My Top 10 Favorite Spider-man Villains

Spider-man Villains


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So after I reviewed The Amazing Spider-man 2, I’ve been thinking of all the awesome baddies that the web-head had to face throughout the years.  These are my personal favorite of Spidey’s rogue gallery.

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  • Must be a villain in spider-man’s rogue gallery
  • These are my personal favorites, meaning these aren’t necessarily the best nor the most popular



#10 – Kraven the Hunter

Kraven The Hunter

For the first three on this list, it’s less of a real detailed “I like ____ because…” and more of a “I think he looks cool” or “I think is concept is cool” and Kraven definitely falls into the later.  Spider-man is a Spider-man, spiders are animals and hunters hunt animals.  So Kraven is hunting Spider-man like an animal.  Moving on…


#9 – Scorpion


“I think he looks cool”.   That’s basically the only reason he’s on this list.  Moving on.


#8 – Mysterio


Mysterio is a great villain because his powers are cool.  He has the ability to cast illusions and this could lead to some cool looking fights between him and the web-head.  I also like how he’s a Spider-man villain because that just allows Spidey to make a bunch of wise-cracks about his appearance.


#7 – Kingpin


Kinpin landed on LazerDude99‘s list as well and I like the way he put it.  He said that Kingpin is a villain that you would rather have tea with than to fight with.  Kingpin reminds me a little of Batman’s Penguin in a way as they both are like “gentlemen of crime” and they’re both depicted as being fat.  Only Kingpin’s fat is actually muscle.


#6 – Green Goblin

Green Goblin

I know this is pretty low on the list for Green Goblin as he is arguably Spider-man’s main villain, but he comes off on me as more of a Joker wannabe from time to time.  Now I do like Green Goblin (he still made the list after all) and with good reason.  Every superhero has his “main villain” like how Batman’s main villain is Joker, Superman’s is Lex Luther, and Iron Man’s is probably Manderin, and as a result of Green Goblin being Spider-man’s “main villain” there’s lots of stories around Green Goblin and some of them are really cool and creative.


#5 – Carnage


Carnage’s name says it all.  Carnage was created when the Venom symbiote reproduced (symbiotes are asexual) and the created symbiote found Cletis Kasady.  Carnage is basically Venom only way more powerful and just a lot more blood thirsty.


#4 – Electro


“But Nate, you said in you Amazing Spider-man 2 review that you didn’t like Electro!” I hear some of you saying (Yes I can hear you), but you would be incorrect.  I said I didn’t like Electro to be a main villain of a movie, that doesn’t mean I don’t like the character at all.  Now I don’t think Electro is a very interesting character in the comics, he’s mostly all “I got these powers, now I must zap that wall-crawler!”.  Electro actually has a story to why I like him so much.  Back when the very first Spider-man movie came out in 2003, my little brother was obsessed with Spider-man.  During is birthday, he got a DVD of a cartoon called Spider-man The New Animated Series (It’s on Netflix and YouTube).  On that series, there was a kid named Max Dillon who was constantly bullied and after an accident turned him into Electro, I kinda felt sorry for him.  He was never depicted as a villain, just a bullied kid that wanted to be accepted and once he turned into Electro, he abused his powers to kill the person who bullied him.


#3 – Dr. Octopus

Dr. Octopus or Doc Oc.  Source

Dr. Octopus or Doc Ock.  Source

Doc Ock has been one of Spidey’s most popular villains sense #3 and with good reason.  I mean he isn’t exactly bad guy yet he isn’t exactly that nice either and the whole AI arms is pretty cool.  After the arms altered his mind, he basically has been controlled by the arms and anybody who has seen Spider-man 2 knows how creepy it was when he was actually talking to his arms.


#2 – The Lizard

The Lizard

Now this might be a surprise for quite a lot of you that the Lizard would be so high up on the list, but it’s true he’s one of my absolute favorite Spider-man villains.  There’s a lot about this character that I really like from as small as I like lizards in real life, too as deep as what this character did to turn into the lizard.  I remember I was really excited when I learned the Lizard was going to be featured in the Amazing Spider-man.

Let me get to the little things first and work my way up, first off I like lizards, there some of my favorite animals (I have a pet leopard gecko named Iggy) and at one point I wanted to be a herpetologist (a reptile scientist) when I grow up.  And I know the whole “scientist uses animal DNA to improve themselves but then turn into a monster” isn’t exactly unique as Batman has Man-bat and all, but I like Lizards and his lizard form looks awesome.

But another reason I live this guy is because while other spider-man villains where trying to create super soldier serums (Green Goblin) or trying to create nuclear fusion (Doc Ock), Kurt Connors was attempting to give people with missing limbs back their arms and legs.  He was actually trying to create something to heal people rather than harm others and it ended up turning him into a reptilian monster.  Heck if he succeeded, just imagine how awesome that would be to be able to do that.


#1 – Venom


First Carnage, now Venom.  I really do like Venom, but while it was Spider-man 3 that introduced me to this character, I did not like him in that movie.  Poor choice of actor for the character and he only got like 10 minutes in total, but the character in the comics is pretty awesome actually and the way he kind of made Eddie Brock addicted to him was very…interesting for lack of a better word.  His powers are also really cool and I think he would actually make a much better “main villain” to Spider-man than Green Goblin.


End Thoughts/Announcements

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      1. Well, if you must know…. 😉

        10. Kaine

        9. Carnage

        8. Electro

        7. Hobgoblin

        6. King Pin

        5. Lizard

        4. Dock Ock

        3. Kraven

        2. Mysterio

        1. Venom

        That’d be more along the lines of my list. As you can see I’ve switched around the orderings and I’ve swapped Green Goblin for Hob Goblin, and switched out Scorpion for Kaine. Even even the Clone Wars Saga was one of the most hated chapters of Spider-Man history, I think Spidey’s twisted clone brother Kaine deserved a spot on my list. I put Kraven much, much higher, due to the fact that he’s actually buried Spider-Man alive before.

        Like I said, great list!

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