Top 5 Favorite Comic-Based Cartoons


Hello interweb, Nate here.  Sorry about the post I did the other day where I just found some YouTube clips and tossed them on here without making my own content (stuff like that will usually be shared on my Facebook page, check it out here).  My finals are on the 19th so I’ve been busy getting ready for those.  If you keep up with my Facebook page than you might have read that I have been working on three posts: Top 5 Favorite Comic-Based Cartoons (the one you are currently reading), a Spider-man character bio, and a Batman Beyond review with a new format (in that order), but before I do the later 2, I’m going to be working on a Top 10 Female Superhero list in honor of Mothers day.  Don’t worry guys, I’ll do a males only list for fathers day.  Although it’ll probably be harder or easier (depending on how you look at it) as there are noticeably more male superheroes than female superheroes.

Some other posts I am planning on working on after that is (in no specific order): a Man of Steel review (the movie reviews are not going to be as detailed as my cartoon reviews to lower the risk of spoilers), a Superman character bio, and The Amazing Spider-man review.  As always you can request a post (either a character bio, top 10 list, or movie/cartoon review) by commenting on my blog, Facebook page, or emailing me at (I really need a new email to match this blog).

So there have been a lot of awesome cartoons that are based off of comic books and their usually really good.  So these are the 5 cartoons that I like the best.  The rules are below, now lets begin.



  • Must be a cartoon owned by DC or Marvel
  • I will give a short summery of the show and why I like it and name a dew of my favorite characters (I’m going to try and restrain all negative comments for reviews, keyword: try)
  • Unfortunately, due to the fact that this is a favorites list, I can only do cartoons I have completed
    • Meaning no Batman: TAS (I’ve heard over and over that it’s one of the best superhero cartoons), I have only seen three episodes (On Leather Wings, Mad Love, and Harley’s Holiday) and thus do not know enough about the series to have an opinion on the show. Some of us aren’t blessed with being a 90s kid.
  • My opinion only (this is a favorites list after all)


#5 – Static Shock

Ok, despite the lack of shadowing that happened in many episodes, this series was good.  For those that don’t know, Static Shock focuses on a black kid named Virgil Hawkins who lives in a bad neighborhood where there are lots of gangs and crime.  One day, he accidentally found himself in a gang fight and while trying to escape, police came and accidentally hit these containers full of chemicals that mutated everybody.  This mutation event was known as the Big Bang and the mutants became known as Bang Babies…ok, so the name not that great, but whatever.  As you might have guessed, Virgil became a bang baby and developed electromagnetism powers.  Using electromagnetism, he could manipulate metal with electricity, thus becoming the town’s superhero: Static.  So the black version of Magneto, except he’s good…try not to think that hard on it.

This series was rather interesting to me because on the outside, it was any everyday superhero cartoon.  But it really had a lot of things that it talked about.  For example, as a list of things that it discussed was: the homeless, bullying/guns (that episode was weird, it seemed like it was about bullying but went a full 360 and suddenly it was about guns), racism, and gangs.  Virgil’s best friend was even gay.  And before you guys get angry, Dwayne McDuffie (one of the creators of the show) confirmed this.  It wasn’t really fleshed out much in the show (after all, it was made for kids) and the only thing that showed he was gay is that he never showed any interest in a girl while Virgil had two love interests throughout the series.

My favorite characters: Virgil and Elastic man… … …there really wasn’t a lot of memorable characters… … …moving on!


#4X-Men Evolution

Being an X-Men fan myself, this series was pretty unique and fun.  I have heard that the 90s X-Men on Fox was better, but this was the X-Men I saw growing up so I’m sorry.  There is a lot of criticism around turning the main cast into teenagers, but I enjoy the series and I’m not gonna let something like that from stopping me loving this show.  The main premise of the series is basically the mutants are under tons of prejudice.  Being called monsters, freaks, etc.  The main team consists of Cyclops/Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Shadowcat/kitty Pryde, Nightcralwer/Kurt Wagner, Rogue, and Spyke/Daniel Evans.  It’s really cool with them being teens as high school is already hard, imagine being a high schooler with a super power.

The only thing I find irritating about the series is that this is a different (original) team than the comic books.  Now obviously this is quite a bit different than the comics, with the age changes and all that, but it would have been cool if they just did a different version of the  original team’s origins rather than make a new original team.  BTW, the original team consisted of  Cyclops, Jean Grey (at the time known as Marvel Girl), Beast (before further mutations, he was just a super intelligent person with unusually large hands and feet), Angel, and Iceman.

Some of my favorite characters from this show are: Kitty, Kurt, Toad, Rogue, and Gambit.


#3 – Young Justice

If you want more info on the show, check out my review on it here.  Young Justice consists of the sidekicks of previous superheros forming a team for themselves.  Literally only reason this show works is because it’s on Earth -16.  If it was part of the DCAU than the continuity would be so off that it would make everyone be scratching their heads in confusion.  I really liked the show as the characters where rather complex and this show certainly kept you coming back for more.  With all the super powers, the great villains, and hi-tech, whats not to love.

Some of my favorite characters are: Blue Beetle, Artemis, Kid Flash, Robin (Dick Grayson, not Tim Drake), and Miss Martian.


#2 – Batman Beyond

This show screamed awesome.  Many years in the future, Bruce Wayne is unable to be Batman due to his elderly age and thus allows the 17-year-old Terry McGinnis to take up role as the new and improved Batman.  As the new Batman, Terry has many new toys with newly designed batarangs, some rocket boots and retractable glider, retractable claws (that are rarely seen), and a bunch of other secret devices.  I am a big Batfan myself and it was cool watching this show.  I’m about to do a review on this show (as stated in the announcements) so I’ll talk more about it then.

Some of my favorite characters are: Terry McGinnis/Batman, Max, and Inque.


#1 – Teen Titans

Ok, whoever grew up in the 2000s like me would agree, Teen Titans is the best superhero cartoon ever.  Drawn in a pseudo-anime look, teen titans was full of comedy, action, and some of the best character development I’ve ever seen in a cartoon.  Especially raven, and with the exception of Starfire, although her cuteness and naiveness (yes, I realize that is not a word) made up for that.  It focused on the five main characters: Robin/Dick Grayson, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg, and had so many memorable villains like: Mad Mod, Mumbo, Slade (why couldn’t they call him Deathstroke!?!?), Trigon, the Hive Five, etc.  I might do a review on the series in the future but until then, just know one thing: THIS SHOW WAS AWESOME!

My favorite characters: Beast Boy, Raven, Mumbo,  & Slade



What are your favorite comic cartoons?


End Thoughts/Announcements

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