My Opinion on The Future of Spider-man Films


Hello interweb, Nate here.  Before I continue I just want to say that my Civil War Review is almost done and will be up  by Monday.  I’m reviewing all 7 issues all at once so it may be a longer review than normal.

With that said, the biggest news going around about superhero films is the controversy over Spider-man’s film rights as recent emails has been leaked about Marvel/Disney studios trying to buy the rights to Spider-man back from Sony and rebooting the Spider-man film franchise and replacing Andrew Garfield (and I’m assuming the rest of the cast).  So what are my thoughts on this? let’s see.


What I think about The Amazing Spider-man films

One thing I noticed is that a lot of people think that the Amazing Spider-man reboot really stinks compared to the original trilogy.  Some common complaints is that they got a fairly handsome actor to play Peter Parker/Spider-man when Peter Parker is suppose to look dorky.  And while I agree that I would prefer my Peter Parker to look more nerdy then Andrew Garfield, I just over look that because I feel that Andrew as Spider-man is just so much more energetic and funny compared to Toby Maguire as Spider-man.  Spider-man is suppose to be a funny character, that’s part of his charm.

Another complaint is about the Lizard as the main villain of the first film because he was “cliched”.  That argument honestly wants me to grab my chair and throw it across the room.  While yes, the Lizard is a bit cliched, but at least it was accurate to the source material.  The Lizard was basically taken straight out of the comics with nothing changed or altered.  Also if the Lizard was so cliched, HOW WAS GREEN GOBLIN AND DR. OCTOPUS ANY LESS OF A CLICHE!?!? I mean, seriously?  What was Green Goblin’s origin in the original films?  A scientist (Norman Osborn) was conducting an experiment (super soldier serum) for the greater good (military) and  it went completely wrong and drove him to insanity (Green Goblin).  What about Dr. Octopus?  A scientist (Otto Octavious) was conducting an experiment (nuclear fusion) for the greater good (military) and  it went completely wrong and drove him to insanity (Dr. Octopus).  And the Lizard’s?  A scientist (Kurt Connors) was conducting an experiment (limb regeneration serum) for the greater good (medical) and it went completely wrong and drove him to insanity (Lizard)…. … …WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE!!!! How was the Lizard any less cliched then the villains of the original trilogy?  If anything he’s even more interesting as while the other two was creating weapons, he was creating a cure.

And the whole complaint about the mystery surrounding Peter’s parents?  Ok, I agree, that was unnecessary and should have been removed.  And the Amazing Spider-man 2 having too many villains, having a pacing that was everywhere, and was just straight up bad?  Again I agree with that, I even liked Spider-man 3 and that had…this.

“No!…What are you doing!?…Stop!…Please, stop!…No!…Please!…Why!!!!”


Spider-man’s Future Films

So do to the abomination that was The Amazing Spider-man 2 that followed the great film that was The Amazing Spider-man, and the fact that Marvel needs Spider-man for Civil War, Marvel is attempting to get the rights back for Spider-man or at least share the rights like how Marvel/Disney shares the rights to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver with Fox.  A couple of leaked emails has confirmed that Marvel is attempting to make a deal with Sony and it seems Sony is considering it.

So what do I think? Well I actually think this is great news.  Due to the mess that The Amazing Spider-man made, Sony will have to try and clean that mess up and make a good third movie.  With this deal, Marvel/Disney can finally get Spider-man into an Avengers movie, put him in Captain America: Civil War, and make a new trilogy that may trump both previous film series.  Should they boot Andrew Garfield?  Well if Marvel/Disney really wants to start from scratch and have nothing to do with the previous films, then getting a new actor might not be that bad of an idea.  Get someone who looks dorky and act nerdy but can also act like a complete goofball.  That would be brilliantly awesome.

And what should the villains be like for this new movie?  Well maybe Kingpin could be an interesting choice as that could help introduce Felecia Hardy/Black Cat as it was Kingpin who gave her those powers.  Another choice could be Mac Gargon as that can help introduce J. Jonah Jameson’s hatred towards Spidey.  And Venom could use a new film to redeem him from Spider-man 3.  In fact, that sounds like a pretty good Spider-man trilogy right there:

First movie – Origin, spider bite, death of Uncle Ben, etc., then JJJ gets angry about the new vigilante everyone’s calling Spider-man.  He hires Mac Gargon to conduct an experiment on and turn him into Scorpion.  Scorpion then becomes the main antagonist of the first film.

Second movie: King pin is introduces along with Felecia Hardy.  Kindpin turns Felecia into black cat.  Kingpin then becomes the main villain of the second movie and we have Black Cat as the love interest.

Third movie – We can just due what they did in the Spectacular Spider-man cartoons.  We introduce Eddie Brock early in the movie.  Then we reveal that a spaceship returned with an extraterrestrial slime attached to it.  The slime is brought to a lab to be tested.  Spidey goes over to check out the slime, Black Cat goes to steal it, and the slime attaches to Spidey’s costume.  Throughout the rest of the movie, the symbiote makes peter act more hostile and aggressive and this leads to him ratting out Eddie who gets fired.  Then Spidey gets the symbiote off, the symbiote finds Eddie, and Eddie has the rest of the film as Venom.  Honestly, as long as we don’t get “Emo peter” or a weird dance sequence, then this could be a good movie.  Marvel!  Check this idea out!  I check out this idea, make a film out of it.  You don’t even have to give me credit, just make this thing XD


End Poll

So what do you guys think?  Should Marvel/Disney buy Spider-man and transfer him to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Or should Sony keep the rights?  Peace XD


  1. I saw the draft that Sony and Marvel had worked out, but I’m hoping that Marvel argued for better terms. Trust me, they were pretty one-sided. I would love for Marvel to bring Spider-Man in for a few films, but I would prefer for Sony to keep the rights. Marvel has too many film franchises going on at this point so Spider-Man wouldn’t get as many titles as he could if he stuck with Sony. Sony can keep on creating their Spidey universe and then he just gets to jump onto Disney’s place for the big titles.

    That being said…I really liked TASM2 so that probably affects my judgment a little 😉

    Spiderman 3>>TASM2>>Spider Man>>>TASM>>>Spider Man 2

    1. Sorry, I originally saw this comment on my phone so some of it was cut off.

      I just feel that TASM2 had too many villains and the pacing was a mess. I can see why others would like it (my Uncle, who is a big Spidey fan, loved the movie) and I tried to like it, I just couldn’t.

      1. Yeah, it’s definitely not something for all Spidey fans and the majority are against it. It felt like a fun throwback to the 80’s-90’s where superhero films had a lot of fun action without deep plots. I like Dark Knight and the serious comic films for what they are, but sometimes it’s fun to just take a step back and just appreciate the CG-I. That being said, I was fairly disappointed with how some scenes in the trailer didn’t actually make it to the game..

      2. The part where Osborn tells Peter that Oscorp has been watching him was one of the big scenes. The subplot was completely eradicated. They also got rid of the “We can literally change the world line” I think a site made an article that listed everything the film cut out and it was a substantial amount. There was likely some drama behind the scenes.

      1. Spider-Man 3’s my favorite film in the Spidey franchise. I’ve seen it well over 10 times at this point since I’ve seen it every year and more since it came out. My family loves it so it’s basically become a Christmas tradition. I’ve watched the first two films only about 4- 5 times at this point. I like them, but I always enjoyed Spider-Man 3 the most.

  2. Great ideas here for a potential reboot. I would just swap out the Kingpin story for one about Kraven the Hunter. It’s too bad, they’re ditching Garfield, he really portrayed Spider-Man perfectly. But hopefully whoever is cast will be great.

    1. Actually, I see where they can go with Kraven as well. I was trying to come up with villains that they either haven’t done or haven’t done well.
      And a I also agree that Andrew Garfield made an awesome Spider-man and I would like him to stay but if he left I would understand

  3. I am torn…on the one hand, I actually like the reboot way better than the first try. Well, the second movie was disappointing, but I think if Sony would finally stop meddling and just let a proper core team work, there could be a really good third movie. And to be honest, I really want to see one. I want to see what Peter does now that Gwen is no longer around.

    On the other hand I like the idea of a proper teenager Peter Parker. I can imagine that Marvel would actually get Villains like Doc Oc or the green Goblin right instead of turning them all into variations of The Lizard. And I guess if there is a crossover, a recast might be a good idea, not because I think Andrew Garfield is bad in the role, but because I suspect that Marvel will want a Spider-man which can be around in the movie for at least ten years without aging too much.

    1. I liked TASM a lot better than any of the original films, but I dislike TASM2 more then the original films. If you would have asked me this question before I saw TASM2 I would probably have said “No! Andrew Garfield is a better Spidey than Toby Maguire, I loved the Lizard, and t Gwen Stacy is better them MJ.” But now that I’ve seen TASM2, I think Sony’ll have trouble cleaning up the mess they’ve made.

      1. TASM2 was mostly frustrating, because there was a really good movie…just cut out the nonsense with the Rhino, put in the cut scenes between Harry and Peter, and just generally focus more on telling the story. But they ruined it. (I also think that they killed Gwen too early).

        TASM is my favourite Spider-man movie by far. It was the Spider-man I always wanted…the sad thing is, if the fanbase hadn’t been so resentful towards Sony from the get go and just enjoyed the movie, Sony might not have felt the need to meddle in the second one.

  4. I…actually agree with everything you just said. TASM is my favorite Spider-man movie as well and TASM2 was my least favorite. But they could have made it work, they just didn’t. And Gwen Stacy should have been killed in TASM3 instead. Although despite me saying that, I do feel that her death scene was the best scene of the film.

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