Character Bio Format


Hello interweb, Nate here.  In a few minutes, I’m going to upload a character bio for Captain America, but I thought I should create a format sheet so we have a reference sheet to look at.


Character Data

This is the basic information of a character.  If a character does not have any information for a specific category, I will place a N/A next to it.



Occupation: (this can also include things like he/she’s a superhero or a villain or even a mercenary)





Creation History

This will be the history of how he/she was created.


Published by:

Debuted in:

and then I’ll tell you the history of how he/she was created


____‘s Biography

I will tell you the origin of the character.



Some facts that I found interesting about the character


Comics to Check Out

This is a list of some comics this character plays a major role in that could get you started


Why I Like/Dislike _____

This will be where I give my personal opinion on the character

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