TV Show Review – The Flash “Pilot”

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Hello interweb, Nate here.  Sorry I didn’t post anything Monday but I asked on my Facebook page if I can do this review today instead and you guys seem to be ok with it.  So I actually ment to review this a week after it aired, like what I did with my Gotham review, however I forgot about it and didn’t get to it.  So while I have seen the first 5 episodes of the series, this will be a spoiler review for the first episode only.  So if the first episode is the only episode you have seen thus far, than feel free to read because this episode is the only episode this review will spoil.  With that all out of the way, let’s get to this review.

Characters Introduced in this Episode

Barry Allen (The Flash): Barry Allen witnessed the murder of his mother when he was a kid and the police blamed is father for it.  As a result, Barry became a detective in an attempt to prove his father’s innocence.  After a freak lightning strike stuck him, he woke from a coma 9 months later with the ability to run faster then any human can possibly run.

Powers: Super Speed


Iris West: Barry Allen’s best friend who grew up with him due to her father taking Barry in since his mom is dead and his dad is in jail.


Detective Joe West: Iris West’s father and Barry Allen’s father figure who raised Barry after his father was jailed.


Dr. Harrison Wells: A scientist and head of S.T.A.R. Labs who became outcast after his experiment exploded and harmed many people.  He now is unable to walk and uses a wheel chair.


Dr. Caitlin Snow: A scientist and assistant to Dr. Wells who lost her fiance during the S.T.A.R. Labs explosion.  She, as well as Cisco Roman (see below) becomes close friends with Barry after he shows them his powers.


Cisco Roman: Another assistant to Dr. Wells and close friend to Barry after he becomes the Flash.  Cisco is a lot friendlier and light-hearted than Dr. Snow.  He is also the one who names all of Barry’s enemies.


Eddie Thawne: A transfer cop to Central City Police Department, much of him is unknown but it is revealed that he is dating Iris but is keeping this a secret from Detective West.


Oliver Queen (Green Arrow): While not a main character of the series and in fact will not show up often.  Oliver is the billionaire vigilante Green Arrow who is the lead protagonist in the CW show Arrow that is in the same universe as The Flash.



The first episode focuses on the origin story to The Flash.  It starts out by showing us how Barry Allen mom died by the hands of a man in a ball of lightning and Barry’s dad was blamed and arrested for the murder.  Due to this, Barry becomes a detective to try and prove his father’s innocence.  We learn of an experiment going on at S.T.A.R. Labs that causes and explosion.  This explosion causes Barry to be struck by lightning and tossed into a shelf of chemicals as well as a criminal, who was trying to escape the cops in a plane, to be struck down.  Barry is then rushed to the E.R.

9 months later, Barry wakes up and is introduced to Dr. Caitlin Snow, Cisco Roman, and Dr. Harrison wells.  They explain that the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs caused changes to Barry’s body that us still not fully known.  Barry then runs of to see his friend, Iris West, at the coffee shop she works at.  She tells him that his heart kept stopping, he places her hand on his chest to show that it’s still beating but it’s beating unusually fast.  Suddenly a waitress drops a tray and everything around him goes in slow-mo for split second.  Later, a similar incident happens when he prevents a man in hand-cuffs from grabbing a police gun before anyone notices.  After this, he heads out and discovers that he can run faster than any human should ever be able to run.  He then reveals this to Dr. Snow, Cisco, and Dr. Wells by running at high speeds right in front of them, even revealing he can heal rapidly after a broken bone heals within 3 hours.

After the criminal mentioned earlier came back revealing that he can control the weather.  Weather Wizard (named by Cisco) creates a tornado only for Barry (in a leather Flash costume) runs around the tornado, causing it to fall apart.  The episode ends after Detective West, who witnessed what just happened, asks Barry to not tell Iris about his powers to keep her safe.

Final Notes

This was a very interesting pilot and it introduces the story very well.  Now certain characters, like Eddie Thawne and Dr. Snow, shares names with other Flash villain so it’s very possible that they’ll become villains in the future.  As to avoid spoilers, you can just google the names if your curious.

I’m not a fan on Flash’s costume in this series.  The Flash is built for speed, so putting him in a leather outfit is not very fitting.  That’s like putting Superman in indestructible armor, he doesn’t need it since he’s practically invulnerable anyways so giving him an armor suit will be kind of redundant (and yes, the joke is that in The New 52 Superman’s suit is armor).  I would have liked the Flash in spandex or some other type of tight material that won’t chafe while you run.

Over all I’m enjoying this series and I recommend it to any fan of The Flash or a DC fan in general.

End Poll

So what do you guys think about the Flash?  Like it?  Hate it? Or haven’t seen it?


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