Top 10 Most Annoying Things A bout Superheroes


Hello interweb, Nate here.  Just so you guys know, my computer broke and so I may have my posts come up later than usual as I will be borrowing my dad’s computer.  Anyways, let’s face it, as awesome as superheroes are, they do have a few qualities that gets on our nerves.  Here are the ten things that gets on my nerves.  The rules are below, now lets begin.


  • My personal opinion (comment if you have a different opinion)
  • Must be something annoying

#10 – Multiple Earths

DC's Multiverse.  Source

DC’s Multiverse. Source

Ok, before I continue, I just want to say this. I understand why they do this, I just don’t like it.  For those of you who don’t now, Marvel and DC (and probably other companies) has what are called “multiverses” meaning multiple universes.  The purpose of this is to be able to have a number of different continuities for a single character so that you can create other stories with that character without ruining the main canon’s continuity.  For example, remember when I did my Harley Quinn Character Bio and I gave you three different origins?  Each origin was a different “Earth”: The DCAU (DC Animated Universe) Harley, the New Earth Harley, and the Prime Earth Harley.  With these different versions of Harley Quinn, writers can chose a the right version of the character to create a story without ruining the history of the other Harleys (Harleyses?  Harlies?  The plural form of Harley…is there a plural form?).

The reason I find this annoying is because when you watch the cartoons or read a comic, you need to be aware of which Earth your on to make sense. (Spoilers to Young Justice) That’s why Wally West is the Flash in the Justice League Cartoons, yet Wally West dies as a kid in Young Justice.  Young Justice is on Earth -16 and Justice League is on Earth -12. (Spoilers ends here)

#9 – DC Vs Marvel Argument

DC Vs Marvel.  Source

DC Vs Marvel.

Again, I understand this, I just don’t like it.  A lot of times people will tell you that “Marvel is better than DC” or that “DC is better than Marvel”.  This argument usually comes from the fact that people has their favorite characters and they’ll side with the company that owns those characters.  Fans of the Avengers will say that Marvel is better than DC.  Fans of Batman, Superman, or the Justice League are going to say that DC is better than Marvel.  Honestly, I really wish people didn’t argue about this because your alienating yourself from a whole universe full of amazing characters.

I talked about this earlier in my DC Vs Marvel review.  Honestly, if someone asked me which I liked better I couldn’t tell them.  Because if I say I like Marvel, that keeps me away from the likes f Batman (one of, if not the favorite superhero of mine), Superman, and the Flash.  If I say DC, that means no X-Men and I’m a huge X-Men fan.

#8 – Orphans

Bruce Wayne's (Batman) Dead Parents.  Source

Bruce Wayne’s (Batman) Dead Parents. Source

Every superhero needs an origin story.  They usually don’t wake up one day and say “You know what, I want to be a superhero!”  You need to come up with something believable and a good motive for them deciding not to be an everyday citizen.  The number one origin story that has been used to no end is the orphan story.  Don’t believe me?  Batman lost both his parents, Spider-man lost both his parents and his uncle, and Superman lost his parents, his step dad, and his planet!  Even Wolverine killed his dad and his mom committed suicide, which is a lot darker than most orphan stories, but it still counts.  Eventually, you have to come up with a new and creative origin and motivation.

#7 – Copycats

Marvel Vs DC Copycats, art by pirateninjaassassin1.  Source

Marvel Vs DC Copycats, art by pirateninjaassassin1. Source

What happens when a company makes a successful character and the other company wants t make a quick buck of that character’s success?  Copycats.  There are so many of them: Black Cat=Catwoman, Deathstroke=Deadpool, etc.  Sometimes the same company will copy their own character to get even more popularity.  And these can get weird.  Did anyone really like a girl Deadpool?  Just, please make things more original.

#6 – Reboots

Flashpoint comics.  Source

Flashpoint comics.  Source

Again, this is the third “I get why this is I just don’t like it” thing on this post, and hopefully the last.  When a company is having trouble with their ratings and need something big to get the ball rolling again, they reboot the comics.  The latest big one was DC’s Flashpoint that caused the New 52 (I might go over that in a future post) were they completely rebooted the whole company by cancelling every single comic and creating 52 new series (hence New 52).  Marvel recently did this with Marvel Now! but to a lesser extent.  The reason they do these is to get new comer to comics.  With years of history, it might be hard and overwhelming to get into comics.  Reboots allows new comers to be able to start reading comics.  The only problem with these is that sometimes you mess with characters and people get upset about.  Red Beast Boy?  Seriously?  Where’s Lois Lane?  These are recent things that the New 52 did that fans are not happy about.

#5 – Love Interests

Rouge ad Magneto, ew *~*.  Source

Rouge ad Magneto, ew *~*. Source

Ok, I am fine with making a few characters have a romantic interest in each other.  But with how old comics is, there’s so many strange romances within the comic world.  Rouge and Magneto?  No one took that seriously.  Mystique and Iceman?  That’s just weird.  Honestly, with all the love interests in comics, its hard for us to take these seriously.  And when they stop a love interest that has been going on for years.  Louis Lane, Superman’s love interest, is not even around in the New 52.  And Gwen Stacey died in the comics decades ago.

#4 – Sexuality

New 52 Harley Quinn.  Source

New 52 Harley Quinn. Source

Ok, this is a pretty touchy and controversial subject so I’ll make this brief.  I have no problems with artists making characters look attractive.  In every source of media, weather it’s video games, or manga, or novels, sex sells.  And I understand that, but there’s need to be a line between too much and enough.  But how is it helpful to fight crime with less clothing on?  You don’t see Superman going around fighting crime with his shirt off.  I think you understand what I’m trying to say here so I’m going to move on.

#3 – Multiple People, One Identity

The Flashes.  Source

The Flashes. Source

Did you now that there has been four Flashes?  Jay Derrik, Barry Allen, Wally West, and Bart Allen.  And then there are four Robins: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd,Tim Drake, and Stephanie Brown.  There are other characters who suffer from this, but why?  Why do characters have to share the same superhero name?  Why couldn’t one Flash be Flash, one be Impulse, one be Sonic Boom?, and another be Speed Demon or something like that.  Now when we talk about these characters, we have to specify who we’re talking about.  If I say Flash, who am I talking about?  Wally West?  Barry Allen?

#2 – Unoriginal Names (Sidekicks)

Wally West/Kid Flash (Left) and his Mentor Barry Allen/Flash (right).  Source

Wally West/Kid Flash (Left) and his mentor Barry Allen/Flash (right). Source

Once upon a time, comics where almost always for kids but the superheroes where grown ups.  So how do we make these comics more relatable for kids?  Why don’t we allow a superhero to have a kid as a sidekick!  Yes, this is how Robin, the firs sidekick, was born.  But Robin was an interesting name as his mentor is Batman and they didn’t just call him Batboy.  Well now we have a sidekick for many superheroes, but their names are just so uncreative.  How do we name the sidekick to Auaman?  I know!  Aqua-lad.  How about Flash, not a lot of wordplay there, how about Kid Flash?  Genius!  Sometimes they’re not even trying.  Guess the sidekick to Green Arrow’s called?  Green Arrow.  And the sidekick to Hawkeye?  Hawkeye.

#1 – Death and Resurrection

The Death of Superman.  Source

The Death of Superman. Source

OK, first let me tell you the point to a main character dying.  You have spent this long journey with this character, you have grown to like him/her/it and you enjoy reading about this character.  Than, he/she/it dies, it causes some drama and emotion to the story.   How about resurrection?  So your favorite character dies and you feel sad and upset, but don’t worry!  He/she/it is alive!  Now your happy that your favorite character is back and you can read more about him/her/it.  All of this causes drama and emotion to the story and keeps you interested in what the writers are giving you.

The problem is, comic books are infamous for their deaths and resurrections.  If your reading a comic and your favorite character dies, wait a few issues and he’s bound to return.  They did this to Gwen Stacey, to Harry Osborne, to Batman, to Wolverine, even Superman died and was resurrected.  When you do it this much, than there’s no suspense as you know that he’s bound to return.  Jason Todd, the second and least popular robin, was killed off because fans hated him.  He disobeyed Batman, killed so many villains, and was just straight up angry all the time.  Fans where happy to get rid of him, and they brought him back!


What is the most annoying thing about superheroes in your opinion?

End Thoughts/Announcements

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  1. Multiple Universes: It’s not that tough. Obviously, each medium is a different reality. For TV shows, just assume each is a separate continuity until stated.

    The number of heroes whose parents are dead is ridiculous.

    For the record, Black Cat isn’t actually a Catwoman knock-off, at least not a conscious one. Her creator was ripping off a totally different character. Deadpool, on the other hand, started as a blatant Deathstroke knock-off, though he’s changed a lot since then.

    DC does reboots every years. Marvel doesn’t do reboots, they do relaunches, which is what Marvel Now! was.

    The sexualization of women in comics is disgusting. Marvel, luckily, has been making a lot of efforts to move away from that – very few female characters at Marvel right now have exploitative or silly costumes. (There can be a debate about whether specific costumes look good, but the point is they’re not exploitative.) Worse is how real women in the industry – fans and creators alike – are treated. The harassment of women is horrendous.

    The multiple names is a combination of name recognition and carrying on a legacy. Sometimes, a legacy character becomes much more successful than the original.

    Kate Bishop is not a sidekick. She took the mantle when the original Hawkeye was dead, and she’s kept it because she’s awesome.

    I would say one of the biggest current problems with comics is how little diversity there is, in terms of both characters and creators. This is something that, again, Marvel has been making some serious efforts on. They’ve got quite a few books with diverse casts. They’ve got two women currently writing ongoings, they’ve got a half-black/half-Latino writing All-New Ghost Rider, and Asian-American Greg Pak will soon be writing Storm’s first ongoing solo. But they’ve still got a long way to go, and they also need more women in positions of true authority.

    1. It’s not hard to keep track of the multiple universes, but I do find it annoying that they don’t just have one universe and stick with it.

      Thank you

      Black Cat is pretty darn close top Catwoman, they might’ve not consciously ripped off Catwoman, but it’s close enough to be a rip-off. Both are cat-themed, both have black suites, both where once villains, and both act seductively to their respective heroes (spider-man and Batman). And your right, Deadpool is a Deathstroke knock-off, which is weird because while I said I don’t like copycats, I love Deadpool. Call me a hypocrite but I’m being honest here.

      New 52 was the latest reboot for DC. and your right, Marvel Now! is a relaunch.

      Thank you. I don’t like them sexualizing females because 1. It does alienate female readers a little because just like guys don’t want to look at shirt-less dudes, I’m guessing woman probably don’t want to stare at cleavage all the time. 2. I don’t really sexualizing characters that shouldn’t be sexualized. Take Harley Quinn, in the New 52 she’s mentally handicap, based off a clown, and is a psychopath yet they gave her boobs and little clothing. That’s kind of creepy if you ask me, sexualizing a psychopathic, mentally handicapped clown.

      I guess, but it feels like the new ones are just to lazy to think of a cool name themselves and just used a name someone’s not using at the moment. Like when Dick Grayson became Nightwing and Jason Todd became Robin. I understand why Dick might change his name from Robin to Nightwing (up the cool factor) but Jason just ripped Dick off by just stealing the title of Robin. These are just opinions and I am not trying to change yours nor criticize yours, I’m just explaining why I have my opinion.

      Either way, 1. that would then fall onto the last annoyance I have, and 2. I still think it’s lazy to call the sidekick to Aquaman Aqualad or calling Flash’s sidekick Kid Flash.

      And your right, diversity is a problem. While I thing diversity in the comics is worse than the writers. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like more female writers, but I just think they should open the doors to more people, not try and pick writers just because of their gender. Because what if you chose 5 females to be writers and they turn out to be bad writers, than they could think females are bad writers when their not and they just made a bad choice. But with teams, I agree with you. The men are always out numbering the women, even in the cartoons.

      1. It’s not difficult to find good female writers. Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kathryn Immonen, Marjorie Liu, C. Willow WIlson and Gail Simone are all good. There’s also classic writers like Ann Nocenti and Louise Simonson. There’s plenty of other women doing independent comics, too. You find good female writers the same way you find good male writers. And you find good black writers the same way you find good white writers. Good LGBT writers the same way you find good straight writers.

        And it’s worth noting diversity behind the scenes does go beyond just the creators. Editors and executives are also important.

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