10 Superhero Facts


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So there are lots of cool superhero trivia that lots of people didn’t know.  So here are the ten facts that I found pretty interesting.  Lets see how much you guys (or gals) know.  Before I continue to the list, the Superpalooza is still up and will end Saturday, I am hoping for at least one more list to be submitted so don’t forget to tell your friends.  Remember, the superheroes do not need to specifically come from comic books and you do not need a wordpress account nor a blog to enter.  If you want to remain anonymous, email your list to sablikid626@gmail.com.



  • These are just the 10 facts I found most interesting, other superhero related trivia will be at the very bottom of the post


#10 – Original X-Men Mix Up

Unlike in the films, the original X-Men consisted of: Beast, Cyclops, Angel, Iceman, and Marvel Girl (otherwise known as Jean Grey)


#9 – Spider-man Censorship

In the 1994 animated series, our favorite web-swinger only threw a total of three punches.  This is because Fox put heavy censorship on the franchise, forcing this spider to use his webbing instead of punches.


#8 – I’m The Juggernaut, B****!

In the X-Men film, the line above was originally from some potty-mouth fans who dubbed an episode from the original X-Men cartoons.


#7 – Pricey Costume Stolen

The props for the Spider-man costume for the original Spider-man trilogy actually cost $100,000.00 a piece.  This pricey costume was stolen and the studios put up a reward for its return, but the costume was never returned and they were forced to buy a new one.


#6 – Batman and Robin’s Relationship Problems

Due to rumors spreading about Batman and Robin being a bit too friendly with each other, they made Batman a womanizer.  The rumors continued, and so they created Batgirl to be Robin’s love interest.


#5 – The Avengers Time Cut

This may not come out as a surprise, but The Avengers was originally 3 hours long.  Due to this, the writers needed to cut out a half an hour that focused on Captain America.  Though these 30 minutes where not wasted, as they where then added to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Yet another reason to add to my list of reasons for wanting to watch that movie so bad.


#4 – Batman Moved

Before Gotham City was created, Batman actually lived in the Big Apple.  He moved from New York into Gotham once the fictional city was created.  The name Gotham was actually created by looking into the phone book and finding Gotham’s Jewelers, that was easy.


#3 – Batman’s Guns

Ironically, despite the fact that Batman never uses lethal weapons and it’s a gun that took his parents away from him, his first comics depicted him using guns.


#2 – Biological Vs Mechanical

You may have noticed that in the original trilogy, Spider-man’s web-shooters were biological yet in the Amazing Spider-man trilogy, he created home-made web shooters.  In the comics, Spider-man actually used mechanical web-shooter.  The change was made when the director didn’t thing the audience would believe that a teenager could make such high-tech.  Personally, I like it being part of his biology better.

His mechanical web shooters were designed so it would only shoot when his middle and ring finger pushed down on the panel with super-human force.  This both prevented him from shooting when he made a fist as well as related to Spidey’s oddball sense of humor as it resembled the sign language sign for “I love you”.


#1 – Batmobile or Alien Spaceship

When filming The Dark Knight trilogy, a drunk driver crashed into the $75,000.00 Batmobile and believed he crashed into an alien vehicle.  Who could really blame him?  Have you seen that thing?



Which do you like better: Spider-man’s mechanical web-shooter, or his biological one.  Also, which piece of superhero trivia do you find interesting that wasn’t on this list?


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