Top 10 Superhero Movies That NEEDS To Be Made


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So these past three weeks I have been busy and having trouble keeping up with my posts.  Two weeks ago I helped out with my church’s VBS, last week was my church’s youth group trip, and this week I’m helping with my grandparents VBS.  So for today’s post (whoch should have been yesterday’s) I’m just doing a simple top 5 list.  This list was inspired because I recently thought of some awesome comics that would be totally BA as a live action movie.  The rules are below, now lets get to the list.

See my other top 10s (or 5s) here.



  • Must be a movie n0t yet made or haven’t been announced.
  • DC or Marvel only
  • We’re talking live-action here, not animated or CGI movie


#10 – Blue Beetle

The Blue Beetle I’m specifically talking about here is Jaime Reyes (pronounced either hi-me or hi-may and ray-us) as he’s the current person to don the mantle and my personal favorite.  A movie with Jaime could be very interesting, I’m not quite sure how they would do it but it would definitely involve the Reach trying to use the Scarab to control Jaime or something like that.


#9 – Deathstroke


Deathstroke!  A movie around Deathstroke would also be the coolest thing ever.  Again, I’m not sure how they would do it but I just mainly put this on the list because I would really want to see a live action Deathstroke.


#8 – Nightwing


I would be so willing to throw my money at the theaters to see a Nightwing movie.  Dick Grayson is a great Robin and once he became Nightwing he went from goofy to BA.  So a movie involving this guy is one most people would probably check out.


#7 – Green Arrow

Take Arrow, take a few of the characters and mess around with the story a little to get a few hours, instant money maker.


#6 – Superman VS Doomsday

Better idea than Batman VS Superman.  Source

Better idea than Batman VS Superman. Source

OK, before was just a couple suggestions for movies that would be cool to see, now we’re getting to the good stuff.  Ever since the Death of Superman, Doomsday has been one of the most famous supervillains.  And I know what your thinking: “But Nate, we already got an animated movie of this why do we need a live action?”.  Because everything’s 10x better live action!  Especially superheroes.


#5 – Static Shock

Static I feel is a underrated character yet I absolutely love this guy.  For those of you who don’t know, Static Shock is about an African-American kid named Virgil Hawkins who lived in a bad neighborhood and found himself in the middle of a gang war.  The police showed up and used an untested tear gas on the gangs which actually killed most of them with a small percentage mutating into bang babies and gaining meta human abilities.  Virgil gain powers over electromagnetism and named himself Static.

Now Static has had popularity problems as outside of his cartoon show in the early 2000s, his most recent comics in the New 52 cancelled and I’m not actually quite sure where Virgil is right now.  None the less, I would picture this movie having a Spider-man like vibe as Virgil often cracked jokes when being a superhero similar to Spidey and on top of that he is also a teenager, so possibilities.  The only big difference I can see between Spider-man and Static Shock is that Spider-man is more of a fun movie while a Static Shock movie might get a little more into things like gang wars and things like that.


#4 – Civil War

Take my money!  Source

Take my money! Source

OK, for those of you who does not know this story line let me quickly explain it to you.  Civil War is when Ironman and Captain America gets in a fight about whether or not superheroes’ true identities should be hidden or not.  This leads to half of the Marvel universe fighting for one side and the other fighting for the other side.  And sense people like seeing their favorite heroes face off, who wouldn’t see it?  The only problem with this movie that I can see is that Spider-man plays a big part in the story, and if Sony won’t even allow Spider-man to make a cameo in the Avengers, I doubt they’d let him be a major character in a full length movie with the other Marvel heroes.


#3 – Aquaman


Aquaman has really got a lot of heat about being really lame for some reason and is a very underrated superhero.  But he is actually really BA, especially in the New 52 and just imagine the type of movie you could make with that.  The setting would obviously be Atlantis, and they could CGI a few giant sea monsters in there.  I think they could do it.


#2 – Teen Titans


I admit, this pick is mostly out of nostalgia for the cartoon series that came out in the 2000s but I honestly think this would make for a really good movie, and there are several options I can see.  The creators could either try and get people to watch it out of nostalgia by adding the team from the cartoons (Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire), or they could pick a diffrent team as those aren’t the only Teen Titans out there.  But I think the best way to go with this is to just pick the team from the show (plus optionally adding Speedy and Kid Flash sense they where present on that specific team in the comics) and focus on the Trigon arc.


#1 – Batman Beyond


If I post this and then immediately find out that this movie is out, than TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!   Seriously, it’s Batman in the future, how could you go wrong with that.  And imaging the possibilities with designing the live action batsuit.


End Thoughts/Announcements

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  1. The ones that desperately need to be made are Black Panther and Captain Marvel. A minority-led film and a female-led film. Marvel needs to get its shit together and just do that already.

    Others that I’d love to see are Cloak & Dagger (which would be a great Young Adult movie), Power Pack (which would be an awesome all-ages movie), Mockingbird (spy movie), maybe She-Hulk (a legal comedy with big-ass action scenes), War Machine (Iron man with more explosions), Machine Man.

  2. For me it would be Birds of Prey featuring Oracle, Cassandra Cain as Batgirl, Martian Manhunter (Yeah, I get he a hard character to write for but he’s the guy the Justice League take down Superman if ever snapped. If that doesn’t warrant a movie I don’t know what does.). Do note that these are only the Superheroes that aren’t on list. Also I can’t think of anything for Marvel atop my head at the moment.

    1. Birds of Prey would be a nice film. Another option that has been floating around is a Harley Quinn movie after Margot Robbie revealed she would love to keep playing the character. If they make Harley Quinn a main character than I can see it going three ways: Harley Quinn solo movie, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy team up, or the Gotham City Sirens featuring Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman.

      1. As you can see I’m still sore about the New 52 about Martian Manhunter not being a founding member of Justice League. Cartoons and movies I can understand them changing the line-up. However disrespecting an institution among the DC universe in the comic books Is a major no-no for me. Also if we talking about villains how about a Secret Six movie? I really love to hate Junior because she’s proof that about how women can be just as evil as men. If you wanna do a Space Opera the Legion of Superheroes is good for that.

  3. I agree with you on Nightwing or sure because he could tell Batman to go grip after Jason Todds death in the movie.

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