My Opinion On Batgirl’s New Outfit

Batgirl's Old Costume.  Source

Batgirl’s Old Costume.  Source


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So I’m a little late to the draw on this but if you keep track of DC’s news, than you’ve known for a while that they are redesigning Batgirl’s costume and taking this character into a new direction.  What is my opinion on all this?  Let’s see.


Batgirl Up To Now

Anybody who knows anything about the Bat Family knows about Batgirl, aka Barbra Gordan.  What you may not know is that there has been five Batgirls with Barbra Gordan being the most popular and well known.  The first Batgirl was Cassandra Cain, not Barbra Gordan and the reason Barbra Gordan is the most popular is probably because she was introduced in a time when comic books was having really good stories and so Barbra Gordan stuck as the most well known Batgirl.

The Bat Family has had a lot of tragedies throughout their run time and there’s a lot of dark stuff within there.  Bruce Wayne lost both his parents and became Batman, Dick Grayson lost his parents and became Robin but eventually became the much more dark and serious Nightwing, Jason Todd was straight up murdered by Joker before becoming Red Hood (don’t ask), and Tim Drake is really the only one who didn’t have something overly dark happen to him.  So what happened to Barbra?  She got shot by Joker and was paralyzed from the waist down and became Oracle.


The New Direction

Now that I gave you a little bit of back story, your probably wondering why this all matters.  Well, Cameron Stewart, the writer of the upcoming Batgirl series, told MTV:

“She’s leaving it all behind her. We really wanted to make this a book with a light tone, of fun and adventure and mystery, and let the rest of the Bat-family deal with the darkness. She’s got problems, and conflict, and enemies to fight, but our priority was to make this a really fun, rollicking read. “

So they’re planning to turn a member of the Bat Family from this dark and grim past to a light-hearted and up-beat character.  This is where the controversy comes into play, many fans don’t want DC to throw away this character’s past and turn her into what they’re turning her into, but I honestly love this idea.  I am a HUGE Batman fan and love a lot about these characters.  Batman himself always seemed to me to either go into campy or dark and I never really cared for campy.  On the other hand, if you sat down and read a bunch of dark and grim stories, you might want to have something light-hearted before you get to depressed.  So as long as they don’t just turn her into a walking teen stereotype and actually give her some character, I’m all for it.

Batgirl's New Costume.  Source

Batgirl’s New Costume.  Source

Now about the costume, I like it.   If they’re going for the light-hearted tone that they say their going for than the change from black to blue will just match the tone better.  The switch from leather to spandex is a really good change because the material a costume is made from is really important.  Take the Flash for example, he needs to where spandex because he won’t be the fastest man alive in leather, he’d be the most chafed man alive.  However, Batgirl doesn’t have any superpowers so she needs leather in order to protect herself in a fight, spandex won’t do that as well.



Thanks for reading, make sure to check out my poll for my next Character Bios and leave a comment below about your opinions involving the change.  Peace XD


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