Top 10 Superhero Weapons


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So sense part 2 of my Teen Titans review isn’t quite finished yet, I thought I’d make this post to stall for time.  The rules are below, now lets get to the list.

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  • Must be a weapon owned by a superhero.
  • Vehicles don’t count (that’s for a whole different list, hint hint)
  • DC and Marvel only


#10 – Daredevil’s Billy Club


This weapon also doubles as a walking stick for this blind ninja.  With two parts held together by an extendable cable, they can be used as nun-chucks or can be used several other weapons.


#9 – Ghost Rider’s Hellfire Chain

Ghost Rider

This chain is usually seen on Ghost Rider as clothing but can also be summoned to obey its master and can transform into several other weapons such as shurikens, saws, and more.  It can also magically get longer and can be set ablaze making this one chain to stay away from.


#8 – Green Arrow’s Arrows

Green Arrow

Where would an archer be without their arrows?  Green Arrow’s quiver is full of regular arrows as well as trick arrows.  These include arrows that detonate, shoot gas, and even his signature arrows that inflates a boxing glove.  I’d also like to give a shout out to all the other archer’s arrows in comics as there quite a few of them.


#7 – Captain America’s Shield

Captain America

Made out of the fictional metal vibranium, Cap’s shield is completely bullet proof and can be thrown like a Frisbee but comes back like a boomerang.  Donned in the colors of the American flag, this shield is always by the Cap’s side during battle.


#6 – Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws


Basically one of the few reasons Wolverine is so popular, these claws where once just bone until a experiment called Project X coated Wolverine’s skeleton (including his claws) in adamantium.  Allowing him to cut through practically anything.


#5 – Batman’s Batarangs


In the films there more like shurikens than boomerangs, but what are you gonna do?  These bat-shaped boomerangs are small enough to fit into the utility belt, sharp enough to take out guns and light bulbs, and can be modified to do several things.  Such as detonating, spraying gas, and even be controlled remotely.


#4 – Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir)


The weapon of the Norse god of thunder, the name Mjolnir translates into “the crusher”.   Not just useful for pounding in nails, it’s also useful for redirecting lightning, allowing Thor to fly, and can create tornadoes.  It can only be picked up by those worthy enough witch means not even the Hulk can lift it.


#3 – Spider-man’s Web Shooters


Built to complete his spider-theme, Spider-man uses these twin shooters to shoot web-like fluid to subdue foes.  He also uses these two swing around the city of New York and protect people from falling debris.


#2 Ironman’s Armor

Iron Man

Tony Stark used his high knowledge of technology to create this piece of robotic armor.  Armed with rockets, missiles, and lasers, Ironman can use this armor to fly and shoot down foes.  It nalso has an AI butler that can help Tony when necessary.


#1 – Green Lantern’s Power Ring

Power Ring

Not only small and portable, this tiny little ring can create literally anything out of complete willpower with the only limit being the user’s imagination.  Given to every Green Lantern chosen to guard the galaxy, the only draw back is after a 24 hour use, they need to be charged from a lantern given with the ring.


End Thoughts/Announcements

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  1. Nice list! A top 10 Super Villain weapon list might be a fun follow up! Also, Silver Surfer’s space board better be on your vehicle list when you make it! 😉

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