Top 10 Coolest Superpowers


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So one of the biggest reasons superheroes are entertaining is because they can do thinks that is just straight up impossible in the real world.  These are my personal favorite of those abilities.  So let’s not wait any longer and get to the list.

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  • Must be an ability that is only possible in a fictional universe
  • These are my opinions
  • Banning omnipotent powers such as reality warping, “everything” power, or some other ability like that


#10 – Optic Blasts


Optic blasts, in other words: laser eyes.  Cyclops has these, Superman has these, Darkseid has these, and while some are more of heat vision and others are just concussive blasts, this is probably the most accurate projectile ever.  Think of it, whatever you’re looking at is going to get hit (unless they move).  You see a villain a few blocks away, shoot him.  The only way this can miss is if they could dodge the beam.


#9 – Flight


Admit it, when you where a kid (or younger kid) you at one point in time thought it would be cool to fly.  And it would, being able to go thousands of miles in the air and not fear of falling is just so hard not to want it.  Plus it’s basically the ultimate mode of transportation, sure you can spend some gas money driving a car through heavy traffic, or you could just fly over the traffic.


#8 – Insect Manipulation


The ability to control insects, Antman has this ability.  I was originally going to put down animal manipulation (the ability to control animals) but I would find that somewhat immoral.  I have had dogs and cats before and I personally believe there is some intelligence in those little melons of theirs.  Maybe not to human level, but they are smarter than most people give them credit for.  Even if I could, I just wouldn’t be able to control my dogs’ minds against their will.  Insects on the other hand, are basically mindless, biological machines.  They run on 100% pure instincts, so if you ca control that instincts than you can control insects.  And since insects are the most common type of animal, it’ll be easy to find a couple to swarm someone.

Plus that ability could be useful for me personally because: 1) I have a fear of bees and wasps and if I can control them, no sweat, 2) I own a leopard gecko and they eat crickets.  So if a cricket escapes, I can tell it to go back.  And I just need to open the cricket container and they’ll all jump into the tank.


#7 – Intangibility


Shadowcat, Green Lantern (I think), and a few others have this ability.  If I become intangible, I can walk right through solid objects.  I would literally be untouchable.  A bullet flying my way, flies right through me.  Someone blocking the exit, walk right through him (I would suggest closing your eyes first). Being able to walk right through solid objects would be a really cool ability and it could have it’s uses.


#6 – Teleportation


Nightcrawler and Blink has these abilities (although Blink just creates portals, kind of the same thing).    If you could teleport, think about how useful that can be in battle.  Guy tries to punch you, port behind him to doge and then strike!  And if you teleport using portals (like Blink) than just create a bunch of portals and attack the guy from different angles.


#5 – Animal Morphing


Now I bet some of you are thinking “why animal morphing, why not just shape-shifting”.  The thing is, while shape shifting is cool I think it could be a little weird at time.  Like I would not want to shape-shift into my sister (that would be so wrong on so many levels) but animals I’m fine with.  Need a little extra strength, literally go ape.  Need some speed, time to become a falcon.  Anyone who has read a single Animorphs (please tell me someone has) book will know what I mean by any of this.


#4 – Enhance Healing Factor


Off the top of my head, the only people with the healing factor I’m talking about is Deadpool, Wolverine, and X-23.  Being a superhero, what is probably the one thing your en danger of?  Dying, and if you have loved ones how will they feel to learn that you died as a masked vigilante.  If you have a healing factor, they can shoot at you all they want and you’ll just heal within 5 seconds.  Honestly, if a superhero had only a healing factor, than he’d just need to learn how to fight and then go and do their thing.  The only problem I see here is that your blood can get one something and people will be able to trace your DNA back to you.  But c’mon, in a world where glasses can be your only disguise, are we really worried about that DNA mumbo jumbo?


#3 – Constructs


Green Lantern fans knows exactly what I’m talking about.  The ability to will and object into the physical world.  I think every Lantern Corps can do this under certain conditions (don’t quote me on that) but whatever you need, make it.  Need to call your mom, will a phone into existence.  Bored, will a video game.


#2 – Electrokinesis


I fell in love with this power from the Static Shock cartoon series.  If you can absorb, shoot, and control electricity, than think of what you can do.  You can simply absorb and shoot electricity at people, you can travel through wires (if you also have electrical mimicry), you can channel it through metal for electromagnetism, and (this one’s a little out there) since the human brain uses bio-electrical signals, you could potentially have limited telepathic powers.


#1 – Super Speed


OMG, what I would give to have super speed.  Now I can see two ways of this going, your either going to have super fast reflexes so while your thinking at normal speed, your body is like dodging all the obstacles, or you can think so fast that everything looks like it’s in slow motion.  But this is the best power in my opinion because you can just do so many things.  Run fast enough to gain kinetic energy before punching someone, and that could heart.  Spin your arms fast enough to create tornadoes, or spin around them to decrease the oxygen around them.  I would just love this power.


So how did you guys like the list?  Put your favorite powers in the comments below and don’t forget to click that like and follow button.  Next week, we’re going to look at 10 sad truths about superheroes.


  1. Will Super Speed does certain things like taxes more bearable.

    My personal favorite would some form telepathy that always to see someone’s true nature because just plain old mind reading isn’t a good lie detector.

    1. “Will Super Speed does certain things like taxes more bearable.” I’m sorry, you worded this weird. What are you trying to say?

      And I never liked the idea of telepathy. The idea of having my mind read is a bigger violation of privacy than reading my hypothetical diary in my opinion

      1. I mean with super speed can finish your taxes on time during the last minute.

        I didn’t say traditional telepathy and something more like soul reading basically you can’t read their minds but you can tell if a person is redeemable or not.

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