New Years Special – My Top 10 Most Viewed Posts of 2014


Happy New Year interweb, Nate here.  So the schedule of this post is kind of confusing as I meant for this to be my very first post on my blog of 2015, but obviously it isn’t since yesterday I posted my Civil War Review as I’ve been holding back on that post for quite some time now and I felt that it needed to get posted.  So while this technically isn’t the first post of 2015, I might treat it as it is as there are things I plan on doing with this new year.

Before I get to talking about what’s yet to come I should get us introduced to this post.  So I’ve had this blog for 9 months now (excluding this month), I have a total of 49 followers, and my most viewed post has had 273 views.  Now in comparison to other big blogs that may not be that big, but I’m 15-years old I have 49 people who has basically said “I like the content on this blog” and my most viewed post has 273 views.  Honestly, how many 15-year old can honestly say what I have just said?  Not a lot.  So honestly, thank you guys for reading this blog and supported me through 2014.  And I bet this paragraph has definitely shown that I’m a modest person :P.  So this post is going to be based purely by views.  No favoritism, no biases, no anything in that nature (except I am taking the Character Bio Format as that’s technically isn’t a post and would have normally made the number 5 spot on here).

With the upcoming posts I have several things in the works.  For one my Ant-Man Character Bio is almost done and originally I was going to wait til closer to the release date, but considering that this thing comes out in July I’m probably going to simply post it within a couple of weeks.  I also have several other Character Bios and Character Compares in the works so keep an eye out for those.  I’m just going to go ahead and spoil one of each, for the Character Bio you can expect to see one on X-23 and a Character Compare comparing Green Arrow to Hawkeye.  There is also a brand new series that I have planed that will probably debute some time this month or early on next month.  So a huge chunk of 2015 will be the usual Top 10s (or 5s), Character Bios, Character Compares, and an unannounced series.  And with that monster of announcements, let’s go over to out list!

To see my other Top 10s (or 5s) click here.



  • Judged purely on views.  Meaning no favoritism or biases on my end.

Honorable Mentions

15 – Top 10 Favorite Superhero Cartoons [Re-Do](50 views): In this list, I count down my favorite cartoons owned by Marvel or DC.  Some popular cartoons made the list so I think everyone who doesn’t have the “cartoons are for kids” view as well as a love for superheroes can enjoy this list.  And even if you have the “cartoons are for kids” mindset, a blast of nostalgia for these toons might be fun.

14 – Jason Todd (The Second Robin) – Character Bio(53 views): This is the first of many Character Bios on this list.  In this bio, I look at the history of the second Robin and how his death effected the rest of Batman’s history.

13 – Marvel Vs DC, Whose Better? (57 views): Here, I tackle the controversial subject of which major superhero company is better.  Is my answer cop-outish?  Maybe, but I standby my answer.  Although I do wish I fleshed it out a bit and added more arguments, but it was one of my earliest posts and so I was just getting started.

12 – 30 Follower Special – My Top 10 Favorite DC Superheroes (58 views): When I created this post, I just recently hit 30 followers on my blog (hence the name).  The reason why this was so special is because I use to have a different blog in which I talked about Pokemon and never reached that 30 follower mark, so it was a big deal for me.  The problem I have with this specific post (as well as it’s sister post about Marvel heroes) is that I don’t think it’s very accurate to my actual favorite DC characters.  Don’t get me wrong, I like every one of the characters on the list, but I feel like some of the characters either ended up out of order or there where characters I liked better that didn’t get on the list.  I might redo this list in the future, but check it out if you want

11 – Mothers Day Special – Top 10 Female Superheroes (61 views): This was my first ever special on my blog so that was a really big deal.  For the most part I think I still agree with my list, except for one character which caused some controversy (especially amongst my friends).  See, when making the post I originally had Wonder Woman as #1 as she’s basically the best known female superhero ever.  But a friend of mine (not naming anyone) criticized my choice as she fights in a bathing suit.  I was worried others may have this same opinion so in fear I placed her at #10, but then another friend of mine (who didn’t know my first friend) said he’d place her at #1 just like my original choice.  But instead of putting her back at #1, I placed her at #5 and placed Supergirl at #1 (I can’t remember why).  Ultimately I learned my lesson from the ordeal and now I almost always just simply do favorite lists as no one can really tell me I’m wrong if I like one character better than another.


#10 – Spider-man Character Bio (12 views)


This was one of my very first Character Bios I’ve done.  As a result, it’s not as detailed as my newer bios but it does what I intended it to do: tell the history of the Web-Head.  The only thing I hate about it is the “Why I Like/Dislike Spider-man” section.  “I would go into more elaboration for why I like him, but I can’t.  I like him, I just don’t really know why.”  That’s not true at all.  I can think of several things I love about the Wall-Crawler.  Idk, but either way you guys liked it, so here it is.


#9 – 10 Sad Truths About Superheroes (65 views)


In this post I poke a little bit of fun at my favorite genre by adding some realism into the mix.  Where would the Flash be in real life?  What about the X-Men?  check it out, raises some questions.


#8 – Top 10 Most Annoying Things A bout Superheroes (67 views)


You know I’m not adding my biases to this list when the title has a typo (it should be About, not A bout).  Other than the typo, I like what this post looks like.  I still agrees with several things I said but I do wish I explained them better.


#7 – Top 10 Superhero Weapons (74 views)


What is an action series without weapons?  I talk about weapons that several superheroes have and how rank them.  I don’t really know what else too say other than check it out!


#6 – Damian Wayne (The Fifth Robin) – Character Bio (81 views)


The last Robin I talked about in my series of Robin bios.  Basically, if you didn’t know that Batman had more then one Robin throughout his career, then you might want to check out Damian Wayne, the true biological son of Bruce Wayne.  But you should start the Robins with…


#5 – Dick Grayson – Character Bio (90 views)


How convenient that the 1st Robin ended up right after the last Robin.  Dick Grayson is the Robin most people think of when they here the name.  This bio tells you everything from when he first started, to his adventures with the Titans, and even how and why he became Nightwing.


#4 – Captain America – Character Bio(108 views)


My very first Character Bio, this post was made very early on and thus isn’t quite as detailed as my recent bios.  But if you want to check out the First Avenger, check out this bio on him.


#3 – Harley Quinn – Character Bio(131 views)


So far my only Character Bio on a villain, this bio goes into detail on Harley Quinn’s history from the cartoons, to the comics.  Considering that she’s been a fan favorite since early on and currently is in her own comic, I would suggest checking this bio out.


#2 – Top 10 Supervillain Weapons (198 views)


I honestly didn’t expect nor try to make this post a hit.  I made this post after the Top 10 Superhero Weapons as it was a easy follow up that didn’t require that much work.  The little effort I placed in this list even shows as I have very little explanations on why I chose the weapons I chose as well as the fact that I totally forgot about Shocker’s Vibro-Shock Gauntlets and Winter Soldier’s Arm.  But you guys seemed to have like the list so your welcome.


#1 – Quicksilver Vs Flash – Character Compare (273 views)


It’s strange how this is my most successful post on this blog and yet I’ve only attempted to do another Character Compare once.  Either way, these two speedsters got to face off in this Character Compare to determine whether the Scarlet Speedster or the speedy mutant and son of Magneto is the best at what they do.  See who wins!  Although by the pure amount of views, I take it that if you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ve already read it.


End Poll

So how did you like 2014?  Was it a good year or a bad year?  Or was it just meh?


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