Dick Grayson – Character Bio

Dick Grayson, The First Robin

Dick Grayson, The First Robin


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So not too long ago I posted a poll for my next Character Bio and nobody voted.  However, one person requested a Dick Grayson bio so hey, why not?  So today, if you didn’t know that he’s not only been the first Robin and the first Nightwing (thanks to Superman), but has also been the second Batman, than keep reading!

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Character Data

Name: Richard John “Dick” Grayson

Alias: Robin, Nightwing, Batman, Renegade

Occupation: Circus Acrobat, Superhero

Affiliations: Bat Family, Teen Titans, Titans, Justice League

Powers/Abilities: Due to not having any actual superpowers, Dick Grayson has peak human level athlete, has mastered martial arts, is a skilled acrobatic, detective, tactician, and field commander.


Equipment: Batarangs, smaller shuriken-like “Wing Dings”, regurgitation gas (tear gas mixed with an additive agent to induce vomiting) pellets smoke capsules. His right gauntlet contains a 100,000 volt stun gun, although his preferred weapons are two shatterproof polymer Eskrima sticks.

Love interests: Koriand’r (Starfire), Barbra Gordan


Creation History

Bob Kane (Right).  Source

Bob Kane (Right)

Bill Finger.  Source

Bill Finger

Jerry Robinson.  Source

Jerry Robinson

Creators: Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson

Published by: DC Comics

Debuted in: Detective Comics #38 April 1940

Detective Comics #38Robin was created by the names above as DC wanted a better way to attract the younger audiences as all superheroes where adults.  So the created a character with some costume inspiration from Robin Hood and named him Robin, the Boy Wonder.  After Robin debuted, Batman sales doubled and Dick Grayson stayed a main stay character in the DC universe.


Dick Grayson’s Biography

Flying GraysonsAt the age of 12, Dick Grayson became part of the Flying Graysons, which was an acrobatic show during a circus that became famous for not using a net (it should be noted that while Dick joined at the age of 12, he has been practicing since birth).  Dick eventually eavesdropped on some gangsters who was threatening the owner of the circus by threatening to hurt some of his workers.  Dick then decides to try and forget he heard anything which would change his life permanently.  Later that night, he watched in helpless horror as the line his parents where on snapped and they fell to their deaths.

Eventually, Bruce Wayne found and adopted Dick but due to being Batman, he didn’t spend a lot of time with Dick.  Dick got frustrated by the lack of attention and decided to go out and investigate his parents murder.  While investigating, he eventually ran into Batman before they got attacked by the same gangsters as earlier.  Dick would then be knocked out only to wake up in the Batcave and be shocked as to who’s under Batman’s mask.

Dick and Bruce would eventually go out and prove the gangsters murdered his parents but the leader of the gang died of a heart attack before he could be arrested.  Bruce saw a lot of himself in Dick including his personality and his love for justice.  Because of this, Bruce made a costume based on Robin Hood and asked Dick if he’d like to be his sidekick, Robin.  Robin would begin his training straight away and both Batman and Robin made an oath to always fight together and to fight for good, no matter what.

Dick vs TFRobin didn’t really understand the fine line between life or death that he was dancing on, so he was fairly care-free and never took it seriously.  It continued like this until an encounter with Two-Face woke him up and made him realize that this wasn’t a game.  Two-Face had Batman and the district attorney tide up and Robin threw a Batarang at the ropes wrapped around the attorney’s hands which released him.  The only problem is that Robin didn’t think about the second trap, and the floor beneath the attorney gave away causing him to fall into water and drowned.  Two-Face then got angry and started mercilessly beat up Robin and Batman was helpless to watch.  Batman eventually broke free and saved Robin, but he made the parental decision to fire him (although to be honest, I don’t think a parent would let a 12-year old kid going around and beating bad guys up in the first place).

Original Teen TitansThis event cause Dick and some other sidekicks to create a crime-fighting team of their own and this team was called the Teen Titans.  The Teen Titans was a group of teenaged sidekicks who felt that their mentors didn’t believe they where good enough to fight crime when they knew that wasn’t true.  This team consisted of Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, and Kid Flash.  Eventually, the team grew up and grew distant from each other and the team disbanded only for Raven to call the team together and this created the New Teen Titans.

Dick would be having troubles as Batman told him that if he wasn’t going to be his sidekick anymore than he wasn’t allowed to be Robin as Robin was Batman’s sidekick.  Dick was angry and didn’t understand why as he believed that only he could be Robin.  The Titans actually helped him get through this phase in his life and out of all the Titans, Starfire helped Dick out a lot through this event as Dick and Starfire had this romance going on at the time.

NightwingDick eventually left the Titans and gave leadership to Wonder Girl before encountering Superman.  Superman told Dick a story about a hero on Krypton named Nightwing and although people believe him to be a myth, he inspired many people.  Dick Grayson than decided to be a solo hero and named himself Nightwing after the Kryptonian hero.

One good thing happened to Nightwing before a series of unfortunate events (hopefully someone got that reference) occurred.  The one good thing was that Nightwing saved all the Titans from this one dude with the help of his friend Jericho.  After this, his relationship with Starfire suffered as Starfire was suppose to marry someone on her planet, then Nightwing was brainwashed by Brother Blood, then he would find out there was a new Robin and be upset to find out that this Robin died (this Robin was Jason Todd and I might do his bio later but don’t get to upset if I don’t get to it).

After this, he met a kid named Tim Drake who became the third Robin and while Nightwing played a big role in the making of the third Robin, most of this would be more relevant for a Tim Drake bio then this bio.  It should be noted that it’s around this time that fans realized that Dick Grayson was the acrobatic Robin, Jason Todd was the angry Robin, Tim Drake was the detective Robin and Damian Wayne is the true son of Batman.

New Titans #100Around this time, Dick and Starfire’s relationship would become really weak before Dick straight up proposed to her.  They made it to the alter, but a Trigon possessed Raven would interrupt the wedding and plant Starfire with a demon seed.  After this, Dick and Starfire’s relationship would become very distant and fail.

Soon after this, Batman’s back would be broken by Bane and Bruce asked Nightwing to take up role as Batman for a bit.  Dick would become Batman for a bit and, with help of the current Robin, defeated Two-Face and defeated some inner demons.  Of Course, Bruce took the mantle of Batman once his back healed.

Nightwing would try to sneak into an organization of supervillains before Deathstroke found out and blackmailed Nightwing to train his daughter, Rose, as the new Ravager.  Deathstroke betrayed Nightwing and released a radioactive chemical that chaused radiation poisoning in Nightwing before Batman came to save him.

Dick and BarbraNightwing apologized to Batman but Batman told him not to apologize and to just move on.  So Nightwing did and proposed to Barbra Gordan and she said yes with a kiss.  After this, Nightwing would be in trouble and called some of the old members of the Titans but the only one who showed up was Superboy.  Superboy Prime would show up and eventually defeat them easily but Batman and Robin came in and saved them.  Nightwing would wake up in the hospital with Barbra by his side and Batman asked him if he’d like to rejoin the team with Batman and Robin and Nightwing said no because he had Barbra.  Barbra then took her engagement ring and gave it back to him and said to do what he wants and don’t use her as an excuse.  Barbra did this as she wanted him to re-learn who he is, since he kind of forgot, and she didn’t want to be married to someone who didn’t know they where.  Nightwing would leave behind an envelope that had a letter, a picture of them as Robin and Batgirl, and the engagement ring on a chain.

Eventually the storyline called Battle for the Cowl will begin and Black Mask put Gotham into chaos.  This would include Penguin and Two-Face having a war with each other, Jason Todd dressing up as Batman and violently gunning down random people, Bruce Wayne died, and Dick Grayson didn’t want to be Batman so Tim became the new Batman instead but got stabbed because of it.  Jason would then lie to Nightwing and told him that he killed Tim Drake and the two would have a fight before Jason supposedly fell to his death.

Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Damian Wayne)

Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Damian Wayne)

Dick then decided that he needed to take the mantle of Batman and Damian Wayne became the next Robin.  After Bruce Wayne’s funeral, Dick told Alfred that they needed to keep Batman alive somehow so Alfred created a new Batbunker so Dick could officially become Batman himself.  As Batman, he defeated the Scarecrow and he also became far more media friendly as he allowed his fights to be filmed and this was so his claims for whatever happens during a fight would stick.

Tim would eventually theorize that Bruce is still alive and Dick did not agree at all.  So Tim became a new hero called Red Robin and went to Europe to find Bruce Wayne.  The thing about Tim is that, despite the fact that Batman is considered the world’s greatest detective, Tim is a much better detective than the Bat himself and so when Tim has a theory, you listen.

Eventually a Black Lantern ring was reanimating corpses and Dick had to fight the zombie version of his parents before he decided that being Batman was too much for him.  They eventually find Bruce Wayne (they didn’t actually “find” him but if I explained it to you guys than this post would be three times larger than it currently is) and Bruce created Batman Inc. and claimed that he has been funding Batman this whole time.

After this we get into the New 52 and I’m not going to get into that right now.




  • His birthday is March 21, 4 days before mine



Why I Like/Dislike Dick Grayson

Being the first Robin, Dick Grayson has had years of great stories over the years that has turned him into a interesting character.  Plus his Nightwing costume looks awesome.


End Thoughts/Announcements

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