Top 10 Favorite Teenaged Superheroes


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So if you saw my second update you would know that my schedule is a bit off from what I said I’d do.  That is because school has started and I’m having trouble getting everything going smoothly.  I’m thinking instead of updating every Friday, I’ll actually do it every Saturday instead.

But enough with that, a little while ago, Sentrymann did a post on his blog on his Top 10 Teenaged Superheroes and I commented on his blog about what my list would be, but I’m not quite satisfied with what my list was.  So here is my list, hope you guys enjoy.

Also, sorry about the lack of pictures, having some technical difficulties.

To see more top 10s (or 5s) click here.



  • Must be a teenaged superhero
  • DC and Marvel only
  • These are my personal favorites, not necessarily the best nor iconic
  • I’m going to ban Spider-man from this list simply because everyone knows that Spider-man will be #1.  If you don’t like this rule, just make this a top 11 list and make Spidey #1.  OK?



Honorable Mention – Speedy


Raise your hand if you’ve seen the Young Justice Cartoon.  For those of you who didn’t, in the cartoon the presented Speedy as a kid who treated his body as a temple and always wanted to do what he felt was right.  That’s not the Speedy I grew to know, in the comics Roy Harper first started out as basically a Robin rip-off for Green Arrow.  But as time has passed, we learned that Roy was originally a heroine addict and just couldn’t stop.  Green Arrow saw this, and he changed Roy from addict to vigilante.  Well at least he went from breaking the law and his body to breaking the law and saving people.


#10 – Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)


Many People knows Blue Beetle due to the second season of Young Justice.  The main reason I loves Blue Beetle so much is due to the scarab.  The mythos they created around the scarab was just so interesting that it actually led me to read one of the first comics I’ve ever read: Blue Beetle Vol. 1: Shellshocked.  The scarab and the abilities that the scarab grants Jaime is just so cool that I couldn’t not put him on this list.


#9 – Robin (Stephanie Brown)


Now Between all the Robins, I picked Stephanie Brown for this list because I like Dick Grayson better as Nightwing, I never liked Jason Todd, I like Tim Drake better as Red Robin (Yum!), and I don’t know much about Damian Wayne or Carrie Kelley (the later mostly due to being from a non-cannon storyline).  But being such an iconic character, I had to put a Robin on my list.  She might not be the most popular, but she’s my personal favorite.


#8 – Cyborg


I often like characters better when they have something sad happen to them that makes you feel sympathetic towards them.  Cyborg may be BA, but he got his cybernetic parts after Victor Stone got in an accident that caused his scientist father to use the advanced machines around the lab to save his life.  While it saved his life, he’s no part robot and this could cause some self-questioning about his humanity and how human he still is.


#7 – Impulse


Out of the four Flashes, Bart Allen is probably the least known.  Bart Allen is the 30th century, time-traveling grandson to Barry Allen.  As a result, Impulse has his grandfather’s super speed.  Super speed is my personal favorite superpower and when looking back at my Favorite DC list, I’m not happy that Flash only got to #8.  Now the reason I picked Impulse over Kid Flash is mainly because I like Wally West better as Flash.


#6 – Beast Boy


If you know me, you know that I love animals.  And Beast Boy can turn into literally any animal he wants.  How cool is that?


#5 – Batgirl (Barbra Gordan)


Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, and Barbra Gordan.  Batman, Robin, and Batgirl.  This is probably one of the most signature trio every and that trio wouldn’t be possible without Babs.  Barbra Gordan has had a pretty dark past with being the commissioner’s daughter, getting shot and paralyzed by Joker, and being Oracle.


#4 – Raven


Blatantly the best character on the Teen Titans cartoon, Raven is a half demon daughter to Trigon and let’s just say I’m glad I’m not her.  First she has suffers some prejudice for being a demon, she has to control her emotions to control her powers, and she has been possessed by Trigon on more than one occasion.


#3 – X-23


What happens when you take the BA of Wolverine and take out everything I don’t like about him?  You get X-23, aka Laura Kinney.  Is there much more I need to say about her?  She has blades in her wrists like Wolverine (plus some in her feet), she has a healing factor like Wolverine, but she has a pretty sad history being created to be a living weapon.


#2 – Shadowcat


When Shadowcat was introduced to the X-Men, she was the youngest member of the team.  She was called Sprite and was a lot more light-hearted.  After growing up, she has became a ninja, a genius, a caring person, has a pet dragon, and changed her name to Shadowcat.  What’s not to like?


#1 – Static


Static was created by Milestone media for better representation of minorities in comics and it shows.  Being a black kid with electromagnetic powers, his comics tend to cover controversial topics and I really liked what they did with this character.  Give him a unique powers and make him black not just to have more black people, but to better represent black people, and you have my personal favorite teenaged superhero (other than Spidey of course).


  1. Besides X-23 being my number one (she’s actually the character who got me into comics), Despite sharing at least most of Wolverine’s DNA and his abilities, along with her desire to be better, she and Wolverine are almost total opposites. Wolverine is an animal in a fight, while X-23 is more of a machine. She’s more cold and calculating when written properly (that’s not to say she can’t tap into her rage). But most importantly, she is fundamentally selfless while Wolverine often is far from that.

    I’m not sure exactly how I’d order the rest of my favourite teenage superheroes. Shadowcat would certainly be on there, along with both Dick Greyson and Barbara Gordon (even if I’ve read little outside the NEW 52, and they’re both supposed to be adults by that point). Supergirl would be on there somewhere, and possibly some of the Avengers Academy kids. After that, I’d have to think about it. A good list though.

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