Top 5 Favorite Superhero Movies


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So this post was actually more of a suggestion by a friend then a request but I didn’t have anything specific planned today so I though, why not?  So this blog is no stranger to the cinematic universes of DC and Marvel as well as cartoons and comics (this blog isn’t even really strictly about DC and Marvel to begin with and just superheroes as a whole, including anywhere from Ben 10 and Danny Phantom to Ninja Turtles, but I just stick with Marvel and DC because their heroes or more well known).  But which superhero movies are my personal favorite?  Well let’s take a look.

See my other Top 10s (or 5s) here.



  • Marvel or DC only
  • Must be live action, no animated movies
  • These are my personal favorites, meaning that it’s not necessarily the most popular, just the ones I enjoy watching more for one reason or another
  • Only one movie per trilogy


#5 – Captain America: The First Avenger


Literally this Saturday my family rented Captain America: The Winter Soldier from the Redbox and I’ve got to say, I like this one better.  If you read my Top 10 Marvel Superhero list, then you know I didn’t really like Cap before the Avengers.  But after I watched that, I re-watched this movie and liked it quite a bit.  I love Cap as a whole, but this movie just did a great job giving Captain America his origin and while Iron Man may be a more popular movie, I like this movie better.  Sorry, I just do.


#4 – The Amazing Spider-man


Yes, I like Amazing Spider-man better than Spider-man despite the nostalgia of growing up with that movie.  And there several reasons.  First off, I like the villain better.  If you’ve seen my Top 10 Spider-man Villains, then you know that The Lizard is my second favorite Spider-man villain ever, and I honestly like him better than Green Goblin.  Second, I just like Andrew Garfield better than Toby McGuire.  There are a few other reasons, but those are the two major ones and I was really disappointed when this movie was followed up with the movie we got.  But you know what, this movie was great, and I like it better than the first origin story.


#3 – X-Men: Days of Future Past


Being a huge X-Man fan, I was excited to see this movie as it is my first (and so far only, if you don’t count The Wolverine) X-Man movie and it did not disappoint.  The action was great, the sentinels all looked fantastic, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. And a lot of my favorite X-Men showed up such as Quicksilver, Kitty Pryde, Blink, Colossus, and Beast (although some of those guys weren’t there for long).  I was excited about it ever since the movie was announced and it did not disappointing in the least.  Frankly, I’m excited to see the X-Men: Apocalypse movie that’s coming out in a few years.


#2 – The Avengers

The Avengers

What can I say, this was my favorite film that came out in 2012 (and I’m not the only one saying that).  First off, it definitely captured the heart and soul of the Avengers and what we loved about the comics and the cartoons.  It felt like I was watching an episode of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in live-action form and that’s what a superhero movie is suppose to do.  It brought all the characters to life and managed to make it very comic booky without going over the top and cheesy.


#1 – The Dark Knight

Dark Knight

Out of the Nolan’s Trilogy, I have to say that the Dark Knight is the best.  Heath Ledger did a great job with Joker and I absolutely loved it.  Nolan tried to make this movie a bit more realistic so some Batman elements from the comics, cartoons, and video games were taken out but I honestly don’t care.  Batman is my favorite superhero EVER and the fact that this movie captured the Batman vibe that well was just amazing.


What are some of your favorites?  Leave it down in the comments below or my Facebook page and I’ll see you guys later, Peace XD


  1. Another fun list! My top 5 fitting the criteria would be

    1. Man of Steel: Best Action scenes in a live Action film imo.
    2. Avengers: It definitely lived up to the hype!
    3. Spider Man 3: A solid end to an amazing trilogy!
    4. Captain America The Winter Soldier: It had a lot of cool action scenes although some parts dragged a bit.
    5. The Amazing Spider Man 2: It was great popcorn fun!

    Runner Up: Ghost Rider: This one just barely did not make the list as TASM2 bumped it off. Hopefully DC can pick up the pace so that they can dominate the Top 5 someday for me!

      1. Definitely, some of those can be controversial and it would be disheartening if both of us had the same Top 5. I guess Avengers would be the only one that stacks up for both of us. Usually, this is because what we’re looking for in a film is different. For example, the three areas that I focus on the most are

        1. How good the action scenes are
        2. How good the soundtrack is
        3. Are the power levels accurate.

        I don’t really look at the acting or writing that much since standard or slightly sub standard is typically enough for me to not mind it.

      2. Well, I know that all of the characters have to be seriously nerfed for a live action film, but I still want the characters to look reasonably tough.

        An example of a power level gone wrong is Superman in Returns, where he can barely lift a plane. Likewise with Batman losing to a guy with steroids in Dark Knight Rises (Bane) or Captain America blocking Mjolnir with his Shield in Avengers. Whenever something like that happens, the film does tend to lose some points for me. It’s a very big factor in superhero films.

      3. Ah, I see. I don’t actually think its totally farfetched that Cap blocked Mjolnir as his shield is unbreakable. Now that’s up for debate but I do see what your saying and I guess that is important for a superhero movie

      4. Well, I don’t mind that the Shield didn’t break, but I don’t like that Cap blocked it so easily. It’s like in real life, if you hold a shield you can easily block strong objects. A punch wouldn’t damage you if your shield was unbreakable, but how about a wrecking ball? It wouldn’t break your shield, but the impact would still send you flying. I believe that Vibranium does absorb part of the impact, but a blow from Thor should have at least sent Captain America to the ground. (Considering that Winter Soldier’s punch brought Cap to his knees during their fight. Cap was able to repel the blow, but it took a lot of effort)

        Of course, I’m not going to totally not pick every scene for power levels because that’ll just take away the fun. It’s just if it’s something that makes me scratch my head while watching it and then I like to debate it with other fans who saw the film or online. I suppose that Marvel could definitely make a case for the shield absorbing the impact, but then I’ll need to ask about the Winter Soldier fights.

    1. Yes, this list here is totally outdated. My new liat would have to be something like this:

      5. Age of Ultron
      4. Winter Soldier
      3. Guardians of the Galaxy
      2. Avengers
      1. Dark Knight

      Yes i know u said 10 but I can’t really make a really good list of the top of my head

    2. This list is definitly outdated. I don’t really like making top 10 lists out of the blue without thinking things throug but off the top of my head my top 5 favorites would be:

      5. Age of Ultron
      4. Winter Soldier
      3.Guardians of the Galaxy
      2. Avengers
      1. Dark Knight

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