Christmas Special – Top 5 Superhero Cartoon Christmas Specials


Merry Christmas interweb, Nate here.  And I am full of cheer.  As this is Christmas week, and a Christmas themed post is what I seek.  So I have found for you five Christmas specials, not two.  From superhero cartoons you see, and reading this post has no fee.  And while my rhymes might be bad, you have to admit that my effort is pretty rad.  This was done first by CinemaSins‘s video titled Everything Wrong With How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Again – With Nostalgia Critic , and I thought this was cool for Christmas, I had to admit it.  And while I know it’s because it was based off a book Dr. Seuss has done, does that really mean I can’t join in on the fun?  So I have held back my Civil War Review, again, to do this Christmas post that’ll be read by few.  So grab your egg nog and snuggle up with your dog, this is the top 5 superhero Christmas episodes!  Try not to get cold.

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  • DC and Marvel only
  • Must be an episode specifically made to be Christmas themed


#5 – Spectacular Spider-man “Reinforcements”


While “spectacular” is a good way to describe this show, the quality of this Christmas episode was surprisingly low.  It was good, don’t get me wrong, but is this the Spider-man Christmas we’ve been waiting for so long?  So what’s the story? You may ask, about the dork under that spider-mask.  Well it’s basically Spidey fighting the Sinister Six, but switch out Doc Ock and Shocker with Kraven and Mysterio for a mix (So it was originally Dock Ock, Shocker, Rhino, Sandman, Vulture, and Electro but in this episode it’s now Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Rhino, Sandman, Vulture, and Electro).  So what’s so Christmas-y about it I here you chime?  Well this episode takes place during Christmas time!  And that’s apparently enough to be considered a good Christmas episode, but shouldn’t it end on a happy note and not with feet that are cold?  Oh well, whatcha gonna do, watch Dr. Who?


#4 – X-Men: Evolution “On Angel’s Wings”


Ah the X-Men, such a magnificent team they are.  With their mutant powers spread wide and far.  And what a better X-Man to introduce on an X-Mas special than Warren Worthington the Third, also knows as Angel in case you haven’t heard.  He’s a mutant with snow-white wings that allows him to fly, and he uses his gift to be a hero, or at least he try.  For Magneto comes to trick him into joining his side, but Rogue and Cyclops is their to help save his hide.  This episode doesn’t have a deep moral or lesson to teach, but theirs a good feeling that this episode will reach.  While Angel never joined the X-Men, he doesn’t join Magneto, hey you gotta give him at least ten.  If your an X-Man fan, then what are you waiting for?  Check it out, and I hope you ran.


#3 – Justice League “Comfort and Joy”


Comfort and Joy is what I like to hear, those words just wipes away the fear.  This episode has three stories running all at once, but it’s a good episode, proving the writer’s not a dunce.  The first story is between Green Lantern and Hawkgirl whose been getting rather close.  The two goes on this planet full of really tough aliens, it was Hawkgirl who chose.  Hawkgirl, who loves a good fight, get’s the whole alien bar fighting.  There’s kicking and punching and hitting and biting.  But it eventually ends with a little kiss, but with Green Lantern unconscious during this.

The second story I like a lot more, and it doesn’t even fall into any wars.  Superman invited Martian Manhunter over for the holidays as Christmas is ironically alien to his race.  Martian Manhunter grew up on Mars while Superman grew up on Earth, so Martian Manhunter didn’t understand Christmas’s worth.  During the night, Martian Manhunter left the Kents house to do a little learning of this strange day, using his shape-shifting powers to go out as a man wearing a hat that is grey.  He soon learns to love Christmas time, especially since he didn’t need to stop any crime.

The last story was about Flash as he tries to get some orphans a special toy that they wanted, but all the stores where sold out, Flash felt like he was being taunted.  He finally got his hands on one only for a supervillain to do something bad.  While Flash tries to stop him, the toy gets destroyed and makes Flash sad.  However, the supervillain help fix the toy as a sign of compassion, and the toy get’s to the kids only in a new fashion.

Like most Justice League episodes in this series, it was well written and did quite well, but it does the whole “true meaning of Christmas” moral that’s so overused that it smell.  From Justice League, I expected more. Oh well, we still have two more.


#2 – Batman: TAS “Christmas With the Joker”


What do you get when you put the greatest superhero, the greatest supervillain, and Christmas all wrapped up in one location?  You get one of the greatest Christmas specials that is bound to fill Batman haters with frustration.  Joker broke out of Arkham Asylum and kidnaps several people Batman has met in the past.  He threatens to kill them if he doesn’t find them, and fast.  Of course Joker pulls a few tricks on the Batman, but we know how this ends as he has a plan.  Once they find Joker they defeat him and save the kidnappees.  And afterwards is a movie Batman and Robin sees.  This episode is simple with my favorite superhero to boot.  And sense this episode is part of one of the greatest cartoons, it’s popularity has already taken root.  It doesn’t have some moral or lesson to teach, but unlike Spider-man it had more Christmas that it reached.


#1 – Static Shock “Frozen Out”


This is one of my favorite Static Shock episode and it deserves that label.  So what’s in this show that makes my opinion so stable?  Well as most of you know, Static Shock is not one to shy away from talking about controversial subjects.  From gun violence to bullying, this series was surprisingly complex.  With morals to share with those who checked it out, my opinion on this episode leaves me with little doubt.  This episode could have easily been a “true meaning of Christmas” episode and left it at that.  While one could argue that it still has that moral, it chooses to instead talk about the homeless who lives with the rats.  It’s Christmas, of course, and Virgil is busy juggling being Static as well as his responsibilities around this time of year.  But a homeless Bang Baby (super powered person) with ice powers is living in fear.  Her name is Permafrost and she became homeless because of her uncaring stepfather and the death of her sick mother (father rhymes with mother, right?).  She felt invisible without a home and and thought nobody cared.  Static tried to help her to make her life repaired.  Honestly I could talk about this episode all I wanted but it’s best to watch it yourself.  It’s free on YouTube, go watch it with your Elf on the Shelf.  The link is here for those who want to check it out.  I can’t wait for you to see what it’s all about.


End Poll

Well I did it, I did this whole post in rhyme.  Maybe next time I’ll try doing it dressed as a mime.  And while some of my rhymes may be cringe worthy and hard to read, voting on the poll below will be a good deed.  Did you like the rhyming and think all my Christmas specials should be in rhyme, or is was it just to bad and recovery will take time?


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