Halloween Special – Top 10 Scariest Comic Book Characters


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So today is Halloween and what do we like to do better on this holiday then to either creep you guys out or make you thankful that you live in the real world.  So today, we’re counting down the most scariest, the most disturbing, and the most sadistic beings in the comicverse.  So let us begin.

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  • Marvel and DC only
  • Now we all have our own opinions on what’s “scary”.  I’m going for a more sadistic scary than a powerful scary if that makes sense.
  • Warning: some of the pictures I use may be somewhat disturbing, read at your own risk.


#10 – Ventriloquist


Ventriloquist is a Batman villain who has a puppet named Scarface who he projects a second personality on.  While Scarface is simply just a dummy, Ventriloquist actually believes Scarface is a sentient puppet and as a result, follows the orders of whatever the puppet says.  To put that in perspective, imagine a child and when ever this child gets in trouble, she says that her imaginary friend told her to do it.  Now imagine this being a fully adult male and actually believing that he’s being told to do it rather than just pretending.  Yeah, kinda creepy.


#9 – Black Lanterns

black lanterns

I feel that this is kind of breaking the rules a little as this is an entire corps but I just had to put them on this list.  The Black Lanterns are able to bring the dead to life, literally making a zombie apocolypse.


#8 – M.O.D.O.K.


The Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing or M.O.D.O.K. for short, is a supervillain obsessed with murder and torture.  Honestly, I feel that thus justifies his spot on this list alone, but let’s continue.  He has a huge intellect to match that huge head of his as well as several psionic abilities.  So we have a weird supervillain with high intelligence, psychic powers, and a thirst for torture.  Yep, this guy definitely deserves a spot.


#7 – Venom

Venom scary

While Venom is more recognized as Eddie Brock, there was a time when the symbiote bonded with Mac Gargon (Scorpion) who became the second Venom.  As Venom, Gargon became much more violent and aggressive then Eddie Brock was and even became cannibalistic.


#6 – Carnage

Carnage Scary

Now how can we have Venom on this list without the much scarier Carnage.  Doesn’t the name explain it all?  The Carnage symbiote is the child of the Venom symbiote and after bonding with the sociopathic serial killer (wait, aren’t all serial killers sociopathic?) Cletus Kasady, it became even more powerful than Venom and a lot more willing to kill.  Inf act, he loved to kill and found murder as the ultimate form of freedom.  He even used his victim’s blood to write “Carnage” on the walls.


#5 – Dollmaker


Joker's faceFor the next three entrees on this list there will be rather common theme: cutting up and surgically rearranging body.  Dollmaker is one of them as he cut of the face of his deceased father and wore it as a mask.  He’s also the one who cut Joker’s face off in the New 52.  Yeah, Let’s continue.


#4 – Murmur


So what’s so creepy about this guy?  Murmur actually sounds like a cute name.  Well it’s the exact opposite, considering that this guy cut his tongue off and sewed his mouth shut.  How exactly does he eat?


#3 – Hush


Hush with his sewed on Bruce Wayne face

Hush with his sewed on Bruce Wayne face

Another Batman villain, Hush surgically cuts his face apart and rearranges it in order to look like certain people.  So he cuts his face apart and sows it back together and has done this to look like Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd, and even Commissioner Gordan.  Um, no thank you.


#2 – Joker


Of course Joker was on this list.  Original choice?  Maybe not, but an honest one?  Definitely.  First off, he’s a clown and coulrophobia is a fairly common phobia thanks to Steven King, or at least he didn’t really help.  Also, there are some really insane things he has done in the comics like: cutting his face off (as mentioned earlier), skinning a man alive, blowing up an orphanage, even sewed body parts together (what is with comics and sewing people’s faces and bodies?)


#1 – Scarecrow


Some may call this a cop-out but honestly who’s scarier than a person who can make you hallucinate your worst fears?  I was debating between him and Parallax as (after some research after my previous countdown) Parallax also has the ability to make you experience your worst fears.  Only the fact that it’s more realistic for a guy to create a fear gas then an alien, I have to say that Scarecrow’s scarier since it’s possible that this could happen.


So what do you guys think?  Which characters in comics do you find disturbing?  Leave a comment below, Peace XD


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