30 Follower Special – My Top 10 Favorite Marvel Superheroes


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So I just hit 30 followers so while it might not be that impressive, it is a milestone I never reached with my previous blog.  So today I have two posts planned for you guys: My Top 10 Favorite Marvel Superheroes and My Top 10 Favorite DC Superheroes.  So let’s not waist anymore time and get to the list! (Oh, and FYI, their since I’m a huge X-Men fan I might have a lot of mutants on here, just pointing that out.)



  • Must be a superhero owned by Marvel (duh)
  • These are my personal favorites, which means that these aren’t necessarily the most iconic nor best


#10 – Moon Knight

Moon Knight.  Source

Moon Knight.  Source

Moon Knight is basically Marvel’s Batman, except he’s willing to kill, and I love Batman.  Not only does he look cool, his stories can also get kind of dark.  I also though he looked cool with that white cape.  Not much more to say about him, then again there’s not much you need to say about him.  He maybe a, how do I put this gently, not all there, but this vigilante is one that you should definitely start reading.  He’s pretty underrated and not as known as he should be.


#9 – Agent Venom

Agent Venom. Source

Agent Venom.  Source

Anyone whose read my Top 10 Favorite Spider-man Villains list knows that I love Venom.  So what if we take that same symbiote, and give him to the guy who bullied Peter Parker throughout high school, and make that guy struggle to use the symbiote for good?  You got one awesome superhero, that’s what.  Many people knows Flash Thompson as the bully of Peter Parker.  What many who doesn’t keep up with comics doesn’t know is he eventually joins the army, loses his leg, and allows the Venom symbiote to take him as his host to regain his leg back.  This causes a struggle as Flash wants to use the symbiote for good while the symbiote wants to control Flash.


#8 – The Thing

The Thing.  Source

The Thing.  Source

I really like the Fantastic 4, but all things considered (pun intended), I like the Thing the best.  The thing about the Thing (ok, that pun wasn’t intended) is that the Thing suffers from the same thing a lot of mutants suffer as he’s an outcast of society.  He would much rather be a normal man that’s accepted by everybody than the thing that he is (grrrr!) and be an outcast.  But with his unbreakable spirit, he fights for those who shuns him.  The Thing is the greatest…um…person (there we go) out of the Fantastic 4 (in my opinion, of course).


#7 – Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch.  Source

Scarlet Witch.  Source

The Scarlet Witch has been a fan favorite since Uncanny X-Men #4 in 1964 and is one of my favorites as well.  She is an extremely powerful mutant, during the House of M storyline she turned the majority of Mutants on earth into regular people.  She really is an interesting character and definitely deserves a spot on my list.


#6 – Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler.  Source

Nightcrawler.  Source

There’s a story to why I like Nightcrawler so much.  There was a cartoon called X-Men: Evolution that played a big role in getting me into comics and my love for the X-Men.  One of the main characters was Nightcrawler and he quickly became my favorite mutant on the show because out of all the mutants, he seemed to suffer from the prejudice the most due to his appearance.  Ever sense, I’ve loved this character and the X-Men as a whole.



#5 – Hope

Hope Summers.  Source

Hope Summers.  Source

After the House of M story line, a mutant was born named Hope.  Hope played a major part in the Avengers Vs X-Men story line as the Phoenix Force was targeting her.  Captain America and the Avengers wanted to lock Hope up to prevent the loss of thousands of lives while Cyclops and the X-Men wanted to use the Phoenix to bring back all the cured mutants.  During this storyline, the Avengers and the X-Men was kind of playing keep-away with Hope and I kind of felt sorry for her as they where treating her as a weapon instead of a person.  Now when something as powerful as the Phoenix is coming to Earth, who can really blame them, but still.


#4 – Captain America

Captain America

Captain America, the first avenger and probably the most patriotic superhero, I really didn’t care for Captain America too much before the Avengers movie.  I mean, what’s all that cool about him?  He’s a bit stronger than Olympic athlete?  Hulk is a thousand times stronger, so what?  But during the avengers movie, Captain America was going in to fight (I think it was Loki, been a year or two sense I’ve seen that movie) and he uttered one of my favorite quotes from a superhero movie:

“There’s only one God, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.”

Being a Christian myself, I was really surprised that he said that and I immediately wanted to learn more about him.  The fact that he just witnessed two “gods” and still believed in the God is just awesome.

On a less religious note, Captain America was Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s way of sharing their opinion on the Natzi Party and showing a hero that will stand up for us.  Captain American is an American, albeit fictional, hero and he stands up against evil forces that are (or were) present in the real world.



#3 – X-23

X-23.  Source

X-23.  Source

What happens when we clone Wolverine and get the same bad@$$ery of Wolverine but take out all the qualities I don’t like about him?  You get Laura Kinney AKA X23.  For all of you unaware of this character, Weapon X, the same organization who coated Wolverine’s skeleton in adamantium, attempted cloned Wolverine but alter his DNA slightly to create a living weapon.  The first 22 tries failed, but the 23rd succeeded only the Y-chromosome was broken and we got the female, clone to Wolverine.  I really felt sorry for X23 as throughout her life she was treated as a weapon (even more so than Hope) and they forced her to become a living killing machine.  while she eventually escaped and found the X-Men and developed some people skills, she does have a tragic past that you just can’t read without feeling sorry for her.


#2 – Shadowcat


My favorite X-Man (or would that be X-woman?) and my favorite female superhero Marvel has to offer, I first learned about this character in X-Men: Evolution and I did not liker her one bit.  In the cartoon, they turned her into this valley-girl and it was really annoying because whenever she talked she said “like” or “totally” all the time.  But when I started reading the actual comics, I grew to like this character quite a bit.  She was sweet, smart, a ninja, and had a pet dragon.  She was like the opposite of her cartoon counterpart and she is now my favorite X-Man.


#1 – Spider-man


I know what a lot of you are thinking, “Spider-man, seriously Nate, be more original.”  But sometimes the most unoriginal choice is your favorite.  It’s just fact, it’s like asking me to answer 1+1 and saying “be original”.  There is no “original” answer, the answer is 2 and theirs no way around it.  But honestly, who doesn’t like Spider-man?  He’s funny, he’s relatable, he has awesome powers, and has one of the greatest rogues galleys.  I actually waited til Superior Spider-man was over til I got started reading the Spider-man comics due to Doc Ock being Spidey (yeah, that happened) and now I’m behind as I just got done with Amazing Spider-man #1 (2014), so no spoilers in the comments please.


So what do you guys think?  Do you like my list?  Hate it?  What would be on your team.  Don’t forget to check out my DC list as well as my poll for the next Character Bio.  Peace XD


  1. Good list! Interesting choices with Hope, x 23 and Moon Knight. All underrated but awesome heroes. I could never put x 23 over Wolverine myself but I totally understand your reasoning.

  2. I generally prefer legacy characters over the original, partly because writers have more freedom with character development, and it’s more likely to stick. My list would include X-23, Cable and She Hulk for sure. Also in the running would be Spider-Man, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Polaris, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and Agent Venom. Rocket Raccoon has been growing in me lately, and so has Black Widow and Thor.

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