Thor is a Woman and Falcon is Captain America


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So Marvel has made a few announcements recently but by far the most controversial is having a woman take up the mantle of Thor after he is deemed unworthy and Falcon taking the role as Captain America while Steve Rodgers looses his powers.  So I figured I should just get my opinions out there and have you guys talk about it in the comments below.  As long as people aren’t calling other people stupid or idiots for having a curtain opinion, I’m all for people disagreeing with each other and debating and I actually encourage it.

Also, I mentioned in my last post that I’ll soon review the two Amazing Spider-man movies but I literally just got back from watching X-Men: Days of Future Past and so I’m trying to figure out when I should review each movie.  I’m thinking that tomorrow I’ll review X-Men, Wednesday (yes Wednesday) I’ll review the first Spider-man movie and on Thursday I’ll review the second.  Those plans may or may not change but that’s probably how I’ll do it.  Anyways, let’s get this post started.


My Opinions

The Falcon (left) as Captain America and Thor (right) being a woman.  Source

The Falcon (left) as Captain America and Thor (right) being a woman.  Source

Frog Thor.  Source

Frog Thor.  Source

So what do I think?  Well, I’m not that mad.  The main reason is that Captain America and Thor are some of Marvel’s most popular characters, so I do not think these changes are going to be permanent.  Both of these characters has had major things happen to them in the past that was changed back to normal before and I doubt these are going to be exceptions.  During the Civil War story line, Captain America died and Bucky Barnes took over, but of course Cap came back and took back the title of Captain America.  Thor also has been turned into a frog, yes a frog, and that obviously hasn’t lasted long.  For the most part, as long as they do something fun with these stories, I’m all right with it as long as they return them back to normal, if they don’t then I’m going to be ticked off.  I bet these changes are going to disappear sometime before the Age of Ultron appears in theaters just like how Peter Parker regained the title of Spider-man from Doc Oc during the Superior Spider-man series when The Amazing Spider-man 2 came out in theaters.

So what do you guy think?  Debate about it down in the comments below, don’t forget to like this post and hit that little blue “Follow” button in the top right corner up there.  If you don’t have a wordpress account, you can alternatively hit the Facebook like button right under the follow button to get notifications when new posts comes out.  I’ll see you guys next time, Peace XD

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