Damian Wayne (The Fifth Robin) – Character Bio

Damian Wayne, True Son of Batman, the Fifth Robin and the Fourth Main Robin

Damian Wayne, True Son of Batman, the Fifth Robin and the Fourth Main Robin


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So you may notice that I called this Robin the fifth Robin even though this is my forth Robin bio.  That is because the Fourth Robin is technically the blink-and-you’ll-miss-her Stephanie Brown who is my personal favorite Robin (I like the other Robins best when they change their ID, Nightwing, Red Robin, etc.) and had an extremely short run as Robin and as a result isn’t that significant to the other Robins.  There is also Carrie Kelley who was a non-cannon Robin but due to the fact that the non-cannon story The Dark Knight Returns is one of the most famous Batman stories, people like to include her.  And so I decided that that is the poll for today: Do you want me to do a Bio on the two remaining Robins?  And you can choose between Stephanie Brown, Carrie Kelley, Both, or Neither.  Either way, I’m not going to get to them before I complete my reader-requested Ant-man Character Bio.

With that mouthful of announcements aside, I did a Character Bio for Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake.  Now for the fourth male Robin, the fourth main Robin, and the Fifth Robin in general: Damian Wayne, the true son of Batman.

Character Data

Name: Damian Wayne

Alias: Robin

Occupation: Superhero

Affiliations: Bat Family, League of Assassins, Teen Titans

Powers/Abilities: As with the other Robins, Damian Wayne has no actual superpowers.  However, he has been trained at an extremely young age to become a master martial artist, great detective skills (though not to the degree of Batman and Tim Drake), and has the unique ability to imitate voices.

Weakness: Lack of superpowers, Stronger opponents (Technical)

Equipment: Standard Bat Family utility


Creation History

Grant MorrisonCreators: Grant Morrison

Published by: DC Comics

Debuted in: (Technical) Batman: Son of the Demon (1987), Batman #655 (September 2006)

Batman #655Now Damian’s early history is a little confusing as he originally wasn’t going to be cannon as Batman: Son of the Demon was originally going to be non-cannon but Grant Morrison came along and basically decided to bring Damian Wayne into the main DC continuity and thus introduced him into the main DC continuity in Batman #655.  He actually didn’t read Batman: Son of the Demon and thus got a few details wrong, but he just shrugged it off and decided to use Superboy Prime’s reality altering punch in Infinite Crisis to explain the continuity errors.


Damian Wayne’s Biography

At a very young age, Damian was taught how to fight

At a very young age, Damian was taught how to fight

So at one point in time, Batman would be drugged by Talia al Ghul and he’d-how do I put this lightly-got a little too romantic with her and she eventually gave birth to Damian Wayne.  Damian Wayne would grow up with the League of Assassins and become a master of martial arts before he was even in the double digits and he knew how to fight and how to kill, but that was it.  So Talia eventually went to Batman and kind of just gave him his 10-year old son that he never knew about.

Just as a little side note that will be relevant later, Damian was introduced to Tim Drake soon after this and the two did not get along.

Talia would soon come and take Damian back but their boat would get caught in an explosion and Damian would survive but needed surgery in order to do so.  Talia then brought him to the Australian Outback to teach him about his grandfather: Ra’s al Ghul.  While there, it was shown that White Ghost wanted to take Damian and put his soul into Damian’s young body, thus killing Damian.

Damian managed to escape and got to the Wayne mansion and tried to tell Tim what happened, but Tim didn’t believe him and this ended up in a fight.  Damian would then go to Alfred and tell him what happened, but Tim came after him leading to another fight while the League of Assassins is surrounding the Wayne mansion.  Tim and Damian would have to fight the League of Assassins along with Nightwing, but due to their different fighting styles, they ended up unable to work together and was kidnapped.  It was revealed that Ra’s al Ghul wanted Damian’s body and Batman initially tried to give his own, but Ra’s wanted a younger body.  Batman then asked about the Fountain of Essence, which is similar to the Lazarus Pit but without the crazy side-effects.  Ra’s and Batman would go to find the fountain, leaving the others to fight the League of Assassins, only for Damian to go after his father and get captured by Ra’s but Talia managed to get Damian away and these two would disappear for a little bit.

During Batman R.I.P., Damian would come back only for Bruce Wayne to seemingly die and Alfred becomes his legal guardian and Nightwing to become the one responsible for training him.  Damian didn’t really need any training to fight, but fighting was all he knew and that would make him useless to the Bat Family (Batman did debut in Detective Comics, not Beat Up All The Bad Guys While Looking Cool Comics).

Eventually, Battle for the Cowl would come around and all the people in Arkham Asylum would break out.  This is really bad because they know Batman is no longer around and thus has no worries for their consequences.  Tim tells Dick that he [Dick] needs to become Batman, but Dick refused even after Tim tells him that someone dressed as Batman is violently gunning people down.  So Tim puts on the Silver Age Batsuit and goes after this gun-wielding Batman (who, if you guys have seen my previous bios, you know this is Jason Todd) only to be stabbed by a Batarang.

While this is going on, Damian is attacked by Poison Ivy and Killer Croc and would’ve gotten killed if Nightwing didn’t swoop down in a glider and save him.  But the hang glider would be shot down and the duo would be surrounded by a gang.  But this gang would soon be gunned down by Jason Todd/Fake Batman.  The Fake Batman would fight Nightwing for a bit until Nightwing revealed that he knew it was Jason.  Jason then proceeded to shoot Damian in the chest.

Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Damian Wayne)

Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Damian Wayne)

After Damian recovers and everything settles down a little, Dick realized that Gotham needed a Batman and decided to become Batman himself and asked Damian to be the new Robin, which Damian accepted.  Of course, Tim would get really angry at this but Dick didn’t want Tim to be his Robin as he saw Tim as an equal, so Tim left and became Red Robin (Yum!).  The only problem with this is that Damian had no respect for Dick and wanted to become Batman himself.  Damian also was really good at fighting, but not crime fighting, and his people skills where next to terrible.  So Dick though that becoming Robin may be a great way for Damian to adapt.

Damian Enemy of the al GhulsAt some point, Talia would go and find Damian to “save him” as he was starting to side with the Bat Family.  Damian would then tell her that he does not need saving and has chosen to side with the Bat Family.  This will lead to Talia telling him that she loves him, but he is no longer welcome in  the al Ghul family and is now an enemy.

Damian and Bruce WayneA villain named Black Glove would be causing some trouble, and Damian would find Joker and beat him with a crowbar to get information from him.  Joker would then spray Damian with some Joker Venom and who would show up and save Damian but Batman, and this time it was Bruce behind the cowl.  Bruce would then tell Damian that he’s proud of him and accepts him as his son.

Although Bruce was back, he let Dick stay Batman for a little while longer as Bruce was working on Batman Inc. at the time.

Dick would then put Damian in the Teen Titans as he felt that Damian wasn’t growing as he had hoped and he thought that this would allow Damian to make some friends.  This didn’t work well as Damian at first demanded that they make him leader (this obviously didn’t work) and Tim soon re-joined the group.  Damian and Tim still really hated each other and Damian found it obvious that everybody liked Tim over Damian, so Damian returned to Gotham and said that he only has/needs one friend: Dick Grayson.

After this was the New 52, and Damian was killed during the Death of the Family (noticed this is Death of the Family not Death in the Family, Death of the Family killed off Damian Wayne while Death in the Family killed Jason  Todd) story arc.  However it seems that I made this bio just in time because DC announced that they are bringing Damian back soon enough and that should be pretty exciting.


Comics to Check Out

If you want to read some Damian Wayne stories then here are a few suggestions

  • Batman #655
  • Batman: Battle for the Cowl
  • Batman: Death of the Family
  • Batman: R.I.P.


End Poll!

Now this is the time where it’s all about you guys.  I did all four “main” Robins and the four that you should know.  But how about the other two?  We have Stephanie Brown who’s impact is so small that it wouldn’t effect much if she was never a Robin and Carrie Kelley was never in the main continuity so she literally didn’t effect anything.  However they both are still people who has been called Robin at one point or another so should I do them?  Or just skip them and find someone else to star doing these about?  Peace, XD

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