Top Favorite 5 Original Superhero Cartoons


Hello interweb, Nate here.  Yes, I said today I would review Civil War.  Unfortunately while I started the review, I don’t have time to finish it.  I take guitar lessons and yesterday I participated in a student concert where anyone who takes music lessons by the same music teachers shows of a song they learned to their family and friends (I did Skillet’s Hero with this video played behind me).  I also have my World History midterms today so I need to study for those.

So I figured since I haven’t posted anything major since before I left for Mexico I should probably make something for you guys to read.  And since I’ve already made My Top 10 Favorite Superhero Cartoons that are based of of comic books, why don’t I talk about those that aren’t based off of comic books.  After all, this blog’s called Superheroes Etc., not Marvel and DC Only.

To see my other Top 10s (or 5s) click here.


  • Must be an original cartoon, no cartoons based on something that wasn’t originally a cartoon
  • This is a favorites list, not the most popular
    • Keep in mind that my history with these cartoons may differ from yours.  Meaning we may have different nostalgia and tastes


#5 – El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

El Tigre

El Tigre is on here almost completely for nostalgia purposes as it honestly wasn’t that amazing of a cartoon.  Before making this list, I went online to see if I can find some free episodes to watch to refresh my memory a bit as I’m pretty sure the last time I saw this cartoon was when I was 10 (I’m currently 15).  The series is obviously towards a younger audience, there really isn’t any huge or dramatic story or anything about it.

So what’s the story?  Manny Rivera lives in the fictional, crime-ridden Mexican town called Miracle City (Mexico, I apologize).  Manny has a magical belt buckle that allows him to take on the form of El Tigre.  As El Tigre, Manny possesses various superpowers such as super strength, super speed, sharp claws, etc.  The catch?  Manny’s father is a superhero and wants Manny to become one as well, however his Grandpapi is a supervillain and wants Manny to go to the dark side.

While this may sound interesting, this series has humor obviously trying to target kids around the age of 6, has no continuity meaning that it’s story is as investing as SpongeBob, and ultimately I doubt anyone reading this blog will care to waste time on this cartoon.  If you have little kids, they may enjoy it.  Otherwise, it’s just a nostalgic cartoon that I have fond memories with.


#4 – American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1

Season 1

Season 2

Season 2

Now this cartoon I fell is very underrated.  This cartoon debuted on Disney Channel and it’s really the first time I saw a superhero cartoon that is magic-based and not science-based.  Most cartoons has radiation or a genetic accident but this is mostly magic.  It only got 2 seasons and I cad kinda see why.  The first season was about average and wasn’t that great compared to the second season but I like the animation better.

So what’s this cartoon about?  Jake Long (voiced by Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender) is the American Dragon, meaning he is a dragon who is responsible for protecting the magical world that is located in New York City.  In the first season, it mostly consists of stand-alone episodes just showing his adventures as the American Dragon and learning how to balance being the “Am Drag” and having a social life.  Which isn’t new, but it’s the second season where it gets really good.  Despite me trying, I can’t find the reason to why, but they decided to give this cartoon to a different creative crew who took the show in a different direction.  While I prefer the old animation style, the story gets a lot more interesting.  In the first season, we’re introduced to Jake’s love interest: Rose.  However Rose just so happens to be a part of the Huntsclan, a group of people who hunts down magical creatures (especially dragons).  By the end of the 1st season, Jake shows Rose that he’s the dragon she’s been hunting for all of the first season.  During the second season, she runs away and while Jake is trying to find her, a powerful dragon is back to bring the world to…something evil (can’t remember).

Like I said, I feel this series was underrated.  Should it have gotten a 3rd season?  I don’t know, two seems good enough even though I think a third season would be interesting.  But with conflict between Jake and Rose, the magical creatures, and even the Dark Dragon makes this series a really interesting show to watch.  If your into magic and fantasy as well as superheroes, then check the show out.


#3 – Generator Rex

Generator Rex

How do you describe the awesomeness of this show?  It’s kind of like X-Men meets Godzilla meets something totally new.  Years before the show starts, scientists are studying ways of creating microscopic machines called nanites that can enter human bodies and heal them.  An accident happens (of course) and the nanites are spread all over the world, mutating any living thing (from plants to humans) into E.V.O.s (Exponentially Variegated Organisms).  These E.V.O.s can be anything from a regular person who has superpowers, to giant Godzilla-esque monsters.  Rex Salazar is an E.V.O who can not only make machines out of his body, but can control them.  Due to his ability to control machines, he has the ability to cure E.V.O.s and return them to normal.

The first two seasons are mostly the same.  Rex needs to protect people from the E.V.Os and is treated mostly as a weapon by the government (except by a few close friends) while a group of evil E.V.O.s are trying to take over the world by turning the whole population into E.V.O.s.  However by the end of the second season, Rex is traveled into the future (can’t remember if it was a few months or a few years but it wasn’t that far) where the government is being controlled by a different person who is taking a more inhumane way of dealing with the E.V.O. threat by controlling the E.V.O.s by force (even the ones that have a normal human’s sanity and intelligence).  The series then goes full out X-Men as the E.V.O.s are being taken in while Rex and his crew are finding a way to cure all the E.V.O.s in the world

This series was really cool and interesting.  It has some really cool plot points, lots of times you don’t know where the show’s going, and it has a teenager fighting Godzilla size monsters.  What’s not to love?  The whole series is even on Netflix, so go watch it if you haven’t.


#2 – Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom

This series was a really popular cartoon and I can see why.  It focuses on a high school boy named Danny Fenton (get it, cause it sounds like Phantom) who becomes half ghost after an accident goes wrong from one of his ghost-hunting parent’s machines.  He then gains Superman-esque powers (just trade X-Ray vision for invisibility and intangibility) and becomes the superhero: Danny Phantom (how did nobody figure this out?  It’s like if I went out and called myself Nate Phantom, everyone will know it’s me).  Danny then fights ghosts that comes out of the Ghost Zone and protects the city of Amity Parks.

I can see why this show is so popular.  It has a character as relatable as Spider-man, has unique super powers that we haven’t seen before, and the designs for the villains are really creative.  If you have the time, check this series out.


#1 – Ben 10

Ben 10

OK, while Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben  10: Omniverse may not have been that good and Ben 10: Alien Force was decent at best, I stand by my opinion that this is my favorite superhero that didn’t start out in the comics.  Ben Tennyson is a 10-year old kid  who gains this extra-terrestrial watch that allows him to turn into 10 aliens (how many 10s can we fit into one cartoon?).  This was my absolute favorite cartoon growing up as a kid.  After I was introduced to this cartoon, I never missed a rerun.  Ask anybody who knew me back then, I was a Ben 10 fanatic.  But could you blame me?  It featured a funny 10-year old kid (I was 6 when this came out, it was funny at the time), a bunch of cool alien superheroes with several different powers, and a great array of colorful villains.

The aliens was probably the best part of the show!  You wanted super strength?  Go Four Arms!  You wanted to scorch your opponent?  Heatblast is the way to go.  Needed something that can fly?  Stinkfly to the rescue!  Honestly, while most superheroes were stuck with the powers given to them, Ben just needed to gain the DNA of a new alien and boom!  A brand new super power.  The alien designs where creative, the powers where interesting, the plumbers are awesome, and no not those plumbers, think Green Lanterns without the rings. Speaking of Green Lanterns, this series borrowed a lot of Green Lanterns mythos now that I think of it.  First there are the aliens, then the Omnitrix and the Power Rings are known as some of the most powerful weapons ever, they have extraterrestrial cops, and the main character is goofy and light-hearted.  Who knew.


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