Reader’s Vote For: Next Character Bio


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So I have made in the past a Captain America Character Bio, Spider-man Character Bio, and Harley Quinn Character Bio and you’d think these posts were a major flop sense I only made three but the Captain America bio is my second most read post, my Spider-man bio is my third most read post, and my Harley Quinn bio is my ninth most read post, and sense I currently have 31 posts these are definitely posts you guys want more of.

So I decided to make another one and you guys can vote for who gets their own character bio, I usually try to stick with A-list characters but I can do others.  It’s all up to you guys, the poll is below and these are characters I already know the history of fairly well, but If there’s a hero that’s not on this poll, leave a comment below or on my Facebook page and I will consider it.  I tried to put every guy that I can think off the top of my head but there are so many that its impossible to put every hero (or villain) down.  The votes are due at noon on the 17th, see you guys then, Peace XD



  1. If you’re looking for a DC character to do a bio on I would love to see your take on Dick Grayson AKA Robin 1 / Nightwing / Batman 2. That’s if you don’t have anyone else to do.

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