Tim Drake (The Third Robin) – Character Bio

Tim Drake, the Third Robin

Tim Drake, the Third Robin


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So as of lately I guess it’s kind of obvious that I have been busy as I haven’t posted last Monday nor this past Saturday.  However, I did get the Tim Drake Character Bio finished and ready for ya’ll to enjoy.  So first we did the first Robin: Dick Grayson, then the second Robin: Jason Todd, now it’s time for the third Robin to get some love.

Also, I’ll try to get Damian Wayne’s bio done soon (the fourth male Robin).  Since I have already promised a reader that I’ll get an Ant-man bio up (he or she probably requested it for the upcoming Ant-man movie), I’ll probably get to Stephanie Brown later on and maybe Carrie Kelley (she was a Robin in the non-cannon graphic novel Dark Knight Returns)  if you guys want (comment below).  But the biggest post this month is going to be a Halloween themed post: The Top 10 Most Disturbing Marvel and DC Characters.  I already came up with a few, but I want you guys to either comment below or on my Facebook fan-page on some characters that you find disturbing.  The rules are basically as long as the character belongs to DC or Marvel, it qualifies (which mean it can be a superhero or villain, although I’ll bet most, if not all, of them will be villains).


Character Data

Name: Timothy Jackson “Tim” Drake, Tim Wayne

Alias: Robin, Red Robin

Occupation: Superhero, Detective

Affiliations: Bat Family, Teen Titans, Young Justice

Powers/Abilities: Due to having no actual superpowers, Tim Drake has to rely on his martial arts skills to fight opponents.  He is also a brilliant detective, some may argue that he is even a better detective than Batman himself.

Weakness: Lack of superpowers, Stronger opponents (Technical)

Equipment: Standard Bat Family utility


Creation History

Marv Wolfman

Marv Wolfman

Pat Broderick

Pat Broderick

Creators: Marv Wolfman (writer) and Pat Broderick (artist)

Published by: DC Comics

Debuted in: Batman #436 (August 1989)

Batman #436Tim Drake was named after Tim Burtin (a nice little fun fact for ya) as he was the director of the then-upcoming Batman film.  Tim Drake was created in the 80s and since people started getting bored of the brute strength hero at the time, then it made sense to make a more mental hero for the next Robin after Jason Todd died.  As a result, while Jason and Dick focused a lot on the physical side of crime-fighting, Tim focused a lot more on the mental side.  Tim Drake would become Robin in 1989 and he’d stay Robin for 20 years before becoming Red Robin in 2009 similarly to how Dick Grayson became Nightwing.


Tim Drake’s Biography

So Tim Drake was very different from both Dick Grayson and Jason Todd as he wasn’t very strong but he was very smart.  Another thing that separated him from the two is that while both Dick Grayson’s and Jason Todd’s parents where dead (or thought to be dead), Tim had a nice family and loved his parents a lot.  At one point his parents took him to see the Flying Graysons at Haley’s Circus and witnessed Dick Grayson do a quadruple somersault.  Few years later, he saw Batman and Robin and saw Robin doing a quadruple somersault.  This lead Tim to do some research and he learned that after his parents died, Dick Grayson was adopted by Bruce Wayne: the billionaire who had muscles on his muscles.  He soon came to the conclusion that Bruce Wayne was Batman and Dick Grayson was Robin.  And when Nightwing arrived on the scene and Robin mysteriously vanished, he realized that Dick Grayson became Nightwing.  And when Robin arrived again, he believed it was a new Robin and when this Robin disappeared, he noticed that Batman became a lot more violent and aggressive.

Tim then decided that he wanted to become the new Robin but if he asked right away he’s just be rejected.  So he waited until Nightwing came back to town and basically told him that he knew he was Dick Grayson and wanted to become the next Robin.  Impressed with Tim, Dick decides to convince Bruce who ultimately agreed to take him under his wing (bat joke).  Due to Tim’s lack of strength, he had to be trained a lot longer than the other two Robins and was trained by Alfred, then Batman, and finally Nightwing in the art of Robin.

Now what you need to take note of is that Dick Grayson basically accepted Tim Drake right off the bat.  This was done to get fans to accept this new character and if fans saw that Dick approved, then they might approve also.  This caused Tim to be one of the most popular Robins and one could debate on whether Tim is more popular or if Dick was more popular.

Before I continue, I need to tell you that shortly after Tim Drake started training, his parents would be kidnapped and his mother would die (cause we’re not allowed to have a Robin who has both parents breathing, am I right)

Bane VS BatmanBatman had some strict rules towards Tim as he didn’t want the same thing that happened to Jason to repeat itself.  Some of the rules included: he must fallow Batman’s orders no matter what, and if they’re facing a known killer like Joker or Two-Face, then Tim must leave and get help.  During the Knightfall story arc, Bane would break Batman’s back and paralyze him and Tim stayed by his side til help would arrive.  While Bruce was recovering, Jean-Paul, who was Azrael at the time, was asked to be Batman for a short amount of time and Jean-Paul didn’t realize that Batman was more then just the costume as he was a lot more violent and down right evil and Tim didn’t feel comfortable working with him.  Eventually Bruce learned that Bane learned that Batman and Bruce was the same person, and in fear that he also knew about Tim being Robin, he went to Tim’s house to tell Tim’s father the truth only to learn that he was already kidnapped (or would that by dadnapped).

Tim would get tired of Jean-Paul and head home only to find that his parents where gone and Bruce was the only one there.  Bruce then told Tim that he’ll need to pretend his father was on a business trip for a while and Tim felt really lonely without a parental figure and the new Batman would not want him.  Nightwing even tried to cheer him up, which worked somewhat, but Tim would eventually decide to go and invest a case about the villain: Cluemaster.

Eventually Bruce Wayne would return and he would reveal he is considering retirement as Batman, but Tim told him about the whole Azrael situation and Bruce saw no choice but to get back into peak-human condition and go to fight Azrael and return everything to normal.

During an investigation, Tim would find Spoiler and he would soon figure out that Spoiler is Stephanie Brown, Cluemaster’s daughter.  While both Batman and Robin was investigating the scene, they found clues that blatantly pointed to Cluemaster (ironically).  Batman and Robin goes to visit Cluemaster in prison and he reveals that a gang is keeping Stephanie hostage and he needs to work for them otherwise she’ll get hurt.  They saved Stephanie and she revealed that Cluemaster was actually in on the whole thing and joined them as Spoiler.  While on the mission, Spoiler would flirt with Robin but he would reject her advances as he already had a girlfriend.

Robin + ImpulseSometime after the mission, Tim would meet Bart Allen (Impulse) and this would begin a great friendship.  Eventually Young Justice will form and he became their leader but would remain really close friends with Impulse and Superboy.  Unfortunately Robin would eventually leave as it was revealed that Batman has been keeping tabs on the members of the Justice League and he could kill all of them instantly if he wanted to.  As a result, their was a lot of trust issues with Batman and this distrust would also be towards Batman’s sidekick (Robin) and Robin would be kicked off the team.

At some point, Tim’s dad notices that Tim has a black eye and Tim comes up with an excuse for how he got it.  His father didn’t believe him and while looking through his room, he found Tim’s Robin uniform and utility.  He would confront Bruce and Tim in the Batcave and he’d demand that Tim stops being Robin immediately or he’d reveal to Gotham that Bruce Wayne was the Batman.

Batman would fire Tim as Robin but soon there would be a gang war in Gotham.  Tim’s dad forbid him from leaving the house, but he disobeys and saves some kids in his neighborhood in his civilian identity.  Eventually Tim insisted on becoming Robin again and his father realized that Gotham needed a Robin just as much as it needed a Batman and allowed Tim to continue his heroing.  The gang war would end, but Tim’s father is killed by Captain Boomerang (which is kind of odd that it was a Flash villain and not a Batman villain).

Red RobinInfinite Crisis would come around and a lot of things happened.  First off, Superboy died and since Tim and Superboy was really close, he honored his death by wearing Superboy’s colors: red and black.  Soon after this, Batman would adopt Tim and the two of them would wipe out all crime in Gotham.

After a lot of time passed, Batman dies and Tim asks Dick to become the new Batman.  Dick refuses, but Jason Todd is back and gunning people down dressed as Batman, and so Tim dresses as Batman but get’s stabbed by Jason (he survived though).  Tim then tells everyone that Batman is still alive, but nobody believes him.  So he goes to Europe to look for Batman under the new title of Red Robin (Yum!) while Damian replaces him as the new Robin.  Eventually, Red Robin finds a cave paining that proves that Batman is lost in time somewhere and the fact that he found this paining shows how good of a detective he really is.

After returning to Gotham, Tim becomes CEO of Wayne Enterprises only to be shoved out the window by Ra’s al Ghul.  Tim then goes to Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin and tells the two that he has proof that Bruce is still alive.  The next big thing to happen with this character is the final fight of the Teen Titans but hat’s pretty much it.

Then the New 52 and so far he has been in both the fourth run of the Teen Titans (first of the New 52) and the current run.  You can see my review of the current run of issue 1 and 2.



  • Superboy, Impulse, and Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandmark) are Tim’s best friends
  • Blue Beetle (Ted Korde) is Tim’s favorite superhero and good friends
  • His birthday is July 19


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