC’s Batman Beyond.  In the year 2099 AD, Miguel O’Hara is part of a team of scientists attempting to recreate the same event that lead to the creation of the original Spider-man (Peter Parker).  After half of his genetic code was rewritten to spider DNA and he thus becomes the new Spider-man of the future.  His costume is made out of an old Day of the Dead costume he had and it looks really cool.  I like the mostly blue coloring with the red.  The gauntlets also adds to the cool factor plus the web-cape makes his poses look a lot more dramatic.  Although realistically would a cape be very useful to a Spider-man?  I mean, one back flip and he’s going to be all tangled up. Eh, moving on.

Spider-armor II

#11 – Spider-Armor II: You may notice that this suit is a second suit to be named Spider-Armor (hence the II).  This is because this is the second one made.  If you watch VariantComic’s video, his #10 suit was the first Spider-Armor.  I personally like this one better as the other one just seemed too bulky and just didn’t look all the cool in my personal opinion.


#10 – Surperior Spider-man II

Superior Spider-man II

The Superior Spider-man was a storyline where Doctor Octopus and Spider-man switched bodies and Spider-man in Doc Ock’s body died while Doc Ock in Spider-man’s body decided too use this time in a new body to reinvent himself and he believed he can be a better Spider-man than Peter ever was, a superior Spider-man (I see what you did there).  Confused?  Long story short, Doc Ock is in Spider-man’s body trying to be a better Spider-man (and by better I mean willing to kill and spying on the whole city with little spider-camera thingamajigs) .

Superior Spider-man II ArmsThis suite was created after his first suit (see #5) was destroyed in a battle.  It carries similar features but with a few add-ons.  One noticeable one being the added arms that he created to be similar to his Doc Ock arms only spider-themed.  It might also have been partially inspired by the Iron Spider Armor (see #8) but that’s just a theory, a superhero theory! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)


#9 – Spider-man Noir

Spider-man Noir

What’s the best way to describe Spider-man Noir?  Imagine if Spider-man had the tone of a Batman comic.  Spider-man Noir takes place on Earth-90214 during the great depression where he…becomes a vigilante I guess.  Ok, I don’t know much about this guy, but for a costume I really don’t need to.  He just looks cool with that black trench coat, the black mask, and overall awesome character design.  Heck, if you didn’t know better you might not even realize that’s Spider-man.


#8 – Iron Spider Armor


Iron-Spider suit

If you’ve read my Civil War Review, you know the story with this outfit.  It was a gift to Spidey from Tony Stark but he stopped wearing it after he switched to the Anti-Act side in Civil War.  It basically increased his strength and durability while giving him several other devices like three mechanical spider-arms, or “waldoes”, that even had small grippers at the end.


#7 – Symbiote Suit (Black Costume)

Spider-man Symbiote Suit

This suit is probably Spidey’s second most Iconic costume second only to his red and blue suit.  This suite was when the Venom symbiote first found Spidey as a host before it moved on to Eddie Brock but Black Cat later made Spidey a new black costume from regular fabric because she thought it was “sexier” (her words, not mine).  The whole black and white costumes always looked cool to me and the fact that this is mostly black with white for the spider on his chest just adds to its coolness.


#6 – Scarlet Spider Hoodie (Ben Reilly)

Scarlet Spider Hoodie (Ben Reilly)

Ben Reilly was a clone of Spider-man (don’t ask) and as a result made this costume home-made.  The hoodie was a way to subtly tell the reader that he was an outcast.  I just really find the hoodie to be a really cool idea for a costume.


#5 – Superior Spider-man


Remember my #10 where I talk about Spidey and Doc Ock?  This was Doc Ock’s first Spider-man costume.  I really like how he basically used the classic costume but switched the blue for black, and red and black is a really cool coloring combination.  This costume also has retractable talons at its fingertips adding to it’s BAness.


#4 – Scarlet Spider (Kaine)

Scarlet Spider (Kaine)

Kaine was the first Spider-man clone but due to a mutation he started out mentally unstable and needed to be cured.  Afterwards, he became the Scarlet Spider and just became extremely BA.  His red eyes are also a really neat thing that most Spideys don’t have.


#3 – Miles Morales

Miles Morales

Miles Morales is the current Spider-man in the Ultimate universe and I actually like him better than the current Peter Parker (I don’t really like his current comics).  Like I said, red and black is an awesome combination and Miles has red webbing on his chest and red fingers with everything else being black.  If you aren’t reading the current Ultimate Spider-man comics, then go to your local library and get it.


#2 – Future Foundation

Spider-man Future Foundation

Anti-VenomOk, these last two suits have one thing in common: Mostly white with some black.  Honestly, a completely white costume just looks really cool to me and this is no exception.  This costume came around when Fantastic Four member Human Torch died and Spider-man temporarily joined the Future Foundation (I’m not fully sure why they temporarily changed their name).  Spidey was originally going to take his old Fantastic Four costume but the team felt it was too disrespectful and asked him to where their current costume, although he initially disliked it as it reminded him of his villain Anti-Venom.  But seriously, the white costume with the black sides and eyes just look really cool.


#1 – Gwen Stacy Spider-woman

Gwen Stacy Spider-woman

Previously on Spider-womanOK, so we all know Gwen Stacy’s history on Earth-616 (the main Marvel universe).  Gwen dies due to Spider-man trying and failing to save her.  Now on Earth-65, Gwen is the one who gets bitten by the spider and Peter gets killed by Gwen but this time it’s because he became lizard and Gwen was forced to kill him (the panels on the right explains it better)  This costume basically combines everything I said I liked about these costumes: it’s a hoodie, it’s mostly white with some black and even some red.  The only thing is this costume was part of Spider-verse so it only appeared in a handful of comics, one you can read free on YouTube.  It may not be the best known, the most popular, nor the most iconic but I personally like this design the best.

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